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[1] By: kno on 2008-05-11 - 16:38:59
First off thanks for developing SmoothWheel! The acceleration feature makes scrolling long pages so much more enjoyable... but now for a problem:
I'm using SmoothWheel with Firefox 3 Beta 5 and it seems like the zoom function (ctrl-mousewheel) only works sporadically when SmoothWheel is enabled. Most of the time when I hold down the ctrl key and rotate the mouse wheel, Firefox just scrolls - sometimes though, it zooms. Zooming works fine when SmoothWheel is disabled, be it via the options screen or by entirely disabling the extension.

[2] By: avih on 2008-05-11 - 16:39:26
Oops. You're right. For some reason I considered it to be a Firefox bug.. but now that I'm trying again, it's clearly related to smoothwheel.


[3] By: avada on 2008-05-11 - 16:39:52
Smoothwheel has some bugs. Smooth scrolling doesn't work on this page: . Also if I type in the searchbox on wikipedia and I press down to select one of the suggestions the page scrolls down.

There are some ff3 specific problems too. On a wikipedia page if the references are in two columns smooth scrolling doesn't work. ( e.g.: )
On this ( ) page if I scroll the cpu usage jumps to maximum and scrolling really slows down.

[4] By: avih on 2008-05-11 - 16:40:14
@avada: Thank you very much for the detailed feedback.
Regarding the two examples where smoothwheel doesn't work, I have a feeling they're related to the same issue and I'll have a look at it.

Regarding the the CPU usage on the 3rd URL, it's a known issue of firefox which happens on pages with fixed CSS background, and also happens in any other scroll, with or without smoothwheel, while dragging the scrollbar, etc.

The issue is that Gecko renders these pages very slowly (in more than one pass) and therefore, it's especially noticeable in smooth scroll implementations, including smoothwheel. If you think it's still a smoothwheel issue, I'd very much appreciate an example for page where it only consumes high CPU in smoothwheel but not while dragging the scrollbar or using Firefox's built in smooth scroll.

Thank you very much for your comments again.

[5] By: Recall on 2008-05-12 - 13:30:07
Hi, avih I have been using yet another smooth scrolling, since you had not updated this in a long time. Well the one thing this has over YASS is fps lock, which stops the horrible tearing!

However I find the scrolling is much more reliable on YASS and works on all pages including whereas yours does not.

The issue with the high cpu usage as you may know will be fixed in the next version of FF with compositor.

What I would ask is that I feel YASS has a better implementation of smooth scrolling for me, maybe you guys should get together to make the ultimate smooth scrolling extension? Either that or swap codes as it open source, dunno? Nice to see ya back!

[6] By: avih on 2008-05-12 - 17:27:33

SmoothWheel, as well as YASS, are both composed of distinct 2 sections:

1. Scroll/Smoothness algorithms and their options.
2. target detection.

Both extensions use target detection code borrowed from AIO extension, but each tweaked a bit differently. Although quite similar in most cases, the different tweaks is what's causing these extensions to apply differently to different pages and to different sections within a page.

The reason SmoothWheel wasn't updated too frequently is that I've felt that it's quite rare that the target detection fails. Other than that, it's working well and always has been, so no need to update except minor bug fixes and enhancements, which happened occasionally.

However, with Firefox 3 it seems as if more pages are "missed" by the target detection code, and as I've told avada on my previous post here, it's being looked at. Hopefully a new version will be released soon with better target detection, either re-borrowed from AIO or re-tweaked by myself or re-tweaked according to YASS.

cheers and thanks for your comment

[7] By: GCG on 2008-05-13 - 06:07:06
Works like silk on my Mac with FF3b5. Thanks for bringing SW back to the present.

[8] By: rm on 2008-05-15 - 09:55:50
Hi. Great extension, thanks for your hard work. I'm running FF3b5 (tete009 build) on win2k. The last two times I have updated smoothwheel (via FF's builtin addon manager update capability) I have had all my smoothwheel options reset to default. you can contact me at (remove all the dashes and parentheses) (c-u-b-en-s--is) (AT) (f-l-as---h-ma-il) (dot) (com) if you need any further info.

[9] By: avih on 2008-05-15 - 12:50:01
Smoothwheel is currently defined to reset all options when it updates to a new version. This is by design to prevent incompatible options between versions. I'll consider not resetting the options on future releases if there is no danger of incompatibility.


[10] By: steven on 2008-05-16 - 15:57:11
hi. love smoothwheel. thanks so much for it.

but... most recent update just dl'd to FF (win xp pro) and said there was a problem with the dl. and now my profile is corrupted. couldn't start ff at all. and just had to restore it. thoughts on that?

[11] By: avih on 2008-05-16 - 16:08:46
Glad you like it :)
Did you download from AMO or from here?

If there was a problem with the download then it probably is an issue with firefox itself since smoothwheel didn't have the chance to start working. It failed during the download.

Regardless though, Smoothwheel has NO specific install/uninstall procedures. It's just standard xml files that tell firefox how smoothwheel should be initialized etc. Just like any other extension or theme. Firefox itself takes care of install/uninstall according to the user. Even further, smoothwheel doesn't read or write any file on the profile folder or outside of it.

The only place where smoothwheel executes any kind of code is when it's triggered either by a mouse wheel event or by keyboard arrows events, and then it does its magic.

It does absolutely nothing besides that. The source code is available for inspection by anyone just in case someone is suspecting that smoothwheel behaves badly.

Could it be that your problem is unrelated to smoothwheel? Does it reproduce? does it always fail to install?

I'd appreciate any further info you may have.

[12] By: steven on 2008-05-16 - 19:15:03
hi avih,

thanks for your speedy reply! i think the problem must have been from the dl? as soon as i got the msg that there was a problem with it (i wish i had taken a screen shot of it), i pressed the 'continue' button and ff quit right away, before even starting up. every time i clicked on ff to start, i got an xp msg saying ff had a problem. even when i restarted, got the same thing. so i restored to a profile on another machine and it's fine. it even has the update from that machine of the latest version of smooth wheel. so i think it must have been a problem w/ the download... maybe it got corrupted or something? i don't know enough to say for sure. but anyway... it looks like things are ok.

[13] By: avih on 2008-05-16 - 22:13:02
Thanks for the info steven. If anything similar happens again, or you think that you know why it happened, I'd appreciate if you could post it here.

thx again

[14] By: Tim on 2008-05-21 - 14:32:37
Love smoothwheel, thanks for a great add-on.

[15] By: Max on 2008-05-31 - 19:02:35
I'm using the last version, and the fix for horizontal scroll doesn't work for me, I'm using a Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000.

[16] By: avih on 2008-06-01 - 10:34:58
@max: thanks for the info.

I couldn't reproduce the horizontal issue myself since I don't have a horizontal scroll mouse, and the horizontal scroll of my touchpad doesn't work regardless of smoothwheel (although the vertical scroll does work there). Therefore, the fix is added into the code without being tested to work (but it can't harm either), and that's why it's described "experimental".

Few questions if you don't mind:

1. Did u check the "Horizontal wheel fix" box on the "advanced" tab of the smoothwheel options panel?

2. Does your horizontal wheel work when you check the "disable smoothwheel" box on the main tab of the options panel? Does it work if you completely disable smoothwheel?


[17] By: Geo Mealer on 2008-06-04 - 00:51:07

Great extension! It really cleans things up on Firefox 3 for Mac. I'm in the same boat, re: horizontal fix. Doesn't work for me on Mac, using either touchpad or Logitech tilt-scroll.

What does the bitmask correspond to? Is it something I could work out via some utility? Assuming your code works, I assume the bitmask is what needs to be switched up.

[18] By: avih on 2008-06-04 - 06:29:07
To all those with horizontal scroll issue.

First, let me describe what problem it tries to fix. The issue was that when smoothwheel is enabled, the horizontal scroll STOPPED working. That is, not that it isn't smoothed by smoothwheel, but that it broke completely.

The fix tries to overcome this issue by trying to ignore mouse events which relate to horizontal wheel scroll.

THIS EXPERIMENTAL FIX ISN'T ON BY DEFAULT and has to be selected from the advanced configuration panel.

So, when you relate to this issue, I'd appreciate if you could describe the following (which is the expected result if all works well):

1. That with smoothwheel disabled or not installed, your horizontal wheel/touchpad scroll IS working.

2. That with smoothwheel installed and enabled, and the horizontal scroll fix is NOT checked, that the H scroll is indeed broken.

3. Same as 2 but the H scroll fix IS checked, hopefully it will H scroll as it did before installing smoothwheel (that means the fix works).

Unfortunately, on my DELL D630 laptop (Win XP SP2), the touchpad's horizontal scroll works only in MS apps such as explorer and office, but doesn't work with Firefox at all (even when smoothwheel is not installed). The vertical scroll of the touchpad, OTOH, is working everywhere. So I can't personally reproduce the issue because I just don't have a working horizontal scroll for Firefox.

As far as I know, Firefox (Gecko?) doesn't have a consistent method to indicate a horizontal wheel event, and that's why I had to resort to "black magic". The mask value is the event.detail value of events which smoothwheel captures. I found over the web that if smoothweel ignores event where the 15th bis is set (32768) then it ignores H scroll and that's what I've applied. The value can be changed from about:config if you know that H scroll is represented by a different bit.

Any help by people who have followed me thus far and know better than me would be appreciated.


[19] By: Geo Mealer on 2008-06-04 - 13:46:47

Sorry, meant to include that and neglected to do so.

1a. Yes, works without SmoothWheel.
1b. Yes, works with SmoothWheel disabled from add-ons.
1c. Yes, works with SmoothWheel disabled from prefs.
2. Yes, broken with the box unchecked.
3. No, broken with the box checked.

With SmoothWheel enabled, all hscroll events are interpreted as vscroll events, left is up, right is down.

Unfortunately, this makes SW very flaky when you happen to scroll down and to the left. Keep in mind that on the Macbook Pro, scroll is a completely freeform two-finger gesture that moves you around the page, so this is a common scenario.

On Mac, horizontal scroll works fairly universally. It's probably a somewhat different API than Windows.

Perhaps you could put a quick debug mode in that makes SmoothWheel log and display mouse events? Then I could possibly see the event.detail of the horizontal scroll that SmoothWheel is catching and give you the bitmask back for your docs.

Hopefully that's enough info for you. Let me know what else you need in the way of duplication, steps, logs, etc. :)

[20] By: avih on 2008-06-05 - 07:32:47
Geo Mealer, you're the man (?) ;)

Ok, your description is a very good starting point for me. Thank you very much.

First, if you don't mind, few more questions:

1. What's the main scenario at which the bug annoys? i.e. when only vertical scroll bar appears? when both H and V scroll bars appear? when only H scroll bar appears?

2. In what scenarios (same scenarios as above) does the bug appear at all?

3. is it the same kind of annoyance in each of the scenarios at which the bug appear?

After you've answered those, make sure the "horizontal fix" checkbox is checked and then please set the mask value from the about:config page to the following values, in this order (no need to restart firefox or anything. you can change them on one tab and immediately test if it worked on another tab) and test if the bug reappears after every change:

32768 (obviously isn't working)

Please post the values which caused ANY kind of change, and what that change was for each of them.

thx again,

[21] By: Geo Mealer on 2008-06-05 - 15:27:34

Well, the bug's two-pronged, right?

a) Horizontal scrolling doesn't work, so when a h-bar is there, you can't scroll it via mouse scroll.

b) It reinterprets as v-scroll, so when you scroll diagonally (no matter whether a bar's there or not) you can get simultaneous scroll-up/scroll-down events and the scroll jitters in place.

So, to answer your questions:

1) The bug potentially annoys all the time. a) is only an issue when I want to scroll horizontally, but b) is an issue always, if I'm not careful to scroll very straight up and down.

2) and 3) really have the same answer.

I'll cycle through the mask bits tonight, when I have a little more time, and will give you back a matrix or summary, as appropriate.

Thanks for your attention on this. It's nice when the devs actually keep track. :)

[22] By: Geo Mealer on 2008-06-05 - 15:53:56
Actually, that was a quick test.

OK, mask bits down to 16 inclusive did nothing different. Left was up, right was down, smooth scroll active.

This page is the test page, compressed horizontally to maybe 300 px so the scrollbar appears.

Bitmask 8 made horizontal scroll work, but very chunky, like a third of the bar at a time. v-scroll is still smooth.

Bitmask 4 made horizontal scroll work, less chunky (sixth of a bar or so?) but still nowhere near as granular as SW disabled. v-scroll is strangely jerky. I don't think it's reverting back to pre-SmoothWheel behavior, but it scrolls with little jumps here in there.

Any chance it's not as simple as a single bit? These masks look like they're walking through a 16-bit value, one bit at a time, from left to right.

[23] By: avih on 2008-06-06 - 00:06:05
First of all, thanks for your tests.

Yes, it seems as if 1 bit is not enough, and maybe the solution should be a more correct one instead of trying to mask arbitrary bits. I'll have to think about it...

Would it be ok if I send you test/debug versions of smoothwheel for you to test? You can find my email on the "members" section of this page. Or you could post yours here.


[24] By: Geo Mealer on 2008-06-06 - 00:47:46

Sure, no problem.

My email is

I use gmail as my primary, but I don't -think- it'd call an .xpi file an executable. If you get a nastygram back from their attachment filter, rename the extension and resend.

[25] By: avih on 2008-06-06 - 06:50:44
Geo Mealer and everyone else having issues with horizontal scroll, your help is needed.

Please head over to this test page:

Use your horizontal and vertical scrolls, and please let me know what values change, and how (and specifically, the relevant values for up scroll, down scroll, left scroll and right scroll).

Thanks in advance.

[26] By: avih on 2008-06-06 - 14:48:35
Also, regarding my previous post, if you follow it, then please also state your operating system and firefox version.


[27] By: Geo Mealer on 2008-06-10 - 13:18:33

Sorry for the delay! I tested with SmoothWheel disabled from SW's preferences. When I get a moment, I'll try with SmoothWheel completely removed.

OS: Mac OS 10.5.3 (Leopard)
Firefox: 3.0RC2

So, this may not be helpful.

The only two values changing are the timestamp and detail.

However, they change identically for horizontal and vertical.

Detail ranges from -N to +N, where N appears to be an acceleration factor (1 for very slow movement, >1 for larger movements).

Left = -N
Right = +N
Up = -N
Right = +N

Just tried again with mouse instead of trackpad. Bumping the tiltscroll gives me N = 1 as above. So does moving the wheel one click.

This would explain why you can't tell them apart. I have no idea what the differentiator is, but it doesn't seem reflected by these values.

[28] By: Geo Mealer on 2008-06-10 - 17:17:57
BTW, anticipating your next question, the same ranges and types of detail values were used for h-scroll vs. v-scroll. I saw mostly from 1-20, concentrated to the lower (again, mostly a factor of how fast I was scrolling)

Nothing indicated to me set/unset bits as a differentiator, and I read "bitmask" pretty well. Values varied between odd and even for both, and didn't seem to "skip" any ranges that would indicate an unset bit.

[29] By: avih on 2008-06-11 - 02:22:50
Yah, so it ain't as simple as I hoped it would be. The reason I've used the masked detail property in the first place is that it was reported that +/-32768 indicated a horizontal event. While I do believe it works on some systems, it obviously isn't working on OSX. On top of that, it's ugly. There should be a well defined method one can identify H or V events.

After trying to ask some gurus and still failing to get a reply as for how can one differentiate H from V events, I've opened a new bug in bugzilla ( ). Let's hope it gets some attention.

Meanwhile, any suggestion is still welcome, and of course, thank you very much for your help. It's very appreciated :)


[30] By: Geo Mealer on 2008-06-11 - 02:29:56
No problem. It's not a solution, but it's closer to an answer, and that's something.

I'll keep an eye out for updates!

[31] By: avih on 2008-06-11 - 15:03:28
Quick update: the bug I've filed is a duplicate of this one:

As it now seems, It won't get into Firefox 3. At least that's what I understand.

I'm still looking for a solution, suggestions are still welcome.


[32] By: avih on 2008-06-12 - 04:05:50
Last update for now on the horizontal scroll subject.

No extension can dustinguish horizontal from vertical mouse wheel events, including smoothwheel. It has been confirmed here: .

Whenever it's fixed for Firefox, I'll update SmoothWheel to reflect and use that info. Untill then, it seems as if no good solution is possible in this regard.

HOWEVER, knowing how it behaves, one can "trick" the system and make smoothwheel ignore horizontal wheel scrolls as follows:

If you can set your horizontal wheel scroll to work withOUT acceleration, and choose different number of lines to scroll for vertical/horizontal scrolls (both should be a power of 2, i.e. 1 or 2 or 4 or 8 or 16 etc), then if you set the mask value to the horizontal scroll lines, it *should* work.

Example of steps:
1. IMPORTANT: disable acceleration of wheel scroll
2. set vertical scroll for 2 lines per scroll
3. set horizontal scroll for 8 lines (or steps/clicks etc) per scroll
4. enable "horizontal fix" in smoothwheel
5. set the mask in "about:config" page to 8

If the settings can be achieved manually, then theoretically it should fix the issue.

your input is welcome.

[33] By: Geo Mealer on 2008-06-12 - 12:19:17
That'll work, but you specifically need to disable acceleration on the small-numbered scroll. In your example, that's vertical. Otherwise, a fast vertical in that example will eventually spit out 8 as the detail too (i.e. 4x accel on a 2-line scroll).

I'm not sure how nice the scrolling experience (particularly vertical) is without acceleration though. I'd suggest trying 1 for horizontal (accel off) and 2 for vertical (accel on) with a bitmask on 1.

Unfortunately, Mac doesn't haven't an option to set scrolling acceleration, but hopefully it'll help the people running on custom mouse drivers like Logitech's.

[34] By: Geo Mealer on 2008-06-12 - 12:22:15
(Wow. "Doesn't haven't" Edit before Enter, Geo...)

[35] By: devnull on 2008-06-15 - 19:38:06
Hi! I just downloaded SmoothWheel for the first time, you said to leave a comment: it's great! I wish all programs had this functionality :)

[36] By: GollyJer on 2008-06-17 - 17:57:17
Just wanted to drop a note and say THANK YOU!! for this great add-on. I didn't realize how much I had gotten used to it until upgrading FF3 today and noticing that the default scrolling, even "Smooth Scrolling" sucks.


[37] By: avih on 2008-06-18 - 11:45:12
:) thx

[38] By: CtMidnite on 2008-06-18 - 12:01:59
I uninstalled SmoothWheel because 3.0 has a built in Smoothwheel. Well it was pretty jerky I thought so I reinstalled this addin and while the built in is better than nothing, this addin is incredibly smooth. You can read while scolling.
I've used it for over a year now and would like to say thank you for making it.

[39] By: Anthony on 2008-06-20 - 17:03:08
How do we install this in Thunderbird? Right click save as does not save it as an install xpi.

[40] By: avih on 2008-06-21 - 23:09:03
Either on the installation page, "Get all versions" link, or here

[41] By: Judicator on 2008-06-22 - 12:33:39
Very nice extension, I use it regularly and I find it useful, it allows me to keep concentrate on what I'm reading.
Many thanks.

[42] By: Jeremy on 2008-06-23 - 14:02:59
[Feature Request]
The ability to use the right click of the mouse wheel as a setting in "hold while scrolling to acheive".

[43] By: avih on 2008-06-25 - 00:42:20
on behalf of vgrigory:

hello avih
I found a bug in smooth scroll. here is the description. In firebug I get this error: "Use of getBoxObjectFor() is deprecated. Try to use element.getBoundingClientRect() if possible."

[44] By: 13xforever on 2008-06-28 - 02:10:35
Hi, I've found a little problem with your extension.
Steps to reproduce:
1) go to (just stumble onto this at this page)
2) scroll a little bit down, to the Example code section
3) wait 'till scrolling will stop
4) point your mouse cursor over the Example code block and try to scroll... no smooth scrolling at all
5) move mouse pointer out of this block (to the side) and try again - it should work.

Firefox 3.0, Windows, latest SmoothWheel 0.44.14

[45] By: avih on 2008-06-28 - 07:15:03
Please see comments 3-6

[46] By: Keiran230 on 2008-06-29 - 17:39:11
Doesn't Opera have this with a clean install?

[47] By: avih on 2008-06-29 - 22:12:39

IMHO, this is better than Opera, and in any case, way better than what Firefox has by default. Shouldn't that be enough? ;)

[48] By: Anando on 2008-06-30 - 23:58:19
Bug I found - when on the iPaper flash app, which they use to show documents, scrolled fine previously with mouse over it and stopped whole page from scrolling at same time. But with smoothwheel, page keeps scrolling as well (it is not desired).

[49] By: Anando on 2008-07-01 - 00:03:59
Otherwise, great addon, ability to slow scroll while reading long texts is just awesome.

[50] By: willie on 2008-07-02 - 15:15:39
Downloaded it yesterday, spent and entire day using SmoothWheel. Absolutely no problems, either in the download or in normal use. Beats having to use the slider on the side of the screen! Thanks Avih.

[51] By: Vahagn on 2008-07-02 - 22:15:27
while using smoothwheel it throws such an error:

"Use of getBoxObjectFor() is deprecated. Try to use element.getBoundingClientRect() if possible."

[52] By: Doomie on 2008-07-06 - 07:03:18
Great idea Avih!
I really appreciate your work, nice job.
I was using Opera 9 until i heard about firefox 3 got released...
Then i went to try it out, but i didn't enjoy it as much as I did on Opera, because on firefox it was much less enjoyable to scroll through a loooong page. But when i was about to switch back to Opera (because i liked the smooth scrolling)
I noticed this great add-on by Avih :D
And found out it actually was ALOT better then any of the Smooth Scroll i've experienced.
I really hope mozilla will integrate this into their firefox products :D

[53] By: avih on 2008-07-06 - 07:14:32
thx Doomie :)

[54] By: stav on 2008-07-06 - 12:23:03
brilliant why oh why cant billy G come up with something like this,makes reading pages so much easier A+

[55] By: Awesoft on 2008-07-13 - 03:52:44
I would like something like IPhone; a little of scroll when mouse wheel is released.

[56] By: Thadone on 2008-07-14 - 01:47:54
Great addon! Well done. Like this way of scroling from Opera 9.5. Thax.

[57] By: Doomie on 2008-07-17 - 11:58:37

I don't get this problem, and I've used this almost since i started using Firefox (since 1 month)
Try re-installing SmoothWeel properly.


You can edit this on the settings screen
Just go to:
"Tools > add-on > Click [SmoothWeel] > Settings"
Then just experiment with the settings to suit your needs.

Like Avih said before...
" IMHO, this is better than Opera, and in any case, way better than what Firefox has by default. Shouldn't that be enough? ;) "
I agree, this is way better. Thanks Avih for letting us have a nicer function at Firefox xD

[58] By: Mithgol the Webmaster on 2008-07-18 - 11:18:21
Not only the predefined values for speed and step size and adaptive-duration and adaptive-step should be available, but custom (entered by user) as well. Waht if someone needs a value between 1/2 and 9/10 of page?..

[59] By: avih on 2008-07-19 - 00:12:33
Mithgol the Webmaster:

Then S/he can ask me and I would tell them to enter about:config at the address bar, enter smoothwheel at the filter field, and alter the extensions.smoothwheel.compoundStepSize value. Positive values are relative of page height, and negative number are absolute number of pixels.

On a more serious note, much thought has been put into selecting the values that the users can choose from, and naming then. It's much easier for the vast majority of users to select from a clear and small amount of predefined set of values which cover most useful range, rather than use arbitrary values or endless number of options.

Furthermore, some values, such as the adaptive values, are far more complex than a single value, even if they seem that way on the dialog, and have been fine tuned by hand to those presets.

However, for advanced users who need even further control, entering about:config and modifying the values arbitrarily is possible for most values, and even more, the extension can always be modified at the source code as it's freely available. Feel free to edit it yourself.

You have not convinced me that allowing arbitrary values in the options dialogue would be beneficial for the majority SmoothWheel users. I actually think that allowing more configurabilty would harm the usability for most users.


[60] By: Paul R on 2008-07-19 - 17:52:21
My knowledge isn't as TECHie as some of the others who have entered their comments, but I surely appreciate Smooth Wheel.
Yep, I surely do. Thank you so much.

[61] By: Dagobert_78 on 2008-07-28 - 12:18:32
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[62] By: dt on 2008-08-01 - 10:42:12
Just started using SmoothWheel on Vista Ultimate 32bit with FF3.0.1 and I see an issue when reading the comments at Slashdot.

For example, try going here,

(I'm not logged into Slashdot)

Scroll down through the comments using the wheel. Slashdot page layout has been changing lately, and they have some new fangled UI elements that will soon hug the top of the view area. These UI things look normal but as I scrolled, the UI elements sensed they were about to be scrolled out of view and they "stuck" themselves to the top. As soon as they starting hugging the top, smoothwheel behavior became real choppy. It was a noticeable difference.

Does anyone else see this effect?

[63] By: avih on 2008-08-01 - 14:14:23

Just tried and noticed it. However, it also happens without SmoothWheel (more noticeable when the internal smooth scroll is on).

The reason is that the page executes some code when that menu is about to get scrolled out of the screen, to make it "stick". That code execution takes time and therefore slows the page draw, which causes any scroll to be more choppy.

Nothing can be done about it except for slashdot doing some code optimizations.


[64] By: dt on 2008-08-01 - 20:30:31
> Just tried and noticed it. However, it also happens without SmoothWheel (more noticeable when the internal smooth scroll is on).

Crap. I had not compared to non-SmoothWheel behavior yet. But since I have no intention of going back to life without SmoothWheel, I had no interest in trying that until I heard from you.

> Nothing can be done about it except for Slashdot doing some code optimizations.

Crap. I was afraid of that, too.

SmoothWheel or no SmoothWheel, but I hate that stupid Slashdot sticky UI element.

I have noticed, however, that by logging into Slashdot, that stupid sticky UI element doo-hickey is (thankfully) turned off.

Problem is, I don't bother to login most of the time.

Thanks for looking into it.

[65] By: avada on 2008-08-28 - 06:10:56
Hi avih!
Will the bugs I mentioned before be fixed?

What do you think about smooth scrolling with page up/down?

[66] By: allyn on 2008-09-05 - 10:12:01
Great plugin, but it seems to have a bit of an issue:

The scrolling is significantly shorter than what is selected in the 'step size'. It appears to only scroll 1/3 of the selected step size. For example, if set to 1/2, will actually scroll 1/6th. I have tested the following:

- Using Firefox portable 3.0.1 (no other add-ins installed)
- Logitech G5 mouse with standard drivers
- Windows XP 32 bit

- Verified 'bigger' / 'smaller' steps work as expected (but still only scroll 1/2 of setting)
- Verified pgup / pgdn still scroll by one full page
- Selected 'use with keyboard' and up/dn keys do same as scroll wheel (i.e. 1/2 of step size setting)
- Changed mouse scroll wheel settings in control panel (full page / x lines, etc) - no effect
- Resized the Firefox window - no effect (still 1/2 of the setting)

I've eliminated everything possible, having only this add-in installed on an otherwise clean install of XP. Could firefox not be reporting the proper window size back to smoothwheel? Is there some way to get smoothwheel to double its scrolling?

[67] By: allyn on 2008-09-05 - 10:22:15
On further investigation, it appears the time setting is also performing 1/2 to 1/3 of the selected speed. Setting to 1/10th results in about 1/4 of a second. Setting to 1 second results in 2-3 secs.

[68] By: avih on 2008-09-10 - 03:19:14
To the "uninitiated, it indeed may appear as if you're correct. However, please note that the tooltip states that the value is only the base value and it's modulated in real time according to the advanced adaptive step and adaptive duration values (which are enabled by default).

This feature is what allows you to scroll less pixels (and more time) per wheel scroll event if you're scrolling slowly such that you can follow the text easier, but allow more pixels and shorter duration per wheel scroll if you're scrolling faster to "scan" the page. The amount of this variation is changing dynamically in real time according to the speed of your scrolls, and can be controlled from the advanced panel.

If you want a fixed step, just disable adaptive steps. if you want a fixed duration, just disable the adaptive duration.


[69] By: allyn on 2008-09-10 - 19:37:31

Why not have the 'base values' be the starting point and not the 'max' point? It would make sense that the 'base' be just that, a 'base', i.e. starting point. Basically there is a very granular / precise selection (1/2, 1/3, 1/4), but that precision is completely lost because it only applies when they are scrolling at such a fast rate that there is no reason to be precise.

Also, the current configuration makes it impossible to select something as simple as a full page scroll per wheel click.

To put it simply, if the user sets full page scroll, they should get just that, and should not have to lose the acceleration to get it.

[70] By: avih on 2008-09-11 - 12:15:20

If the adaptivity is disabled, then the values are exact. If the adaptivity is enabled, then the "base value" is neither the minimum nor the maximum. It's about the average value between the minimum and maximum possible (both for duration and step).

I believe, and apparently also many other people that use SmoothWheel, that the current implementation offers good usability with the default configuration values on one hand (that includes the default adaptivity), and good control and configurability on the other hand. Any suggestion for different default values is welcome and will be considered.

I personally think that the adaptive features of SmoothWheel is one of the things that make it so pleasant to use, and I also think that it offers better usability than non-adaptive configuration. If you don't like it, just disable adaptive duration and adaptive step, and SmoothWheel will get as exact as I could program it.

Regarding your request for exactness while keeping the "acceleration", and unless your definition of "Acceleration" is different than mine, I'm afraid it's logically impossible. Either it's fixed steps (non adaptive) or it "accelerates" and "decelerates" dynamically (adaptive larger and smaller steps). It just can't be both fixed and "accelerating".

You can, however, disable only adaptive step (to keep fixed steps), while keeping the duration dynamic, or vice versa. It's all up to you.

[71] By: rasuba on 2008-09-19 - 09:07:01
Thanks, working great!

[72] By: sheleftmeitchy on 2008-09-23 - 18:36:20
This smoothwheel is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. It has changed my life. Im using the default settings, but am thinking about trying others. Thanks a ton, you really hit a homerun.

[73] By: allyn on 2008-09-24 - 20:12:14

Regarding the 'exactness' thing, it is in fact possible, but the options for scroll size need to include steps that are larger than 1 page. Then users wanting adaptive steps could select for example a 2 page step size with adaptive step at 200%. This would make 'normal' scrolling full page with adaptive doubling the step.

The current boundaries with configuration prevent a user from having both full page scrolling and adaptive steps simultaneously.

[74] By: avih on 2008-09-25 - 03:56:36
@allyn: No software will ever be able to completely satisfy 100% of the people who use it. There will always be someone who wants another feature or extended configuration values etc. Since you're current the only one who asked for this (out of more than 1/2 million users who use it), I assume it's at least not an acute issue for most users.

however, You can consider yourself lucky, because the value you seek can be extended using the hidden preferences:

Enter in the address bar about:config, then enter smoothwheel into the filter field, and modify the value of extensions.smoothwheel.compoundStepSize to any value you want. Positive values are are relative of page height (i.e. 0.2 is 1/5 page, 1 is full page, 3 is 3 pages, etc). Negative values will translate into absolute number of pixels.

Note though, that values which you set from the about:config panel, but that are not pre-configured on the standard configuration panel may not appear correctly and may reset if you modify values from the configuration panel.

So there you are. Modify it as you wish, and please let me know your final configuration. I'd like to try that out myself too.


[75] By: Joe on 2008-09-30 - 14:03:04
I love SmoothWheel!!!

[76] By: ungern on 2008-10-03 - 02:35:34
Just want to say thanks! This extension is the one I have used since Fx1. Really sweet.

[77] By: zebramidge on 2008-10-07 - 07:47:30
aaak! upgraded to tbird and smoothwheel doesn't work anymore with tbird, but it does work with firefox. tried upgraded to your last release. still no go. windows xp. tried a couple different mice with no help. any ideas?

[78] By: avih on 2008-10-07 - 10:06:42
@Joe, ungern: thx :)

@zebramidge: What were the previous versions of tbird and smoothwheel that did work?
- Make sure smoothwheel is enabled both from tbird panel and that "Disable SmoothWheel" isn't checked on the SmoothWheel configuration page.
- Try to check "Compatibility mode"
- Could you please try it on a clean tbird install (maybe on a different computer)?
- Any further related info that you can think of would also help.


[79] By: zebramidge on 2008-10-08 - 05:57:48
was using a beta 2.0 version of tbird and last vers of smoothwheel. checked all above and did a clean install. no go. did check on my laptop and both current versions work together. go figure. just another windows mystery.

[80] By: avih on 2008-10-08 - 11:05:18
zebramidge, sorry, I don't know what to say. It can happen that some extensions get corrupted somehow, sometimes due to usage of beta versions, sometimes just due to bugs of extensions of tbird or windows, etc. Since it works well for me and also for you on a clean install and I haven't heard others with the same issue, I can only assume that it isn't a smoothwheel issue.

I suggest that you back up your messages database, remove (or rename) the profile folder, perform a clean install of tbird, resume your messages, and reinstall your extensions including smoothwheel. I really can't come up with an easier solution right now...

Good luck, and please leave a message when you're done with it, I'd like to hear how it ended.


[81] By: utefred on 2008-10-10 - 03:30:46
I love this tool

[82] By: allyn on 2008-10-10 - 04:16:20
@avih: thanks for the tip on editing step size directly in config. I ended up going with a 'custom' value of 1.5 with adaptive step set to low-200%. This resulted in a smooth full page scroll (roughly 90% of the page, so a few lines from the bottom are still visible on top once scrolled). This also resulted in accelerated scrolling of almost 2 pages per wheel click.
Keep in mind this will only suit you if you want full page scrolling in regular browsing and greater than full page scrolling when quickly scrolling. For those types of users, it may be worth adding a few >1 page entries in the selection box, like 1.5, 2, 3.
Either way, the custom settings are working just fine. Thanks again for the tip.

[83] By: avih on 2008-10-12 - 06:40:27
allyn, glad you found a good setup, and thanks for sharing it. I'll consider your suggestion for next versions.


[84] By: sparkythewondersquid on 2008-10-19 - 13:24:20
I installed this a few hours ago and it was working great then when going through a page the scrool stopped working in fact the scroll bar dropped to the bottom of the page and stayed there i could not scroll up like something was holding the page down same on every page (and windows) even in add on manager window have you heard of this kind of thing before? i do have many add ons about:config tweaks and a few chrome css mods i would love to use this any info would be great

[85] By: avih on 2008-10-20 - 03:45:32
sparkythewondersquid, I highly doubt that it's a smoothwheel issue. SmoothWheel only captures wheel events (and keyboard if enabled to) and acts upon them if it can, and that's it. It doesn't change any element of the page, including scroll bars.

My suggestion is to gradually disable extensions (half of them at a time would be a fast strategy) and see if you can pinpoint the faulty one.

Please share your conclusions here such that other can benefit too.

Good luck

[86] By: sparkythewondersquid on 2008-10-20 - 10:27:36
the problem is gone I removed from chrome.css */make inactive tabs smaller/* and google preview extension (it would not update) and updated "omnibar" maybe it was a connection problem I don't know but it seems to have fixed itself thank you for the response

[87] By: Daniel Ceregatti on 2008-10-21 - 10:25:48
I've been a long-time fan of Smoothwheel. Thanks for making this. I'm wondering why the experimental code that fixed horizontal scrolling was removed? That worked perfectly, but has now regressed back to the old broken behaviour. I see the changelog for the latest version mentions that this is fixed for Firefox 3.1, and that this comment: provides a way to have both Smoothwheel and proper horizontal scrolling, but it makes use of the "experimental" checkbox, which is now gone.

Is my only recourse to use an older version of smoothwheel, or is there something else I can try? I'm not willing to use a beta version of Firefox.


[88] By: avih on 2008-10-22 - 00:40:20
Daniel Ceregatti, the "experimental horizontal fix" was wrong in essence, and if it worked, it was just due to circumstances and it's definitely an incorrect "fix". There's no way SmoothWheel (or any other extension) can tell if the event was horizontal or vertical on Firefox 3.0.x or earlier versions. The information is just not available for extensions as you can tell from the same comment you linked to. The fix which is provided on that bugzilla page is only for firefox 3.1, and that's the method smoothwheel 0.44.16 now uses.

However, if the "fix" worked for you and you prefer not installing the 3.1 beta, you can re-install the previous smoothwheel version (0.44.14) from the installation page, "All versions" link, and then deny the update notices. There are no major new features on this new version other than properly handling the horizontal scroll and slight refinement of soft-edge.

Let me know if it worked.

[89] By: Daniel Ceregatti on 2008-10-23 - 09:38:49
It seems that downgrading to 0.44.14 and enabling the experimental fix did not work. I suppose I could give Firefox 3.1 a try. I just dislike installing packages that aren't managed by my package manager, that's all. Thanks again!

[90] By: Giacomo on 2008-10-25 - 10:39:32
Smoothwheel is a must-have. It radically changes the way you scroll down a web page, it makes things...smooth :)
Superb, I use it since the first version came out.
It's a pity it's not integrated into the O.S. :D

[91] By: Adam on 2008-11-09 - 13:25:10
Works great for most of the pages I visit, though I'd like to be able to set some exceptions for some pages that become jerky with smoothwheel enabled... sorry if that's already possible, but I wasn't able to find how to set it up.

[92] By: ricc4rd0 on 2008-11-10 - 23:31:04
As for for the "suggestion/scroll down bug" I must agree with Amada, this happens to me also. I mean this one: "if I type in the searchbox on wikipedia and I press down to select one of the suggestions the page scrolls down." I reported the bug in too using other words so I hope I made it clear there too. The problem seems to be with whispering forms only I think. It's ok if some suggestions are shown by Firefox itself (entered in forms/search bars) but if suggestions appear by whispering feature, holding down arrow key scrolls the page too.
Anyway Smoothwheel is definitely better than Yet Another Smooth scrolling.

[93] By: ricc4rd0 on 2008-11-11 - 02:23:47
me again - bite my head off - dont know how but the problem disappeared suddenly but i didnt make any changes. so sometimes the problem occures and sometimes not

[94] By: ricc4rd0 on 2008-11-11 - 02:53:53
ignore my previous post - #93. problem is still here

[95] By: avih on 2008-11-11 - 06:35:28
@Adam - Although it might be useful for some to have an editable "black list" for certain pages, I think it would require considerable effort, for which I don't have the resources right now. It's an interesting idea though, I'll keep that in mind in case I can find time for it. Don't hold your breath though.

@ricc4rd0 - yes, the target detection (the algorithm which decides what part of the page to scroll) is not perfect and hopefully I'll be able to improve it one day. It's probably caused because you enabled "Use with keyboard", or else, smoothwheel wouldn't act upon keyboard events. I don't have a solution for it right now, but I will try again to find some time to improve it.

Thanks for the feedback.

[96] By: foxyusr on 2008-11-11 - 11:45:47
Hello avih, thanks for such great extension! As for some little bugs I have a problem when using Google Reader together with SmoothWheel I mean scrolling with arrow keys doesn't seem to work at all. My system: FF 3.0.3 / XP Pro SP3

[97] By: knowhoot on 2008-11-20 - 02:46:06
My oh my! I've been using this for 30 minutes and I love it! What a great add-on. Thanks!

[98] By: Kriston on 2008-11-25 - 06:40:56
The scrolling steps are affected by the Page Scaling option. If I scale the page to 50%, the scrolling steps get 50% smaller. I wonder if this can be overridden somehow.

[99] By: avih on 2008-11-25 - 13:23:33
@Kriston: I imagine you "measure" the steps in lines "units". SmoothWheel doesn't work that way. By default it scrolls a fixed percentage of the window height (set adaptive step to "disabled" on the advanced configuration tab for best measurements), but it can also scroll a specific number of pixels ("Step Size" on the basic configuration tab).

I just tried with both full-page-zoom on and off. Works the same either way for me, and unrelated to the zoom factor.

So, my answer is: the zoom doesn't affect the amount of pixels scrolled per mouse wheel scroll.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, and give a specific sequence of steps to reproduce the issue, what did you expect, and what actually happened.

[100] By: Yael on 2008-12-02 - 07:41:40
Thanks for this add on. I am probably missing a lot of its features, but as it is I already like it. I tried to "clean up" my extensions, leaving just the important ones, and by mistake I deleted SmoothWeel. It was terrible! But now that it's on again I'm all happy.
Yet, I would appreciate it if you could just add a description to the regular people, like me, to better understand what options we're missing.

[101] By: avih on 2008-12-02 - 10:24:15
Shalom Yael :)

I don't quite follow you. What do you mean by "Options we're missing"? All the options are available from the configuration panel. Tools -> Add-Ons, double click on SmoothWheel and set the options as you like. All have tooltips that explain them. Basically, what you see is what you get. You can play with the speed, steps and how dynamic they are. That's it more or less. You can always just modify different options, one at a time and see how they effect the behavior.

Or am I missing something?

[102] By: Bobzor on 2008-12-16 - 19:13:14
Thanks for this addon, it is so nice to use!
Now all you need to do is make something to speed up my LCD's response time so it doesn't blur when I scroll :P

It looks/feels amazing on a CRT!

[103] By: Peter on 2008-12-21 - 08:41:32
As with YASS my scroll wheel does not work! The up and down keys do. I am using a laptop with a scroll on the mouse pad, software by Synaptics. This is probably a problem here but I thought you might be able to help.


[104] By: avih on 2008-12-21 - 10:51:22

On some combinations of laptop/touch pad software, the touch pad scroll isn't interpreted by the system as a mouse-wheel scroll, and therefore any Mozilla add-on that looks for mouse wheel scroll will not see these events.

On most laptops that I tested it does work properly though, including few with Synaptics software. I can only suggest to try and change the configuration of the Synaptics software. If you do solve it, please write your experience here such that others can use it too.


[105] By: Peter on 2008-12-21 - 13:01:38
Thanks avih for your prompt response.

Problem solved! It was the driver...I use a software called "Driver Detective" It seems rather popular but this is the second time I had to use other resources to obtain an up to date driver. However I used my control panel in XP and went to the hardware device drivers and updated there. I did get a warning but had no problem. Been trying for at least a year to resolve this for FireFox.

Gotta remember to always try the simplest first!

I loaded the IE v8 beta 2 hoping it would be better than beta 1. I had a hard time removing beta 1 a while back but beta 2 CANNOT BE REMOVED!!! And I don't like it so I wanted to get Firefox to work they way I wanted. BTW - Microsoft does not warn you about not being able to go back to IE7!

Next is to find a way to get Linux to work with my SlingBox...then I'll be rid of Microsoft.

Now your addon works delightfully.

[106] By: avih on 2008-12-21 - 15:27:16
Glad to hear :)

[107] By: Anonymous on 2008-12-22 - 07:29:25

Oky.. the license said so... ;)

I got this to scroll chans. Works marvelous!
I used it all the time without noticing.
Can't scroll without it!

smoothwheel FTW

[108] By: ttt on 2009-01-02 - 15:37:34

[109] By: Nattgew on 2009-01-05 - 06:11:44
I'm using a laptop, and the horizontal scroll on the touchpad is interpreted as a vertical scroll with SmoothWheel. With SmoothWheel disabled it works fine.
I'm also running Linux, if that matters.

[110] By: avih on 2009-01-05 - 09:22:09
@Nattgew: It's a known issue of Firefox 3.0.x . It's been fixed on Firefox 3.1 and seamonkey 2.0. Either use the beta or wait for it to be released. See bug

[111] By: Dale on 2009-01-24 - 20:05:13
Very nice, I have dyslexia and it helps me a lot. I have it on 3 computers.

[112] By: Fady005 on 2009-02-02 - 03:10:14
I can't modify the SmoothWheel options : Is it normal ? Anyay the default fonctions are great !

[113] By: avih on 2009-02-03 - 02:52:38
@Fady005: No, that's not normal. However, after SmoothWheel has been in use for more than 5 years now, it's the 1st time I hear of such issue.

My guess and suggestion: your Firefox/Mozilla/Thunderbird/etc profile was messed up somehow (maybe due to use of non-release version, maybe other bug, maybe a buggy extension, etc). Try creating a clean profile and see if it solves the issue. Please report your results.


[114] By: decrepitmoose on 2009-02-04 - 03:45:24
Love it. Have used it since I found it some years ago and would miss it big time if it went away.

[115] By: Matias on 2009-02-05 - 20:51:28
Hey, thank you very much for developing this incredible addon. I was looking for something like this since FF 2.0 and I never found it. Now I got it and is a new experience. Thank you again.

[116] By: hasan on 2009-02-12 - 09:18:39
please add an option to smoothweel config that we can auto-hide scrollbar!

[117] By: avih on 2009-02-13 - 01:19:04
@hasan: SmoothWheel doesn't change the interface. Alternatively, you can try this style: but you have to first install the stylish extension or greasmonkey extension.

[118] By: smoothwheeluser on 2009-02-15 - 07:48:06
It would be nice if there would be various options for use with mousewheel and keyboard! The Adaptive-Duration and Adaptive-Step I must disable when using keyboard to scroll (if I don't it's too slow), when using mousewheel it's useful.

[119] By: avih on 2009-02-16 - 03:08:20
@smoothwheeluser: It's probably a good suggestion. It'll require some thought. I'll consider it. thx.


[120] By: Tonop on 2009-02-18 - 04:17:44
Thank you !

[121] By: shanahben on 2009-03-04 - 10:50:23
This is just great! I recently installed Opera to try and see if it's better than Firefox, I am not completely impressed save for the way I could smoothly scroll down pages. I immediately switched to Firefox and searched for a way I could scroll smoothly in Firefox. I found a forum that said it's possible through about:config, I tried it and it sucked, the pages dragged---not scrolled. I went back to the forum and found a comment stating that your work is the best out there. So I went to Firefox add-ons and found this! AND IT WORKS GREAT!!! Thank you for sharing this!

[122] By: Danny on 2009-03-18 - 05:30:50
Just added Smoothwheel to Thunderbird 3.0b2
Sorry for stupid question here, but exactly what is it suppossed to do? Cannot find any difference in function of Logitech mouse when scrolling etc.
Thanks in advance..

[123] By: avih on 2009-03-18 - 08:43:12
@Danny, Once installed, it should make scroll smoother, but only when scrolling the mouse wheel and ONLY on the content pane (i.e. where the actual messages are).

It possible that various drivers (especially "complex" ones like logitech's) prevent actual wheel scroll events from getting to thunderbirs and thus smoothwheel does not recognize them. I can't do anything about it, but you can try enabling the keyboard in smoothwheel from the options page, click the message pane, and use the arrows (up/down) to scroll.

Good luck and let me know if it worked for you.

Got your email, but I prefer answering publicly such that others can benefit too.

[124] By: Ria on 2009-03-30 - 07:50:24
Hi, Smoothwheel is broken on latest trunk due to removing getBoxObjectFor from non-XUL documents. More about it in bugzilla mozilla bug 340571.

[125] By: avih on 2009-03-30 - 10:12:00
@Ria, thanks, I'll check into that. Hope the solution is as simple as comment #23 suggests (it usually never is though).

BTW, do you know what upcoming application versions will use Gecko 1.92? (FX/SM/TB/etc)

[126] By: Ria on 2009-03-30 - 16:19:25
With the next version (Firefox 3.5) the current Smoothwheel will work fine, but the version after that (now called Firefox 3.6 but the version number will change) will have the problem. So only the Firefox trunk testers (1.9.2) will experience the bug.

[127] By: avih on 2009-03-30 - 21:20:59
Thanks. I think I've fixed it already. Hopefully I'll release a new version soon. Thanks again for the note.

[128] By: Pete on 2009-04-05 - 14:04:02
Thank you very much Mr Developer! Very neat add-on, I only install the FF extensions I find really helpful for web surfing and this is one of them.

Kudos to you and a five star rating.


[129] By: The Surgeon on 2009-04-08 - 03:32:31
what he said ^ :)

[130] By: John on 2009-04-21 - 22:13:47


[131] By: Joshua on 2009-05-28 - 06:11:45
Wow this is a Godsend! I always hated how scrolling is extremely jerky, but this completely fixes it. Very well done! =)

[132] By: Jérôme on 2009-06-11 - 01:22:06
Thanks for this nice tool. I would like to propose an enhancement of the keyboard scrolling.

I like using the up/down keys for scrolling the messages I read. However I would like the keyboard scrolling to be automatically disabled when I'm composing a new message.

[133] By: avih on 2009-06-12 - 02:37:17
@Jérôme, I see your point. I might add an option to disable the keyboard scroll at input boxes. Or do you think it should always be disabled on those because it just interferes (I don't use KB scroll myself)?


[134] By: Someone on 2009-06-25 - 20:32:45
I think smooth wheel moves a little bit too slowly. could you improve the feature & make it faster? thanx


[135] By: avih on 2009-06-26 - 01:08:53

First of all, the fact that you prefer it faster doesn't make it broken or needing improvement in this regard. It's your personal preference and others might have the exact exact opposite preference.

Second, because indeed different people might have difference preferences, you can adjust the speed to your liking from the main options page of SmoothWheel. To do that you need to double click on the SmoothWheel item of the add-ons list (Tools -> Add-ons) and set the various options to your liking.


[136] By: clay on 2009-07-05 - 11:08:45
nice add on, works beautifully.

[137] By: Byron on 2009-07-06 - 05:57:27
It would be cool if you could make SmoothWheel work with the page up/down keys (as YASS does) and the little arrow buttons on the top and bottom of the scrollbar, and also the page up/down function that happens when you single click on an "empty" region of the scroll area (i.e., the area not occupied by the slider). In this way SmoothWheel could be a total replacement for the built-in "Use smooth scrolling" feature accessed via Tools -> Options, which in my opinion does not work that well.

[138] By: bloodfalls on 2009-07-06 - 08:42:51
include a feature where smooth scrolling is automatically diabled while running on battery since it uses a lot of cpu

[139] By: Xakira on 2009-07-08 - 06:07:39
When I started with Ubuntu Linux about a year ago I was sad to find Smooth Scroll didn't seem to work with it. I just tried it again after a recent major upgrade of my OS (to Ubuntu 9.04) and am so happy to have it installed again. I love just scrolling slowly down while I am reading the page.

I use Easy (1/2 sec) and 1/10 page.

[140] By: avih on 2009-07-09 - 04:50:34
Byron, PGUP/DN should be easy to add, I think I'll include it in the next release. Not sure how many of of the other triggers would be easy to add, but I'll have a look at it.

bloodfalls, in all my tests (on many different systems) it never consumed more CPU than simply dragging the scroll bar. Please check and let me know if you find otherwise. Not sure if it's possible for SmoothWheel to monitor the power mode of the system. I might look at a way to make it easier to enable/disable it without opening the options page. Please note though, that to disable it you can just check a box on the options page and restart is NOT required.

Xakira, glad you like it :) IIRC, it worked well on all Ubuntu versions (and other linux variants) since day one (~2003). Anyway, glad it's working for you now...

clay and the rest, thanks for the comments guys, keep 'em coming :)


[141] By: riuryK on 2009-07-10 - 07:30:01
Hi, avih. Thanks for developing SmoothWheel. It works really fine. I specially like the acceleration effect that you get when rolling down/up the mouse wheel quicker.

So far I've found no bugs. Thanks again, and keep it up!

[142] By: AAlchemy on 2009-07-16 - 06:49:15
Horizontal scrolling works in ff3.5, but its not smooth. Vertical is nice and smooth.

Any work being done to smooth horizontal?

[143] By: avih on 2009-07-16 - 10:34:50
AAlchemy, yes, Firefox 3.5+ finally supports distinguishing horizontal from vertical mouse wheel events, and smoothwheel supports it on recent versions for a while now.

There are currently no plans to add support for horizontal scroll, it currently just leaves Firefox to "do it's thing" with it without any intervention.

It would take a considerable effort to add it, but if enough people request, I'll reconsider.

[144] By: AAlchemy on 2009-07-20 - 06:04:14
You should add a "Feature Request Poll/Vote" to this site, so people can vote on features.

Maybe even a "Premium Feature Request" page linked to the Paypal donations. I'd throw in $20 to see horizontal smoothing! but I'd like to know it was actually being worked on if I did.

[145] By: avih on 2009-07-20 - 09:19:20
AAlchemy, I didn't develop nor support smoothwheel for the money in it, as there isn't any and there never was. If you're interested, the donations over the years didn't even accumulate to $30, which is way less than even an hour's pay of an engineer, and that's with more than half a million users. Needless to say, I've spent hundreds of hours over the years developing it (including support, web maintenance, development of this comments system, etc). So it's obviously not for the money.

I do it because I wanted such a feature myself and there was nothing similar when I started developing it, I publish it because I think others might find it useful too, and because I'm a nice guy in general ;)

When I add features, it's because it's going to be useful either to me or to enough people to make it count. Since IMHO the vast majority of scrolling on the web is vertically, I didn't add a horizontal scroll support, although it's doable.

But then again, if someone is willing to actually pay per hour for a specific feature, or at least an amount in that scale, I'm willing to make an exception ;)

Till then though, any amount of donation is appreciated and considered by me as a "thank you" note for something you literally use for hours a day, every day.

[146] By: Just Me on 2009-07-21 - 03:29:58
It won't even install in SeaMonkey 1.1.17 on Windows (XP, W2K). Chrome registration fails (error code: -239). Any ideas why this is happening?

My other extensiones are:

- Flash Block
- Jump Link
- Mnenhy
- Preferences Toolbar
- Reload Every
- Tab Clicking Options
- Tabs Menu


[147] By: avih on 2009-07-21 - 04:00:12
"Just Me", Although I test each release with every possible application, I just tried again a clean install of seamonkey 1.1.17 (the zip distribution) with clean profile, and SmoothWheel installed perfectly well from both and from this site. I tried it on XP/SP3 as an admin (default) user.

Could you please elaborate on the procedure and details? what exactly the error message was, type of user, type of SeaMonkey installation (multi user? non-admin? etc). Could you also try a clean profile?

Thanks in advance.

[148] By: Just Me on 2009-07-21 - 05:51:37
Hey avih, thanks for the quick response!

I tried downloading the xpi package from, and also a direct installation from and addons, but to no avail.

The exact error dialog that I get when I try to install it in my profile (haven't tried in the application directory yet) as an admin is:

performInstall() failed.

Error code:-239

When I click OK to close this error dialog, the main installation dialog says "Chrome registration failed."

This happens in my 3 PCs, all of them with the referred SeaMonkey version and extensions.

I'll try with a clean profile when I get back home. It seems to me that another extension is interfering with SmoothWheel. I'll let you know my findings.

Meanwhile, is there anything else I could try or check (about:config, chrome directory or Mnenhy info, etc)?

Thanks again.

[149] By: avih on 2009-07-21 - 09:08:07
It does seem strange, especially because you experience the issue on 3 different systems, which implies it's not a random spontaneous corrupted profile.

Considering the long history of relative stability of SmoothWheel, the only things I can think of are either a conflicting extension/s or some uncommon/non-default SeaMonkey installation/profile which I haven't tested.

You should know though, that the old (as in pre 2.0) seamonkey/mozilla extension system is relatively deprecated (seamonkey 1.x is the only gecko app that still uses it), doesn't have the polish or capabilities of the Firefox extensions system and is quite crude, and that this install section of smoothwheel is one of the oldest untouched parts of the code, though it's always worked on all supported applications. Regardless, the "application profile" install is really really deprecated and not recommended, and it's kept for the sake of backward compatibility from the days extensions couldn't be installed into the user profile (2003 or so). User profile should really be the only choice.

I can suggest that you 1st try a clean profile with default install of everything and see if smoothwheel installs ok. If it does, try to add your other extensions and see if a specific one conflicts with it, although I've personally never heard of such a conflict during an extension install phase.

If that doesn't work, you can try previous versions of smoothwheel from here: it seems was the 1st one supporting seamonkey.

If that still doesn't work, I'd appreciate if you could just make sure that the MD5 of the xpi files match, just in case some strange network filter modified the data. The MD5sum of the latest smoothwheel- (non-AMO) is a4968c1e98dab8810d3ab07296b1dda0

Also, on a personal note, I've been using seamonkey 2.0 (alpha/beta) for a long while and it's extremely stable and much more advanced than the 1.x branch. I'd recommend it even in it's current non-release state over the 1.x branch.

Hope it helps, Please keep me updated.

[150] By: Just Me on 2009-07-22 - 03:44:38
I finally managed to install SW, though I had to recreate my profile from scratch.

Yesterday I couldn't reproduce the error using new profiles, so the only possible explanation was that something in my profile was corrupt (possibly due to older incomplete installations, or uninstallations using Mnenhy).

I'll give SeaMonkey 2 a try when it's oficially released, but for now I'm really happy with the 1.1.X versions, as I was with the old Mozilla suite. I just hope SeaMonkey 2 keeps all the settings Firefox lacks.

Thanks for everything, avih.

[151] By: avih on 2009-07-22 - 04:38:55
Sure, glad to hear :)

[152] By: janna on 2009-07-23 - 17:05:41
thank you very much this program, but i found out mozilla already has a simple version incorporated in firefox. i hope you get to a make this into an app for chrome though!

[153] By: dream on 2009-07-25 - 03:22:25
A very great extension. I love it so much.

[154] By: jhozae on 2009-07-28 - 03:27:05
Just installed this last night & it's great. Ever since 3.1, my page jumped around when I tried to scroll, or even just click something. Very annoying. Smoothscroll solves this, aside from making everything smooth. Love this!

[155] By: ckirchho on 2009-07-29 - 02:28:26
One problem I found:
- Browser: FF3.0.12
- URL:
When the mouse pointer is in the client area, I can only scroll a couple of pixels with the mouse wheel. Though if I move the pointer over the scroll bar and use the mouse wheel there, I can scroll the whole page.

Other than that it's a great tool.

[156] By: avih on 2009-07-29 - 03:24:23
@ckirchho, thanks, I'll look into it.

[157] By: Kuma on 2009-07-31 - 14:08:38
Works well in forums and stuff kinda matches some mouses better though.

[158] By: Hotfoot982 on 2009-08-04 - 07:46:21
Its great. I would always hate it when I would scroll my mouse and it would be choppy and sometimes I would loose my spot on what I was reading. This really helps!

[159] By: Naimh on 2009-08-04 - 20:40:13
Cool app. Like it so far.

[160] By: Bypass on 2009-08-06 - 06:28:32
Hello! Really great idea. I just installed it to firefox last night and it's helping already! 1 problem though, You said the arrow scrolling would be faster. But unfortunately it is the same. And also my eyes are getting dizzy, it might take some time for me to get used to it!

[161] By: DarkDagas on 2009-08-14 - 06:51:00's great....really smooth....thx for that...keep the good work...:D

[162] By: Peter J G on 2009-08-14 - 15:20:39
Just installed WM and it works great

[163] By: UraharaZR on 2009-08-15 - 02:32:23
Thank you very much for this super-sexy feature for FF.

[164] By: e1_designss on 2009-08-18 - 00:28:00
Thanks a lot!!! excelent addon!! just what i was looking for

[165] By: Emily on 2009-08-18 - 19:12:22
Fantastic add-on!

[166] By: Dmitry on 2009-08-19 - 05:42:09
Really cool thing!!! Can you do the scrolling like in iPhone (when you pull the slider it slides it self with deceleration until it stops)

[167] By: AIM on 2009-08-31 - 01:34:52
When I scroll over the frame in the middle of this page, the smooth scrolling stops working.

[168] By: A-) on 2009-09-05 - 06:32:21
Very nice add-on, greatly improves the scrolling experience in Firefox.

However, since I've had to get a new mouse, I've had some trouble (scrolling the wrong way or not at all).

I'm guessing the reason for this is my new "Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000", which use a "high resolution" scroll-wheel - Which is to say it runs smoothly instead of "clicking" and I would guess it also sends a LOT of position-updates (or whatever). This seem to cause your code some confusion, probably a variable that overruns or some such (since it often goes the wrong way, especially if I scroll very slow or very fast).

The funny thing is that my OLD mouse was also a Microsoft one, and it ALSO had the same kind of "high resolution" wheel, but it didn't have quite the same issues with SmoothWheel (though it didn't work perfectly).

I'm hoping you will have the opportunity to do some testing with one of those Microsoft mice with a "high resolution" wheel (it should be possible to find a relatively cheap mouse with this technology, if you can't borrow one), and that you will be able to fix this problem soon...

Thanks in advance,


[169] By: avih on 2009-09-05 - 10:01:47
A-) : Thanks for the report, It's an interesting one and it's the first time I hear of such symptoms.

Could you please head over to , scroll the wheel and report what you see? i.e. what fields change and what are their value ranges, possibly while scrolling up/down/slow/fast etc. I'll try to analyze your results and hopefully I'll be able to find a solution.

[170] By: bacon on 2009-09-06 - 15:54:27
Hi, This extensions seems like just what I was looking for but I encounter a problem. Although the Add-ons page says that it works with drop-down boxes it doesn't for me. And it's not just that I didn't have smooth scrolling in drop downs, my scroll wheel won't move through the contents of a drop down at all. It works fine on the rest of the page. Looked at the comments here and didn't see anyone else having the same problem. Wondering if there's any way to fix this.

[171] By: bacon on 2009-09-06 - 16:00:42
never mind comment #170, have no idea what the problem was, but it's back to normal after restart

[172] By: avih on 2009-09-06 - 16:14:17
bacon, the detection code (the program section that detects what part of the page to scroll) does have some flaws. On most flawed cases it would just revert to the normal scroll (as if smoothwheel was disabled), but on some relatively rare cases it might prevent scrolling alltogether. However, on such cases, at least AFAIK on the last few years, it would still behave consistently, i.e. it would behave the same even if you restart/reboot/etc.

My current guesstimation is that the issue you had is unrelated to smoothwheel, however, if it does happen again, I'd appreciate if you could try to isolate it and see if it's caused by smoothwheel or not. In case it is, it would be really helpful if you could describe the steps needed to reproduce it.

[173] By: Cat Czech Rep on 2009-09-08 - 06:34:34
This add-on looks very good and smooth:-)
Thanks for developing:-)
Bye, Cat Czecch Republic

[174] By: dwight delleva on 2009-09-11 - 06:57:16
When I play a youtube video, scrolling stops working. I have to click on an empty space before I can use the scrolling function again. Scrolling also stops when I hover on a youtube video. When I hover on any google ads, it scrolls but only with google ads, scrolling gets stuck in google ads. Hope you fix them. Thanks in advance. =)

[175] By: David on 2009-09-15 - 00:07:19

First of all, I really like this extension, works great. However, I've notice an issue. While I have a very smooth scrolling when the Firefox page is relatively tall (on my 1920x1200 screen), if I reduce its height, the scrolling becomes a lot more jerky. Let's say if the Firefox page is half the screen height. I tried to set a fixed step instead of the default 1/7 page but it doesn't change anything.

Any idea? This is in Firefox 3.5.3 with Windows 7 x64.

[176] By: David on 2009-09-15 - 00:16:01
Would it be possible to get this to work in PostBox? (email client based on the Thunderbird engine).

[177] By: David on 2009-09-15 - 08:43:46
Nevermind previous question about PostBox, at least in my case, as installing the Setpoint driver for my MX Revolution just gave me smooth scrolling in there. I'm sure other users with other mice could be interested though.

As an aside, the MX Revolution gives also very smooth scrolling in Firefox without Smoothwheel, but I've noticed that there's still a benefit with Smoothwheel making small movements...smoother.

With regards to previous issue mentioned about movement being jerky on shorter pages, it doesn't appear to be related to Smoothwheel as it behaves the same with Smoothwheel deactivated and using the smooth action from the MX Revolution...

[178] By: David on 2009-09-15 - 08:50:05
Actually, I'll put the PostBox thing back on the table as it's still not a "smooth" scroll, but one message at a time for the tiniest wheel movement, so the add-on working in Postbox would be great, giving a feel similar to Apple's mail app. Sorry about the multiple post!

[179] By: Walter on 2009-11-08 - 16:33:44
if i set the step size to "1 page", smoothwheel scrolls less then one page - even with 1.5 pages it is not enough for one page...(FF 3.0.15)
Maybe i just misunderstood the setting, but how can i scroll one "real" page then?

[180] By: avih on 2009-11-09 - 06:14:50
Walter, set "Adaptive step" on the Advanced tab to "Disabled". This will disable the step-length modulation and you will get the exact step as defined on the "Basic" tab. When adaptive step is enabled, the actual step can either be longer or shorter than the defined step, according to the speed at which you scroll the mouse wheel.

Hope it helps.

[181] By: Walter on 2009-11-09 - 08:53:50
Thanks avih, it works!

[182] By: Jim on 2009-11-09 - 13:44:15
Fine add-on, Avih. One thing though. It doesn't seem to work with PrintPreview In fact, when SmoothWheel is enabled, scrolling in PrintPreview is disabled. Is there any way to have SmoothWheel enabled and scrolling enabled in PrintPreview?

[183] By: Kyler on 2009-11-09 - 14:13:24
So I just found this today and LOVE IT!! It actually makes my other work on documents painful. Is there any way to apply this add-on to microsoft word or excel programs?? Please let me know, because that would be amazingly wonderful!!

[184] By: avih on 2009-11-09 - 15:20:56
Walter, good :)

Jim, thanks for the info, I'll try to look into it.

Kyler, glad you like it. MS Office is a completely different technology than Firefox and currently there are no plans for such adaptation.

[185] By: Kyler on 2009-11-09 - 20:17:48
That is a shame. If the adaptation was in fact made, I think you would have a slew of technology that would be very marketable. Like the scrolling of the iphone--it just makes it that much cooler.

[186] By: Valentin on 2009-11-13 - 06:23:11

Fantastic extension - much better than the built-in smooth scrolling of FF; many thanks and congrats!!

I do have one suggestion: it would be useful if we could set a list of exceptions, with websites where smooth-scrolling shouldn't be used. Sometimes the content doesn't follow properly - my latest example is Google Wave.

Cheers, and keep up the good work!! :D

[187] By: avih on 2009-11-13 - 08:21:53
Valentin, thanks for the suggestion. It's possible but it's an ugly hack. Not only it will crowd and complicate the user interface, it's also not the proper fix for the problem. The proper fix is that SmoothWheel either works (preferably always or almost always), or it doesn't and falls back to Firefox's default scroll.

That's how it's programmed already, but apparently there are some exception pages at which it thinks it can scroll, therefore doesn't fall back to the default scroll, while in fact, it doesn't scroll. I'll try to fix it the proper way by improving the detection mechanism, but I can't specify a date for it... Although I realize it might be better than nothing, I really don't like the idea of such a workaround - it just seems too improper to me, from a developer point of view...

[188] By: Amar on 2009-12-28 - 22:23:14
Thanks for the nice extension. I'm happy with all the thought that has been put into it so that the user can fine tune it to their preferneces.

[189] By: egafx on 2010-01-02 - 00:55:52
May be it would be great to add some fun features such as: spring scrolling? when applied, scrolling stops with a spring effect.

[190] By: avih on 2010-01-02 - 17:28:21
@egafx, interesting :)

[191] By: Dick on 2010-01-11 - 10:02:22
First, thank you for all the work and dedication that you put into this great extension!!

It took me some time to try and find the extension that was acting up when visiting some Yahoo News pages but it seems that this is the one.. When reading some of those Yahoo pages the scrolling on the right would work very well...but when moving over towards the left the scrolling would stop working. It seems that there must be different code structure in a secondary window that causes this... I played around with the SmoothWheel settings and found that if I check "on" the Compatibility box it works then... but then the scrolling seems slower.. I can live with all of it but I figured that I would report this issue. A sample Yahoo page that acts up.

Again, thank you for this extension.

[192] By: avih on 2010-01-11 - 16:25:59
Thanks for the info and glad you like it. You're actually lucky because the target detection code (the part of smoothwheel which decides what part of the page to scroll) has had issues for quite a while now. Your sample yahoo page is just one example.

However, during the past few days I've rewritten it, and now it's much more robust and solid. In fact, I haven't yet found a page at which this new version doesn't behave properly (that includes the yahoo page that you mentioned,, some wikipedia pages, etc).

So hold tight and wait for the new version which would be out soon enough. It's much better :)

[193] By: BigJohn007 on 2010-01-26 - 17:35:50
dont work on t-bird 23!! have to turn legacy on!! why?? whats legacy??

[194] By: avih on 2010-01-26 - 20:39:01
BigJohn007, thanks for your comment and info.

Legacy mode uses pure javascript setTimeout/Interval, while non-legacy uses Gecko's nsITimer. nsITimer is much more accurate, and developers are encouraged to use it over pure javascript timers (because there's some theoretical potential security issue with javascript timers). nsITimer theoretically should be supported on all applications since about 2002.

SW is first testing that nsITimer is available. If it isn't available, it reverts to "Legacy" automatically. Else, It uses your checkbox selection. It seems SW thinks nsITimer is available, but in practice, it's unable to use it.

I haven't tried specifically with tbird 2.3, but I'll give it a go now.

Thanks again for the quick comment, expect a fix very soon, and please report back when the new version is up.

[195] By: avih on 2010-01-26 - 21:29:40 is up. It's a bugfix of (didn't work well with older application). Sorry for the inconvenience.

[196] By: Mix on 2010-01-27 - 14:54:33
I like it, but its just not my type of thing :P. No bugs that i saw, great work!

[197] By: Bronnster on 2010-01-27 - 21:17:48
Thank you very much. Very nice Addon for FF.

[198] By: Sam Hasler on 2010-01-28 - 03:04:46
Could you please make sure the "Show Information" button when updating the Add-on has a description, and please update the changelog page.

[199] By: avih on 2010-01-28 - 03:25:06
Sam Hasler, I'll look into that. thanks.

[200] By: Mark Surridge on 2010-01-28 - 04:19:36
Having some issues with pop up images from zen cart site( Product pages scroll fine but large image will not scroll but opens new java script tab.

[201] By: avih on 2010-01-28 - 04:29:03
Mark Surridge, thanks. I'm unable to reproduce. Here's what I tried:

1. visit , click "Go to online shop"
2. I clicked the 1st product and got to this page:
3. I clicked the "Large image" link and a windows popped out, and I can scroll it fine.

Was this the procedure you tried? if not, could you please describe the steps in details?

Also, try to disable SmoothWheel and see if it behaves differently.


[202] By: Klaas Stap on 2010-01-29 - 08:21:39
Very subtle of you to show me the update page when I started using the mouse wheel the first time. Funny and smart!

[203] By: Sasha on 2010-01-29 - 10:21:37
I've been using Smoothwheel for a long time now, and have always updated it when updates were available. Usually this doesn't make any noticeable difference in performance.
But, I just now updated to and I must say, there is an _obvious_ improvement in smoothness, speed and responsiveness! A very noticeable difference.

FWIW I'm running a homemade PGO-build of FF-3.6.

Thanks for the work you have been doing, and for this very handy extension!

Sasha A.

[204] By: avih on 2010-01-29 - 11:20:59
Klaas Stap, actually, I don't really like to pop unrequested windows as I'm usually pretty much against the idea. But I wanted to communicate the info, and especially the "vsync workaround" page. I hope not to pull such tricks in future releases...

Sasha, indeed, even smoother scroll was one of the improvements of this release. Nice to hear it's performing well on your personal build, and thanks for the kind words :)

[205] By: CS on 2010-01-29 - 15:15:30
Oh, great update! Thanks a lot!

[206] By: JKB on 2010-01-29 - 17:56:05
Hi, I use smoothwheel on my Macbook, using the touch pad instead of a mouse. The latest update really broke my usage of it, and I had to go back to the previous version ( A lot of people seem to like the newer version when used with the scrollwheel on a real mouse, but with the touch pad, the settings make it either too fast, and hard to make minor adjustments in the scroll position of the page, or it is too slow to scroll long distances.

[207] By: me on 2010-01-29 - 18:29:35
this app is pure genius thank you!

[208] By: avih on 2010-01-30 - 00:01:43
JKB, thanks for the info. I did increased the sensitivity to input very very slightly, but that change is so refined that I'd really find it hard to believe it completely changes the way SW responds on some systems. Yet, it seems I'm wrong ;)

I'd appreciate if you could try the following setup: Check "Use legacy timing" on the advanced tab, and set the refresh-rate to 100.

Let me know if it responds any better. Theoretically it shouldn't change the responsiveness, just the smoothness after it acquires the input, but it's the only major modification I've made in this area.

If it still doesn't improve, let me know and I'll try to find a better solution.

Also, if you're willing to help by testing possible fixes for this issue, I'd appreciate if you could email me (bottom of the 'About' tab on the configuration panel) and I'll send you modified versions to test.


[209] By: Jbeh on 2010-01-30 - 01:57:08
Smoothwheel keyboard arrows thingy should be disabled in search boxes and such. Kind of annoying if you want to select a search suggestion in Youtube ,for example, with the arrows.

[210] By: avih on 2010-01-30 - 02:04:24
Are you using the latest version (0.45.4)? It should have fixed it. With 0.45.4, when I'm trying the youtube search suggestions (or google, or wikipedia, etc) even with keyboard enabled, it works well and doesn't scroll anything - only changes the selected suggestion as it should.

Please confirm that you do use the latest version, and if the bug still exist, please provide me with a detailed sequence of actions that leads to it. Thanks.

[211] By: mamarley on 2010-01-30 - 03:31:24
I just recently upgraded to the latest version SmoothWheel on my Firefox 3.6, and I am having a problem where if I begin scrolling fast very suddenly, there is a significant jerk before the page begins scrolling smoothly. This is kind of hard to do with my mouse, but very easy when scrolling on the touchpad.

[212] By: avih on 2010-01-30 - 03:48:58
mamarley, thanks. Does it happen on every page, or only on specific pages? What's your general system specs (OS, manufacturer, CPU, RAM, synaptic software?, etc)?

Also, Does it happen when you select "Use legacy timing"? (bottom of the advanced tab of the configuration panel)

[213] By: mamarley on 2010-01-30 - 03:52:56
It happens on every page. My system is a Dell Vostro 1500 with 2.0gHz Intel C2D CPU, 4GB RAM, and Kubuntu Lucid Alpha. I am running the latest released version of the Xorg Synaptics driver, but I don't think that is the problem because I can get this to occur if I use the regular mouse, too. It just doesn't happen as often.

[214] By: mamarley on 2010-01-30 - 03:53:31
And yes, it still happens when I use legacy timing.

[215] By: avih on 2010-01-30 - 04:13:01
thx mamarley. Just one last question, could you please switch back and forth between the previous release of smoothwheel (0.44.19) and the current one, and confirm it only happens with the latest version?

[216] By: mamarley on 2010-01-30 - 04:14:06
I already did this. It only happens with the new version.

[217] By: avih on 2010-01-30 - 05:57:41
thx mamarley. I'll look into it ASAP. If you're willing to help testing a beta release of this bugfix, email me and I'll send you one before the next official release.

Thanks again for the good info.

[218] By: mamarley on 2010-01-30 - 06:08:09
Sure, I will email you, but I cannot find your email address anywhere on this site. My email address is michael[AT]michaelmarley[NOSPAM].com

[219] By: chris on 2010-01-30 - 14:01:53
I have no problems with smooth wheel but i was wondering if you could make it have momentem

[220] By: alan on 2010-01-30 - 21:50:34
I'm using SmoothWheel on FF 3.6 in Vista.

It has a bug where after every few turns of the wheel, I'm not sure exactly how many, it goes in reverse.

It isn't related to any particular page.

[221] By: swaroop on 2010-01-31 - 08:18:33
its good.

[222] By: spider on 2010-01-31 - 09:27:38
I'm using SmoothWheel 0.45.4.
I'm also using the plugin CoolPreviews 3.0.1.
My OS is Windows Vista Premium.

When scrolling within the CoolPreviews window the page will scroll down but not up on any site I go to.
When I use legacy timing it scrolls properly.

All previous versions of Smoothwheel have worked properly with CoolPreviews.

Is this something you can take a look at?


[223] By: spider on 2010-01-31 - 09:29:18
Meant to include a link to CoolPreviews:


[224] By: avih on 2010-01-31 - 12:32:50
That sounds really strange, but I'll try to look into it. Does it also happen when you try different settings? (i.e. use legacy timing, set low refresh-rate, etc)?

I just tried with CoolPreview 3.01 on Win-XP. Works fine for me both up and down, with or without legacy timing. I'll have a look at it, but just to make sure, can you post one link at which it doesn't work for you? thx.

[225] By: spider on 2010-01-31 - 14:48:53
It's all of them that I go to.

It happens on your "Terms of Use" page.

[226] By: alan on 2010-01-31 - 14:59:17

I'm sorry I didn't try turning off SmoothScroll before complaining. I turned it off earlier today and the behavior persists, but SmoothScroll seems to accentuate it.

Without SmoothScroll on it will be just a little bump upward after I've paused and then start scrolling again, with it on though it will be a big bump.

[227] By: alan on 2010-01-31 - 15:11:35
Which is to say I mean SmoothWheel, of course.

Otherwise I am having an absolutely terrific day!

[228] By: avih on 2010-01-31 - 21:12:25
thanks for letting me know. I was really scratching my head over this one... My guess is that your mouse wheel itself might not be functioning properly. Could please try with a different mouse and let me know if it's better?

Could you please try with both a low refresh-rate and 'as-fast-as-possible' ? Also, try enabling keyboard scroll with SW, then click inside the CP window and try scrolling using the up/down arrows. Let me know if the issue is restricted to mouse wheel or not. Thanks.

[229] By: Shilpa Sequeira on 2010-01-31 - 22:19:29
I really like the smoothwheel add on! Keep up the good work guys! :)

[230] By: avih on 2010-02-01 - 00:34:48

OK, found the problem. It also affects some other scenarios without CP installed, and also when not using legacy timing (but legacy timing is less accurate so it makes the issue less noticeable). I think it's a bug in Firefox, but nevertheless, I've found a workaround

It'll work well in the next version of SmoothWheel. Thanks again for the report.

[231] By: MaJo on 2010-02-01 - 03:57:29
I like new statistics tab, it will be more interesting if there will be a value in centimeters or inches aboud scrolled length ;)

[232] By: avih on 2010-02-01 - 06:18:12
Shilpa Sequeira, MaJo, Glad you like it, thx :)

[233] By: spider on 2010-02-01 - 08:01:50
Thank you avih.

I was beginning to think the problem could be with either Firefox or with my system configuration and was ready to accept it as it is.

Glad you were able to find a workaround. Currently I have legacy timing turned on and will leave it that way until you release the next update.

Thanks again.

[234] By: Phant on 2010-02-01 - 08:52:10

While playing with SmoothWheel on TB 3.0.1, I've found out a few minor things related to modifier keys (ALT, CTRL, etc.):

1. When pressing the ALT key while scrolling to do bigger steps, and releasing the key afterwards, the app's focus goes to the menu bar. This standard function of the ALT key for itself should be suppressed when using it with SmoothWheel.

2. When, by accident setting the same modifier for bigger as well as smaller steps, SmoothWheel does accept this. However, nothing happens when using this modifier while scrolling (which in the end makes sense). Ok, you can really see this double setting, when you are in the settings dialog box, so this isn't important at all.

3. The CTRL key is not set as a modifier for SmoothWheel, neither for bigger nor for smaller steps. However, when I hold the CTRL key, SmoothWheel is temporarily deactivated (rough scrolling). Have I found an undocumented feature?

Whatsoever: Those points don't have a real impact on using SmoothWheel. Thanks for this nice Add-on. :)

[235] By: avih on 2010-02-01 - 10:19:49

1. ALT : true, I might look at it it in future versions.

2. small steps + big steps : true, but you're nitpicking ;)

3. CTRL not working: true, BUT you should read the help tooltip associated with these selections on the basic tab. Firefox (or other app) may assign modifiers of their own for various utilities. I.e. CTRL+wheel is sometimes used for text size+/-, etc. If you want smoothwheel to be able to use those, you need to prevent firefox from using them, as described at the tooltip.

Anyway, I'm currently focused on releasing a bugfix for a small regression of the latest release. After that's done, I'll consider other improvements.

Thanks for the comment :)

[236] By: Robbie on 2010-02-01 - 22:17:23
Bug report for SmoothWheel after install I notice that if web page is zoomed in and you move the bottom scroll bar the middle of page, then scroll down with mouse wheel the bottom scroll bar jolts to left, which prevents me from scrolling down the middle of page. I first disabled, then downgraded to previous Version the problem went away.

Good Luck on updating!!!

[237] By: avih on 2010-02-01 - 22:58:39
Robbie, yes, I should probably be shot for that :/
sorry. I'll update a new version soon. thx.

[238] By: steve on 2010-02-01 - 23:37:46
had the same problem as Robbie mentioned with Smoothwheel, the latest version. Have disabled it until bug fix, other than that its an awesome extension.

[239] By: avih on 2010-02-01 - 23:53:49
New version 0.45.6 is already up on both AMO and mozdev. It fixes a regression of 0.45.5: page jumps to the left if horizontal scrollbar exists and not left-most.

You can download it from (some mirrors might update a bit later) or at the versions section of AMO ( ) until it approves hopefully later today.

0.45.5 has been removed from both places.

Sorry for the inconvenience, it shouldn't have happened, but it did...

[240] By: jimmy on 2010-02-02 - 05:58:46
good tool for scrolling pages.easy to use. thanks.

[241] By: cnurb on 2010-02-02 - 08:38:48
Updated to the latest Smoothwheel and now my scrolling
is even faster which I don't want. Even setting to the
slowest scroll speed is STILL too fast ! Do you have
a "snail" setting ?

[242] By: avih on 2010-02-02 - 08:53:37
cnurb, I haven't changed or limited the speed (or slowness) in any version. The only change I did was making the default slightly slower (0.4s instead of 0.3s), and it can always be changed to any other value.

Try this:
1. click the "Reset" button on the configuration to bring all settings to defaults.
2. set speed to "Slow (1 sec)".
3. click "Apply"

This should cause the duration to be quite slow (between about 1s to 2s, depending on how fast you roll the mouse). That's 2 seconds(!) to complete the scroll, which is pretty slow I think.

If it still scrolls much faster than this, then maybe you found a bug.

If it scrolls between 1 second and 2 seconds (as it should at these settings), but you still want slower, you can enter in the address bar: "about:config" (without the quotes), then at the filter field enter: "extensions.smoothwheel.scrollDuration" (without the quotes) and then change the value and make it bigger (by double clicking on it) i.e. 5000 for 5 seconds.

Note though, values that are not part of the possible selections of the configuration panel will be reset whenever you open the configuration panel.

Let me know if any of it helped, and if you need a more permanent solution, let me know and I'll try to help you further.

[243] By: RichC on 2010-02-02 - 09:49:06
the current version failed to install on Flock

[244] By: spider on 2010-02-02 - 10:27:16
Hi avih,

Just to let you know in version 0.45.6 the scrolling in CoolPreviews is working like it should.

Thank you very much.

[245] By: avih on 2010-02-02 - 12:48:43
sure :)

Just tried SW 0.45.6 on a clean install of Flock 2.5.6 (English) on Windows XP, and it worked out of the box for me.

Tried installing from a local xpi file, from the install section of this website and from All 3 worked as they should.

Please try again, and if it still doesn't work for you, describes the steps you took such that I'll be able to help you better.

[246] By: alan on 2010-02-02 - 14:32:31
Just to say I updated the mouse driver and it now seems to be working normally again.


[247] By: cnurb on 2010-02-03 - 09:12:42

The fix you mentioned did it!! Perfect !
Thank you,

[248] By: simon on 2010-02-03 - 10:21:45
Hi, thanks for developing SmoothWheel. It works even better after the last update, except in Outlook 2007. In messages, scrolling increases/decreases the text size instead of scrolling up and down. It's also knobbled the right-click menu.

[249] By: avih on 2010-02-03 - 13:23:13
alan, cnurb, great :)

Glad you like the improvement of the new version.

About Outlook, SmoothWheel can only be installed to Firefox, Thunderbird and few other Mozilla-based applications. Microsoft Outlook, 2007 or other, is not supported by SmoothWheel and it's impossible to install SW there. So SW has no effect whatsoever on Outlook. SW also doesn't alter the right-click menu in any way in Firefox or any other application.

I could think of two possible reasons for the behavior your experiencing:

1. Something else (not SmoothWheel) was installed on your system and it's affecting mouse wheel behavior.

2. Your keyboard has a temporarily "stuck" shift or control keys. If possible, try disconnecting your keyboard from your PC for few seconds and plug it in again. If that doesn't work, rebooting might also help.

However, I can assure you the problems you're experiencing are completely unrelated to SmoothWheel.

[250] By: avih on 2010-02-03 - 21:58:32
by fedefede123 on February 3, 2010 (rated 5):

It's beautiful, but it shares with Firefox (I'm on 3.5.7) a problem with high spikes of cpu when hovering links. So if I scroll a page and mouse arrow comes over a link, high cpu spike occurs and SmoothWheel stutters, if during the scrolling I don't hover any links, scrolling is as smooth as it should be.

I've tried to change SW settings, and also some Firefox settings, but it's always the there a way to change this awful Firefox beahviour? Thanks a lot.

Thanks. SmoothWheel only scrolls the page. Any actions taken by Firefox as a result of any scroll, SW included, (such as mouse cursor hovers links and triggering higher CPU usage) are outside the scope of SmoothWheel. AFAIK there's no option to manually control that aspect of Firefox.

However, since this Firefox behavior does affect the overall experience of using SW, I'll try to think of a solution to this issue.

[251] By: Lobo on 2010-02-04 - 02:19:39
With new versions (0.45.5 and 0.45.6), scrolling of Javascript menus doesn't work in Firefox. I was forced to downgrade to old version 0.44!

[252] By: avih on 2010-02-04 - 03:01:40
I haven't encountered such issue, but if you'll provide me with URLs of such menus, I'll have a look at it.

[253] By: Armin on 2010-02-04 - 10:26:38
Hi there, after automatic update without any interaction, my smoothwheel settings were completely lost.

This imho should never happen and i think it's a major bug.

[254] By: avih on 2010-02-04 - 13:01:37
Actually, that's partially by design, although I agree the design could be a bit better. SW is defined to reset the preferences on upgrade if the new version has different options to select from.

E.g., from 0.44.19 to 0.45.6 the refresh-rate control was changed, and so the preferences were reset.

But from 0.44.17 to 0.44.18 or to 0.44.19 there was no change in the preferences so it wasn't reset. Same goes from 0.45.4 to 0.45.5 to 0.45.6: same preferences so no reset.

However, I agree that the reset thing can be more granular, such that if only some of the options are different in the newer version, then reset only them (and, for example, in our case leave step/duration-size and adaptive-step/duration without resetting them).

I might consider adding this on the next version, although, the user should somehow be notified that some of the options were reset, while some weren't, and that might trigger more confusion than simply understanding that all the settings were reset.

I'll think about it. Thanks.

[255] By: Scroob on 2010-02-06 - 01:24:35
Hey, great extension, but I'm having a slight problem with the most recent version ( February 1, 2010).

When scrolling, when the scrollbar reaches the very bottom or very top (where the arrows are), it pauses for a second and I have to scroll the wheel a few times to get it "unstuck". I tried adjusting the settings but I can't it working.

I went back to the previous verions ( January 26, 2010) and everything works fine.

Just thought I'd let you know.


[256] By: avih on 2010-02-06 - 01:52:05
Scroob, thanks for the comment.

1. Does it happen on every page? (if not, please give me a page address to test it with)

2. Does it happen only with soft-edge enabled? disabled?

3. Does it happen just before it reaches the edge (while it still needs to scroll a bit more)? or after the scroll is complete and it's already at the edge?

4. When it gets "stuck", if you wait for few seconds without scrolling, does it get unstuck? or do you still have to scroll the wheel few times to get it scrolling?

5. Just to make sure, could you please install 0.45.6 again, verify that it still gets stuck, and then get back to 0.45.4 and verify that it doesn't?


[257] By: Scroob on 2010-02-06 - 02:57:30
1. Yes, it happens on every page.

2. I normally have soft-edge disabled. I tried enabling it, but it didn't fix it.

3. It happens after it's reached the edge. Let's say I'm scrolling up until I come to a complete stop at the top. When I try to go back down, it's frozen. A few scrolls down jars it loose so to speak.

4. I just tried what you suggested and it seems to "unstick" itself if I leave it alone for about 10 seconds. It seems to get stuck when scrolling to the top/bottom then switching directions.

5. Just did what you said and yes, it still gets stuck.

Thanks for your quick reply.

[258] By: avih on 2010-02-06 - 03:22:41
Thank you very much for the clarifications.

I think I understand it better now and I can also reproduce it, although only with soft-edge disabled. Are you sure it also happens when soft-edge is enabled? (remember to click the 'Apply' button after you change it)

If you're willing to help by testing a new version which hopefully fixes this bug, email me (my email is available at the top of this page), and I'll send you a new version soon.

Thanks again.

[259] By: Scroob on 2010-02-06 - 05:26:13
Hey avih, I just tried turning the soft-edge on and the problem goes away. I must not have been hitting the Apply button.

I'd be willing to give the new version a test. I'll drop you an email later.


[260] By: Corvus on 2010-02-07 - 01:50:35
Hi there,
first I'd like to thank you for this great extension, it has made the world a bit better place to live :)

I have one suggestion that I think might be useful:
Would it be possible to manage mouse and keyboard settings separately? So I could eg. use mouse for fast navigation and keyboard for reading while scrolling super slow? :)

Thank you for considering this and once again for creating SmoothWheel

[261] By: avih on 2010-02-07 - 02:37:46
Corvus, glad you like it :)

About different KB settings. It's possible, but it may also complicate the configuration panel a lot if duplicating all of the configs for KB too.

I'm also considering it, but if I'll do it, I think I'll only duplicate the basic settings (step-size and speed), and put it on the 'Basic' tab.

What do you think of that? would that be enough? for the sake of simplicity?...

[262] By: Corvus on 2010-02-07 - 05:43:14
I guess you're right. The settings are flexible enough as it is and duplicating all of them would probably be quite redundant. I agree that basic keyboard setting should do ;)

However, I was just playing with the settings and I figured out that what actually bothers me is not caused by inability to set up keyboard scroll speed, but something little else, although related.

When I press and hold arrow key, it does one slow scroll step and then it starts scrolling very fast. It's the same effect as when I press letter key and it goes "a (PAUSE) aaaaaaaaa..". So to achieve desired behavior, I must be slowly and constantly pressing arrow key, instead of just holding it.

Would it be somehow possible to give us option to disable this effect?

[263] By: avih on 2010-02-07 - 07:07:32
hmmm... I know what you mean, but that press/pause/fast-repeat is just how the keyboard behaves. It auto-generates by itself the extra fast-repeats if you hold a key down, and SW just get those as very fast key-presses and behaves accordingly...

However, I do understand what you mean, but I'll have to think much about it in order to find a good solution. But maybe it is solvable.


[264] By: kitaro on 2010-02-07 - 10:10:16
why does this #@*&%! smoothwheel has been successfully installed KEEP popping up EVERY TIME I fire up FireFox?!?!?!

[265] By: avih on 2010-02-07 - 11:45:15
Congratulations! you probably found a really #$!#@#$%! bug. This definitely shouldn't happen.

I'd appreciate it if you provide some details such as (the more you can answer, the better):

- Operating system.

- Application to which SmoothWheel was installed (Firefox/Thunderbird, etc).

- Is that a portable application? (on a Disk-On-Key, or CD, etc) If yes, how can I make one too such that I can observe it myself? Where can I download it from?

- Does the application somehow has limited modification privileges?

- Are you using an account with limited privileges (like on a school's computer, etc)?

- Does smoothwheel keep the settings between sessions of using Firefox? or do the settings reset every time you start it?

- If smoothwheel resets the settings every time, do you have other addons which you use but work well and keep the settings properly between sessions? Could you please give example of few of them?

Sorry for this, it sounds like a really bad bug and I'd really appreciate your help in reproducing it, which would help solving it.

Thanks in advance.

[266] By: Flo on 2010-02-08 - 04:54:01
Please, make SmoothWheel for Google Chrome!

[267] By: Lobo on 2010-02-10 - 07:00:37
hello havi, I'm sorry but the non-working javascript menus are located into a protected area of my intranet, so I'm unable to give you access to them! :-(
So, at the moment, I have no way to provide you with a example URL.

[268] By: avih on 2010-02-10 - 11:48:45
Lobo, OK. If you find one that's available publicly, please let me know. Thanks.

[269] By: g-mom on 2010-02-10 - 14:45:12

[270] By: Warren on 2010-02-12 - 12:25:13
Just updated and now nothing works, press the down key and I go straight to the bottom of the page, press the up key and you stay at the bottom of the page. The Page Up and Down keys do not work.
Would be nice if one can adjust that speed.
Will re-boot and see if that makes anythig better. Failing that I will remove and re-install as it is a nice feature, when it works

[271] By: avih on 2010-02-12 - 21:08:21
Warren, if you updated from 0.44.19 then you need to re-enable keyboard as the settings were reset and Keyboard is disabled by default in SW. Also, SmoothWheel only works with the arrows Up/Down keys (not Page Up/Down), and only if you enable it on the configuration panel (Tools -> Addons -> double click SmoothWheel, where you can also change speed and other settings).

What application did you install it to? (Firefox? Thunderbird? etc), What Operating system? Did you also try it with the mouse wheel? Did it work with the mouse wheel?

Reboot or re-install shouldn't be necessary, just make sure you're able to open the configuration panel and set it as you like.

Let me know if any of my suggestion worked.

[272] By: qwerty on 2010-02-13 - 07:09:54
wow. excellent little program. this should be standard in windows. one problem though. when scrolling text, it becomes blurry, dims and shaky, very hard on the eye. this doesn't happen when scrolling picture. it would be perfect if it can scroll text like picture. hope to get a fix in next update. thanks for the program.

[273] By: HackeruAhou on 2010-02-14 - 00:58:30

[274] By: avih on 2010-02-14 - 17:24:34
That's probably because your LCD monitor has a relatively slow response time, and it mostly affects moving objects with sharp edges - like text. It's called ghosting or smear or motion-blur effect, and it's undesired. I guess your monitor has a response time bigger than 5-8ms.

Newer LCD monitors (or old CRT monitors, or Plasma displays) have better (lower) response time and this effect is much less noticeable with them. With your monitor, you will also see the same effect if you drag the scroll bar very slowly, or during any other slow animation of objects with sharp edges.

The only suggestion I can make which slightly helps (other than buying a newer monitor with fast response time) is to enlarge/zoom-in the text. If that's not good enough, you might want to uninstall SmoothWheel.

Sorry I can't provide better help, but that's the price we pay for new technologies which haven't come of age - as older generation LCD monitors.

[275] By: qwerty on 2010-02-15 - 04:14:09
thanks for the reply. you make me want to buy a new laptop just for the scroll :)

p.s. windows should replace this with the crappy wheel option. i want to scroll like this for all windows programs. maybe it can be hack :D

[276] By: Don Radlauer on 2010-02-20 - 05:07:13
Thanks for a very nice add-on!

I have one slightly strange (non-)behavior to report: SmoothWheel doesn't seem to smooth the scrolling of a message in Yahoo Mail when the up/down arrows are used; it works fine with the mouse-wheel, though. On other applications, such as Gmail, both the wheel and the cursor keys work nicely. (I'm running FireFox 3.6 on Windows 7.) Presumably this is because Yahoo Mail is somehow "grabbing" the cursor keys; is there anything that can be done about this?

Best regards,

-Don Radlauer
Alfei Menashe, Israel

[277] By: avih on 2010-02-20 - 08:22:00
I'll look into that. Thanks.

[278] By: Atwood on 2010-02-20 - 09:29:00
thanks very much for the development. :D
i am a iphone user, because iphone scroll very smooth, so i looking for this in the windows.
my comment/ wish function:
1. i have a touch pad, i want to set a invert direction, e.g. with i scroll up, the screen go down, with i scroll down, screen move up. it will more powerful. And maybe suitable for touch screen computer.
2. drag to scroll, such as iphone, when i click the page which is NOT a button ,linkage and flash, i can drag up and down, it will scroll up and down.
3. add a toggle button to disable this function in the tool bar button.

Thx and best regards

[279] By: avih on 2010-02-20 - 12:23:41
Thanks for the suggestions.

1. Invert direction: very easy to add but probably not too useful for most people. It will therefore probably add unneeded clutter to the configuration panel. I might consider adding it as a hidden preference.

2. Drag to scroll is usually available on tablet-PC and similar devices. I'm not sure who is going to use it with SmoothWheel.

3. Toggle button/statusbar: I might add that one day.


[280] By: Ehsan Elahi on 2010-02-21 - 10:26:08
Great development!!!!!!!!!!!

[281] By: Scroob on 2010-02-21 - 11:08:47
Hey avih, I was just wondering if it were possible to add an option for "75 Hz" under the Refresh-Rate menu?


[282] By: avih on 2010-02-21 - 16:19:17
It's possible, I'll be there in the next version, and you can even do it yourself right now:

1. enter about:config in the address bar
2. in the filter field, enter "scrollmaxfps" (without the quotes)
3. double click on the value and change it to whatever you like, e.g. 75

However, you should know that it isn't very accurate. This is because that frequency has to be transformed into 13.3333ms for every refresh cycle, but the maximum timer resolution is 1ms, and 13ms gives 76.9Hz, so that's what you'll get. I think it's impossible to get a higher resolution from within Firefox.

Also, I think that choosing a higher value would give better results. The default 240 should give good enough results. The smaller values are there mostly for backward compatibility. I don't think they provide the best solution.

[283] By: Scroob on 2010-02-21 - 23:25:44
Thanks for the reply.

Question, why would setting the Smoothwheel refresh rate to 240 be better? Most LCD monitors has a native Refresh rate of 60hz.

[284] By: avih on 2010-02-22 - 10:29:47
True, but at least according to my tests (and I've done plenty of them), around 240 Hz gives the best balance between smoothness (very good) and CPU usage (relatively low).

My tests also showed that lower values which are closer to the actual refresh-rate of the monitor usually give less smooth result.

However, as noted on the tooltip if you put the mouse cursor over that option, the results may vary greatly between different hardware types and operating systems, so you're encouraged to try different values and choose what's best for you.

Out of curiosity, could you please give it a go and let me know which values provide the smoothest results on your system? and also, what's your system specifications?


[285] By: Scroob on 2010-02-23 - 13:51:00
Hey man, the 240hz seems to be working well. I can't tell much of a difference, but it's still as smooth as ever.

My specs (it's on old PC):
2.2ghz 2500+ Barton
1.5gb ram
Windows XP

[286] By: Roberto on 2010-02-25 - 08:10:11
Amazing addon, i love the way that accelerates only if need.
The scrolling is VERY smooth with a 120hz monitor. Thank you!!.

[287] By: Karell on 2010-02-25 - 20:00:12
Simply beautiful ! It clearly ease my work as my eyes no longer jump at each scroll.
Thank you.

[288] By: tom on 2010-02-28 - 14:06:22
nice scroll,thanks

[289] By: jake on 2010-03-02 - 21:08:35
Great addon, don't think I could live without it now!

Smooth scrolling with up/down arrows is good. But what about spacebar, shift+spacebar, pageup, and pagedown? I use those hotkeys a lot. It would be nice to be able to optionaly have smooth scrolling with those aswell (they should probably happen pretty quick though)

[290] By: Stephen :] on 2010-03-03 - 08:51:06
I love this app, it makes the whole browsing experience more... urm... smooth? :]

[291] By: Ales Berka on 2010-03-03 - 11:01:58

last three images - scrolling gallery via mouse wheel

Issue: on standard firefox, the fancybox javascript disables scrolling and scrolls images - that's fine.
With SmoothWheel, it is scrolls a page together with changing pictures, it is unusable. Can this be avoided?


[292] By: avih on 2010-03-03 - 12:47:22
Ales Berka, thanks, I'll look into it.

[293] By: Ales Berka on 2010-03-06 - 16:17:14
Thanks a lot!

[294] By: vingtage on 2010-03-07 - 12:30:24
Merci pour ton boulot, c'est très réussi et très agréable. Bravo!

[295] By: Mag on 2010-03-13 - 21:07:58
I installed this extension and then changed my mind. After uninstalling it, and rebooting system I noticed that FF About:config still has like almost 30 entries in my about:config that it did not clean up (remove).

How can I get your application to remove it's own extension now that I don't even have the add-on installed?

[296] By: avih on 2010-03-14 - 03:31:36
Mag, yes, that's true.

For now you can only clean it up manually by editing prefs.js in your profile folder (while Firefox is closed!).

I'll try to find a solution for automatically cleaning it up on uninstall on next releases (FYI, extensions don't get any notice when you uninstall them - uninstall is done exclusively by Firefox).

Thanks for the comment. It's a good one.

[297] By: Skx on 2010-03-14 - 15:28:04
Hi, your add-on seems great but does not to work for me in Thunderbird. It's still scrolling by line and not by pixel as intended.
- Latest OSX 10.6 up2date
- Latest Thunderbird 3.03
- Latest SmoothWheel 0.45.6
- Latest Logitech Control Center 3.2
The add-on is properly installed in TB, it can be configured but has no effect. Why is at least the "per pixel" scrolling not working?
Did I miss something?
Regards from Belgium,

[298] By: avih on 2010-03-14 - 16:04:53
I'm not quite sure what do you mean by "per pixel" scrolling, but you should know 2 things:

1. SW is only working with the message pane in TB (i.e. not the messages list and not the folders list, it only works with the actual message that you compose/read).

2. The public version of SW doesn't yet support enhanced pixel-input - such as the MacBook tablet. Instead, SW interprets it as mouse wheel events (not as a pixel-scroll commands), and tries to smooth it out. This will be changed on the next release of SW.

As for SW completely not working for you, that might be due to the Logitech drivers, which feeds OSX not with wheel-scroll events but rather with other synthesized events. Since SW looks only for mouse wheel events, it's completely "blind" to the events the driver generates.

1. try to uninstall the Logitech driver (possibly just for the sake of this test) and see if it works.

2. You can try this online test page: and let me know what happens when you scroll the mouse wheel over that page. If absolutely nothing happens, it means SW doesn't see the mouse wheel scrolls. If only the MozMousePixelScroll section changes, then the next version of SW should work for you, but the current one won't. If both sides of the page response, that it _should_ work as is.

Test some and let me know the results.

[299] By: aizzat on 2010-03-15 - 05:08:45
Great Job

[300] By: Skx on 2010-03-15 - 06:08:55
Thank for your response.
Ahem :-) actually, I was hoping for the smooth scrolling in the message list, like Apple's I'm looking for total smoothness scrolling :-) That would be another great add-on.
As for the message pane content, even with SW now uninstalled off Thunderbird, I have the smooth scrolling working... So I don't see any difference [confused]

[301] By: avih on 2010-03-15 - 09:29:51
aizzat, thx :)

You get smooth scrolling on the message pane either because you use the touchpad on OSX (which sends "pixel-scroll" commands to Thunderbird/Firefox), or because your Logitech driver does it for you, or because you use SmoothWheel.

There are certain kind of panels, such as the messages list that just cant be scrolled smoothly, even by dragging the scroll bar. If a panel can't be scrolled smoothly, SmoothWheel can't make it either.

As simple as that.

On top of that, there are also panels which can be scrolled smoothly, but still SW is unable to. I try to make it "cover" as much cases as possible, but it's not absolutely 100% of the cases. That's life ;)

[302] By: Eep on 2010-03-15 - 17:04:01
Ever since I installed Microslop IntelliPoint 7.1, scrolling in Firefox with SmoothWheel is wonky. If I scroll down, it goes up--I have to scroll REALLY fast for it to even start going down. Going up is no problem. As soon as I disable SmoothWheel, I can scroll up/down fine (though slower). I tried uninstalling IntelliPoint 7.1 and tried installing IP 7.1 and even 6.2 but still the same problem.

[303] By: Eep on 2010-03-15 - 17:10:52
Oddly, if I set IP's vertical scrolling speed to max fast (or at least 2 notche saway from max slow--but there is still noticeable jitter then), scrolling works OK in Firefox with SmoothWheel (but is way too fast in other apps). Something about SmoothWheel doesn't like the slowest vertical scrolling speed in IP anymore (despite it working fine before I installed IP 7.1...).

[304] By: Eep on 2010-03-15 - 18:23:49
After a couple restarts (and reverting back to IP 6.2), the mousewheel is scrolling normally again.

[305] By: avih on 2010-03-15 - 18:43:07
Eep, I don't quite know what events IP synthesizes, but if it's pixel-scroll events, then, yes, currently SW doesn't support those very good. Next release should improve this issue. You can try to set IP software to scroll lines instead of distance (if such option is available), it might work better.

Sorry that I have no good solution for now. Pixel scrolling is new to Firefox 3.6, and SW support will follow soon.

[306] By: thanks on 2010-03-16 - 09:18:57
Well I did love it but I had to disable it.. I havent read all the rest of the posts here so not sure if this is a repeat .. I loved it.. but for some reason or combination of the other addons i have on firefox ... It really started to eat up cpu .. wish it hadnt I really liked it

[307] By: avih on 2010-03-16 - 13:49:04
There was a modification which makes it smoother but that may cause it to use more CPU. To use less, reduce the "refresh-rate" on the advanced tab, or check "use legacy timing".

[308] By: [o] on 2010-03-20 - 22:46:05
Great program. I couldn't stand the jerky scrolling anymore. I even turned off the smooth scrolling in about:config and that helped, but didn't look or feel right. I was going to keep it that way until I found this add on.

It works well on most pages but on it gets very jerky on the product page and search list page. The lowest hz setting is the smoothest on the search page but still jerky and real bad on the product page.

[309] By: avih on 2010-03-21 - 01:23:37
Could you please specify a URL or two for me to test?

Just tried few pages from that site, and it doesn't seem too different than other sites (i.e. it's smooth, works well, not extreme CPU usage, etc).

Also, what's your system specs? (OS, browser version, processor, memory, etc).


[310] By: Old Man on 2010-03-21 - 09:13:47
I like it.

[311] By: Morbo on 2010-03-21 - 14:25:33
This is the thing I miss more than any other Firefox feature when I try to use Google Chrome. The alternative implementation available for Chrome, the SmoothScroll extension, just doesn't work as well out of the box, and I do not honestly know how to tweak it to feel as smooth as SmoothWheel. I would love to see SmoothWheel ported over to Chrome.

[312] By: [o] on 2010-03-21 - 17:46:29
vista 64 dell laptop, ff3.6, 2.5ghz, 4gb ram, 1920 x 1080 32 bit, and usually 10+ tabs open. Also I'm using two finger scroll 1.06 from "" (I don't have a mouse). If you would like to know what other extensions I have installed I can post them.
Maybe I need to update my drivers. I uninstall and reinstalled flash and that helped a little (suggestion from other pages). Some pages that cause me trouble are "", "" and others like those from zappos. It pretty choppy going from very top to the bottom (reviews area) fairly fast or back up to the top, fast. Same with the first link.

[313] By: avih on 2010-03-21 - 19:27:05
[o], Thx for the info.

I've looked at the initial forum post of the 2-fingers-synaptic-scroll thingy, cool :) I don't think it's the problem, as it seem to generate pretty standard mouse-wheel events.

Your other system specs also seem reasonable. The pages (and the site in general) does look quite good actually, no Flash that I noticed to bog it down (Flashblock/Adblock does help on pages with lots of flash, not this one though), and, as I said, it works well for me also with the URLs that you gave.

Before I'll consider wheather to dig deeper into it, could you just test a standard scroll-bar scroll on these pages? Just drag the scroll-bar in a similar scenario to the one smoothwheel gives you a choppy scroll with.

How does it compare to other pages? Also, could you try 1000Hz refresh (without legacy timing) and as-fast-as-possible and let me know if it's any better?

[314] By: [o] on 2010-03-21 - 21:19:42
Holding and dragging scroll bar both pages are jerky. Holding the scroll bar arrows is seems normal. Clicking on the bar to make it scroll a screen at a time I can almost see it drawing the page from top to bottom.

[315] By: avih on 2010-03-21 - 21:31:46
SmoothWheel is completely unrelated to scrollbar drag. It means that the choppy scroll you're experiencing is not related to SW, but rather to your system/Firefox in general. If Firefox can't redraw the page fast enough, SW can't do any better...

General suggestions might be to check that your display driver is up to date, that no other programs are running in the background, close all other tabs such that they don't consume much memory and/or CPU (especially if you have active Flash objects on them), etc.

Bottom line - It's a Firefox/System issue, unrelated to SW.

[316] By: [o] on 2010-03-21 - 21:33:08
My message wasn't totally submitted, here is a retry(mostly of what I remember I wrote).

Above post were at 1000hz. It's smoother but still jerky.

I just went to and I can see the stars jumping(at 1000 and 240). Trying something I switched the settings to 60hz matching my screens refresh rate and the stars at are pretty still and zappos is pretty smooth. Both sites are both a little hesitant but still good.

Maybe I answered my question a little bit or maybe it's just my version of ff and my comp.

[317] By: [o] on 2010-03-21 - 21:45:14
Thanks for the help and program. I just made a little donation.

[318] By: avih on 2010-03-21 - 22:14:15
Thanks :)

[319] By: [o] on 2010-03-23 - 01:52:22
Hello again (sorry to keep bothering everyone with my problem). I figured out what was causing the problem for me. I had zappos zoomed in (also happens w/zoom out) a couple times (view > zoom > zoom in (ctrl++)). I reset the zoom and it(SW) is very smooth now.

[320] By: avih on 2010-03-23 - 02:18:47
No problem :)

Yes, sometimes Firefox is extra slow to render zoomed images, and if there are a lot of them, it indeed can affect performance significantly.

If you prefer using zoom, maybe you can select "Zoom text only" from the view->zoom menu, which will leave the images size as is, but the text size will change according to the zoom. That's what I do by the way.

[321] By: Mulsiphix on 2010-03-27 - 11:29:56
Thank you for making this extension! The only feature I really desire that I think would make this extension better is a blacklisted sites feature. is heavy on images and browsing this website with SmoothWheel enabled is a horrible pain as it is just so slow and drawn out. I've tried messing with the settings and it just doesn't change my experience.

[322] By: avih on 2010-03-27 - 12:30:10
Try the vsync hack (link available from the configuration panel). It can improve the performance on some cases.

Also, what's your system specs?

Also #2, next version of smoothwheel will include a feature to improve the performance even more.

[323] By: avih on 2010-03-27 - 15:09:52
On behalf of zizi:
I installed your add-on and its very impressive. My question is, with this add-on installed does the default (firefox>options>advanced) smooth scrolling feature NEED to be activated or is it best to disable the default smooth scrolling option?

It doesn't NEED to be activated and SW doesn't use it, but I recommend to leave it on anyway.

The reason is that on some pages, SmoothWheel is unable to scroll smoothly and thus doesn't scroll at all and leaves Firefox to do the scroll by itself (and that's where the smooth-scroll kicks in, if enabled). On those cases, IMO Firefox's smooth-scroll is better than nothing, and that's why I recommend keeping it on. Just as a better "fail-safe" scroll.

FYI, on recent SW versions (0.45 onwards), there are much less cases where SW can't scroll, so the issue is even less important.

Anyway, it doesn't hurt to leave it on for the few cases where SW decides to let Firefox scroll by itself.

[324] By: hemantkumar Goswami on 2010-03-30 - 04:36:48
I am using the latest stable version of Firefox and Smoothweel.

smoothness as far as I have observed is quite reasonable though it can be improved.

The problem I encounterd is, if your page has an inline frame and if that frame has scrollable page, this extension will not just scroll that bit of frame, but the whole page.

After the whole page scroll is over, then it will scroll that iframe.


[325] By: avih on 2010-03-30 - 06:28:51
hemantkumar Goswami,

Thanks for the info. I actually consider this scenario and tried to take care of it, apparently not fully successfully. Would you be able to provide a sample URL or two such that I can try to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

[326] By: Oliver on 2010-04-02 - 03:10:50
Thank you VERY much for this extension.

At first sight it looks simple, but this is my first browsing revolution in 3 years, never since early 2008 had something (not even specifically an addon) made my browsing sensibly and actually more agreable :)

If you appreciate bug reports, I noticed that when we're using wordpress and posting a new blog post, the mouse cursor doesn't "understand" he's hovering above a zone with scrollable contents (the post contents, the list of the categories) unless we click in that zone. The mouse cursor "knew" it when I didn't have the Smooth Wheel extension.

Thank you really much, your extension made my day, no, my month :D

[327] By: avih on 2010-04-02 - 04:03:51

Glad you like it, and thanks for the kind words :)

Any chance you could give a link to demonstrate this issue?

[328] By: Diana on 2010-04-02 - 16:57:05
This absolutely, totally AWESOME!!! Thank you! You made my life a little better!

[329] By: chitradip on 2010-04-03 - 12:08:07
My knowledge isn't as TECHie as some of the others who have entered their comments, but I surely appreciate Smooth Wheel.
Yep, I surely do. Thank you so much.

[330] By: manju89 on 2010-04-03 - 15:12:18
i've used it for a while now, its amazing

[331] By: avih on 2010-04-03 - 16:10:06
thx guys :)

[332] By: OuT on 2010-04-03 - 17:12:31
thanks, this addon quickly became a must-have for me :)

I have a request : it would be very helpful to be able to enter custom values for some parameters (for example, in my case I'd like to set the step size to something like 300px)

[333] By: avih on 2010-04-03 - 22:51:39
I think that for most people, a small selection of discrete values is usually better than "open" configuration, so that's how it's presented.

However, since some people need even more options, SmoothWheel also supports entering values through the "about:config" page. Read comment [74] on this page, it explains how to enter manual values for step-size.

[334] By: nikoli on 2010-04-04 - 13:26:37

This page does not scroll smooth with or without smoothwheel.

[335] By: avih on 2010-04-04 - 13:49:04
Just tried it it seems pretty normal to me. Could you describe what exactly is wrong? i.e. does it not scroll at all? less-smooth than usual? etc.


[336] By: OuT on 2010-04-04 - 19:43:41
I understand you don't want to make config dialogs more complex. I tweaked using about:config and it works just fine.

However, if I come back to the UI, the 1st entry of the dropdown list is shown instead of the custom value. I understand why this happens.

But it could be nice to at least display the custom value, so one could edit other values using the UI, without overwriting custom values defined using about:config


[337] By: avih on 2010-04-05 - 05:40:26
I also prefer behavior as you request, but it's a bit tricky from a technical point of view. I'll see if I can do something about it, although honestly I'm not sure it's worth the hassle...

I really prefer keeping the code as clean as possible and avoid bloatware where possible. If I can find a solution with minimal addition of code, I might include it, else, I probably won't...

[338] By: Lightsttn1 on 2010-04-09 - 06:33:29
You have a good idea. I hope you find a way to make Smoother SmoothWheel to work on all windows without the need to keep a flash tab or flash item opened continually to get access to better scrolling. I have enough trouble reading many pages and the Smoother SmoothWheel scrolling if it could finally be adapted for all windows would make page reading much much better than presently had even that which is added with many mouse programs. I hope you find a way. Thanks

[339] By: avih on 2010-04-09 - 19:25:58

Thanks for the comment. I'm really open for suggestions regarding a solution for this issue, but it's really outside the scope and possible control of a Firefox extension.

Also, you can keep this page in it's own window and minimize it, or keep it hidden at the sidebar, or don't use it and use other application which facilitates the same result, such as a minimized-paused video player which might work. Basically it's a tip, if it helps, good, if not.. there's not really much else I can do about it.. Sorry.

[340] By: Joe on 2010-04-12 - 10:50:28
Should be standard equipment

[341] By: OuT on 2010-04-13 - 11:09:25

I'd like to report an issue, for example please look at this link :
-> If the cursor is over the code text, mouse wheel doesn't do scroll


[342] By: avih on 2010-04-13 - 12:45:59

Thanks, I'll have a look at that.

[343] By: Gregor on 2010-04-15 - 16:58:45
Only used your extension for about two minutes, but already LOVE it!

Thank you.

[344] By: Riadh on 2010-04-16 - 07:32:42
there is a small bug i discovered (i don't if it is already discussed or not).

if you want to scroll in a scroll text pane, it doesn't work. but whole the page is scrolling even if the text pane is selected. hope this helps

[345] By: avih on 2010-04-16 - 09:03:40

Thanks. If I understand you correctly, then on most such cases it should work well. Can you give me a URL to test?

[346] By: handkerchief on 2010-04-26 - 00:59:53
handkerchiefhandkerchief:I like new statistics tab, it will be more interesting if there will be a value in centimeters

[347] By: im islam on 2010-04-26 - 04:12:15
this is great.. smooth...

[348] By: rosey on 2010-05-01 - 06:06:28
I am finding that "smoothness" deteriorates over time. When I first start Firefox, it works great. Then, after a few hours there is progressively more "jerkiness" to the point that I have to re-start Firefox. Then it works fine again. I am using the latest versions of Firfox and Smoothwheel.


[349] By: avih on 2010-05-02 - 00:49:00

I haven't noticed such behavior and I use Firefox for extensive amounts of time. SmoothWheel doesn't aggregate anything, either in memory or otherwise, so basically, whatever resources it uses (few), it should be identical throughout the entire session. The statistics is also not an aggregation, and it only consists of values changing over time.

What you may have encountered though, is the hangs issue, which are unrelated to SmoothWheel. Most probably it relates to live bookmarks (especially if you have many of them), and also possibly some badly behaving other addons.

If you're able to remove your live bookmarks and give it ago (back your bookmarks, delete the live bookmarks, try it for a day or two, then restore your backup), I'd appreciate some feedback on the issue.

Also, if others had noticed it, I'm sure it would have made it into this comments page, but you're the first. Thus far...

Please do keep me informed if you find out anything about it.


[350] By: Arrne on 2010-05-02 - 14:14:48
Great plug-in for Firefox! But the scroll doesn't smooth ehwn holding the mouse pointer over any flash animation (inc. youtube and porntube)

Not a big problem but i thought you should know.

sry 4 bad englishh

[351] By: rosey on 2010-05-02 - 20:37:08
re message 349
I do not have any "live bookmarks"

[352] By: CS on 2010-05-03 - 03:48:54
I must agree with Rosey. I've noticed that sometimes the scrolling is very-very smooth, but then it really deteriorates a bit. I can't find the obvious reason of it, because the CPU usage stays very low in both cases. I've also tried to use Chrome with the "Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller" extension and...faced the same problem! So maybe it is somehow related to the Logitech mouse drivers (I use SetPoint 6.00)?

[353] By: avih on 2010-05-03 - 18:27:52
It clearly seem unrelated to SW then, but I'm unable to help. If you find out the reason, please post here such that others have the knowledge too. thx.

Does it just deteriorate over time (and "fixed" after you restart Firefox?)? or on specific URLs (could you provide some?)?

Yes, I can program SW to either always smooth-scroll over flash, or always let the default scroll kick in over flash, and I chosen the latter. Some flash object do handle scroll themselves (i.e. some readers, etc), and if SW always takes over, it'll break this functionality. If I ever manage to distinguish the cases properly, I'll improve it, but for now, yes, SW won't handle scroll over flash objects...

[354] By: kalampakas on 2010-05-04 - 07:24:44
thannk you so much! keep up the good work!

[355] By: chang chandler on 2010-05-04 - 19:10:28
well done works great very smooth operation!

[356] By: pete e on 2010-05-08 - 03:41:30
How do I find the "new and improved configuration panel"

[357] By: avih on 2010-05-08 - 07:49:33

Same way you access the preferences on every other addon: on Firefox: Tools -> Addons, then click the SmoothWheel line, then click Options.

[358] By: Azrael193 on 2010-05-08 - 20:24:47
This is one of those things that is so simple it allmost slips through the cracks, but after you try it you can't live without it... I know I can't.....thnks a billion!

[359] By: dot on 2010-05-10 - 12:08:22
I like it but I hope your not going to keep dogging me for donations or I will remove it and spread rumors

[360] By: avih on 2010-05-10 - 16:50:28

Please do whatever you like. I put hundreds of hours in it and you use it for free, so asking for donations is reasonable IMO.

Please uninstall it if you don't like being reminded that you haven't payed a cent for it.


[361] By: Anonumos on 2010-05-14 - 07:30:47
@dot: This addon well deserves a donation and there is nothing wrong with the author asking for it, especially doing it in such unobtrusive way.

By the way, I wish I could redeem vouchers (like Ukash) for making donations, instead of using PayPal. This is because, for me, PayPal is just the evil. I will never use it.

I found one problem with SmoothScroll. I use a key combo for instantly changing mouse properties for scrolling one page at a time (Windows XP option in ControlPanel/ Mouse/ Wheel). This allows performing very fast scrolling as well as scrolling to botton/top of drop down lists (e.g. bookmarks list pane).
If moothScroll is enabled and Scrolling One Page At A Time is set, Firefox will only do normal smooth scrolls.
So one solution could be as follows:
1.- SmoothScroll is able to detect what kind of scroll is set on the OS (this may be the difficult part) More info: and
2.- If Scrolling One Page At A Time is enabled, SmoothScroll just let normal scroll messages to go through.

Finally, Id like to comment that on my low end laptop Im getting 97% cpu usage on normal smooth scrolls while the text looks a bit blurry. I believe this is due to a low monitor refresh rate (60 Hz) and very weak graphics card.
Considering upcoming innovations in the monitor and graphics card fields (e.g. Oled), how feasible would be scrolling as smooth as moving a paper in front of your eyes?

[362] By: Michele Blood on 2010-05-14 - 12:07:40

I downloaded Smooth Wheel (use FF 3.6.3) Firefox then crashed directly after. That was 2 days ago. Not sure how to fix it Any answers???

[363] By: avih on 2010-05-15 - 02:13:44
The CPU usage is probably due to relatively low-end hardware. Expect some improvements with Firefox 3.7 (/3.6.5) which will probably include some Hardware acceleration. You could also try to reduce the refresh rate to around 100, and use adblock/flashblock which help Firefox greatly by making the page much easier (and thus faster) to render.

The blurriness is due to low response time of the LCD display. OLED would be better, but even now-days, mainstream+ LCD monitors usually produce much less blur than older/cheaper LCD displays. The issue is non existing on Plasma/CRT displays.

Michele Blood,
Hmm... that doesn't sound too good. Could you please try with a clean profile? Generally speaking, SmoothWheel doesn't use any "exotic" features which might promote a crash, and personally Firefox crashes very rarely for me, if at all (i.e. probably months of extensive usage between crashes).

However, if you do find a scenario at which SW causes a crash or misbehaves with another specific addon installed, please post the results here and I'll have a look at it. thx.

[364] By: Michele Blood on 2010-05-15 - 03:32:36
After downloading Smooth Wheel , ff 3.6.3 crashed and I haven't been able to get it back. I did system restore. Should I uninstall Smooth Wheel?
Help with feedback for a new user of ff.


[365] By: avih on 2010-05-17 - 03:09:52
Michele Blood,

I answered before, could you please try to install SW into a clean profile? Follow the instructions here:

Also, if you have other computers, I'd appreciate if you could try to install there too and see if it also crashes for you (I guess it wouldn't). Another thing to try is just try it again (after your system restore or other actions you've taken to repair it), just to see if it's a persistent behavior.

SmoothWheel definitely shouldn't cause a crash, and if it does, it's a pretty serious bug which needs immediate attention. However, since I'm unable to reproduce it, it works well for hundreds of thousands of users and I _KNOW_ there are no 'dodggy' aspects of the programming, I really doubt it's smoothwheel's fault.

Firefox is known to sometimes just sort of "get crazy".. usually due to corrupted profile folder, or due to incompatibilities between addons.

If it's persistent in any scenario at all, Please contact me by email and I'll try to help you analyze the issue.


[366] By: OuT on 2010-05-17 - 15:37:21

I also feel that the smoothness deteriorates over time... more exactly, Firefox becomes more and more laggy (in general: page scroll, text inputs... so it includes mouse scroll, but not only) on my monocore Athlon2400+, even if no other app is running, whereas Firefox almost of the time runs quite smooth on my dualcore Intel e5200.

Honestly, I can't say if this is related to SmoothWheel. I also have to consider that installing SmoothWheel made me more aware of the smoothness of the UI than I did before ;)

Anyway, I was interested by the subject of performances, I looked at the source code and notice SmoothWheel generates a lot of treatments (many document repositionings, with fast counters, stats update at the end, etc). I would like to know if there is room for performance optimization, if you already identified bootlenecks and especially those which could be improved


[367] By: avih on 2010-05-17 - 16:32:05

About performance degradation over time, obviously it's more apparent when you smooth scroll, but if you identify it also on other aspects of Firefox, it would be a nice try to live without smoothwheel for a while and see if you encounter similar behavior. Please keep me posted if you decide to try it.

As far as I'm concerned, other than bugs which might have slipped in, SW itself doesn't change over time and is pretty stateless, i.e. it doesn't accumulate anything, not even stats (which are written to the storage and then dumped from memory when the scroll stops). Its only context is as long as you scroll. Once the scroll stopped, it should get back to "square one".

There's always room for optimizations, but the main ones are already there IMO, as it IS a major issue I take into account. As long as you scroll (even repeatedly), it does very little other than actually scrolling (and required calculations and checks), and it's probably as light as you can get. When you begin to scroll it does some necessary pre calculations, and about 0.5s after you finish scrolling it updates the stats (if you haven't started another scroll since), and that's about it.

From my point of view, and I'm pretty sensitive to bloatware and/or inefficient code, it does well in this regard. But then again, feel free to experiment, improve and send me the patches, I'll always welcome those :)

Bottom line: I take great care to make sure it's as optimized as it can get, taking into account various conditions that have to be taken care of.

[368] By: Jennifer on 2010-05-24 - 04:44:22
Thank you. Great function!

[369] By: HjP on 2010-05-25 - 05:32:02
Hi, I like your program. For fine-adjusting I would like to suggest finer degrees in the customization. For example a speed of 0.15 sec (remember: currently there's a factor 2 between 0.1 sec and 0.2 sec!) or an Adaptive-Step of x4.

[370] By: avih on 2010-05-25 - 07:25:02

Thanks, I'm currently reconsidering slightly different adjustments internals which will allow finer tuning. As it stands, you can't have finer adjustments for the adaptive settings because each preset affects more than 1 internal parameter, which I've fine tuned for these presets.

However, you can fine tune the step size and duration from the about:config page. see comment #74 for details.

Generally speaking, I believe in simple configuration which is easier for most people, while still allowing more "advanced" users further tuning, i.e. via about:config.

Still though, I'm reconsidering how to both simplify the settings AND allow finer tuning. It's a nice task ;)

[371] By: RobertK on 2010-05-26 - 20:52:01
Hello Avih, been using your program for some time now and I really enjoy using it. What I seem to miss though is to have it work with the space bar so quickly smooth-scroll a whole page. Have you considered such an option? I've tried using the cursor keys to do this, but when I keep the cursor pressed for a second or so, it scrolls way too fast. So I end up pressing the cursor keys repeatedly for a short time until it ends where I want it to. Any change of finding a solution for that (like specifying the step size for cursor keys independently)?

Many thanks for taking the time to read this and to make Smoothwheel! Best regards from the Netherlands.

[372] By: avih on 2010-05-27 - 06:37:35

I'm considering it, yes, though I was thinking of only supporting page up/down on top of the arrows up/down. The GUI is really getting complex with so many controls... It's hard laying it out without making it too crowded/complex...

[373] By: RobertK on 2010-05-27 - 20:24:04
Hi Avih, that would work for me as well. I was just thinking out loud without having to be concerned about GUI or having to program it ;-). Looking forward to it. That feature will definitely warrant a donation! :)

[374] By: Cristiano Leal on 2010-05-29 - 03:57:33
Hello there. I'm using version 3.6.3 and the in complements list it says that smoothwheel is not compatible with this version of Firefox.
Also, the scroling is still jerky as hell.
There is no mention of your addon in the Tools menu or in the Options box, and also, whenever I try to uninstal it, and restart Firefox, it is still there, in the Complements list!
Is there something I might have done wrong?
Thanks for your atention.

[375] By: avih on 2010-05-29 - 05:14:44
Cristiano Leal,

The latest SmoothWheel is compatible with your Firefox version (and many earlier versions and also more recent beta versions), in fact, I use this version as well, and so do most users (currently it's the latest release version). It also doesn't do anything at all with the install/uninstall procedures, as this is taken care exclusively by Firefox.

My guess is that you found some bug in Firefox addons manager, which both doesn't allow you to uninstall it properly and also reports it as incompatible. There's not much I can do about it except suggesting you to backup your profile and try to create a new clean one, and test it again, or maybe just reinstall Firefox.

Another thing to try is install SmoothWheel again, either from this web site (the install link to the top) or from site.

Please update this page when you (hopefully solved it).

[376] By: Cristiano Leal on 2010-05-29 - 06:38:45
Hi, Avih, thanks for your attention!
Yeah, i created a new profile (named it "TEST") and it worked just fine with SmoothWheel. Problem is that I would have to reinstall most of the complements, right? I made copies of my boomarks, sessions, and restored them to the "test" profile, but I still would have to see how I could put also the Historical, so for the time being, I'm using the default profile, choosing between one or the other at FF start.

[377] By: avih on 2010-05-29 - 08:15:17
Firefox is known to get corrupted profile folder occasionally. There are tools that allow you to migrate your profile, you can start by reading this page:

Yes, it's not fun at all when your profile gets corrupted, but usually it's possible to recover the important data from to a new profile. Not much I can do about it other than to say it's relatively rare that it happens and mostly recoverable, and hopefully even rarer as new and improved versions of Firefox arrive...

[378] By: lala on 2010-05-30 - 03:55:14
Hey, I've downloaded this like hundred times and tried adjusting the settings, but nothing seemed to change, instead, it got even worse, It made me sick of firefox and it pisses me off now everytime I open it. The problem is that at first I had firefox 3.6 and I thought this was the problem, but then I read some people say it works on ff 5.7 so changed to that one. The thing is on some pages it would work e.g. facebook, but on most of them it made everything slow down! e.g. these add-ons pages, or any other google page. When I uninstall it, it stays the same. I don't really know what to do, since I'm not really good with computers. But this problem occurs only with firefox, on the computer it's all ok, untill I don't open firefox.. Does anybody know how to fix this?

[379] By: avih on 2010-05-30 - 11:43:14

I tried to follow you but couldn't quite understand the issue. Is it related to SmoothWheel or not? If your Firefox is slow even after uninstalling SW, then it isn't SW's fault. If you don't like SmoothWheel, that's also fine, not every one has to like it, and you can uninstall it easily.

Other than that, I really don't know how to help you... sorry.

If you could state your problem in a sentence or two such that I understand better, and describe how it relates to SmoothWheel, I might be able to better help you...

[380] By: Frosted Flake on 2010-05-30 - 13:35:45
It was getting old. Every time I scrolled text I had to hunt for where I had just been.This interfered with reading, distracted, wore teeth down.

This is the way it should have been to begin with.


[381] By: avih on 2010-05-30 - 19:13:53
Frosted Flake, thanks, glad you enjoy it :)

[382] By: marti on 2010-05-31 - 15:24:10
es grandioso funciona

it's great realy work

[383] By: doug on 2010-06-12 - 23:56:35
after installing,
the "SmoothWheel has been successfully installed " page
doesn't appear until the mouse wheel is moved.

[384] By: avih on 2010-06-13 - 06:18:19
doug, yes, that's how it's programmed...

[385] By: rangi on 2010-06-14 - 00:04:44
Nice job. I love this extension.

But i have one problem when I scrolling on a Plurk page.

Plurk let user can move "river view" horizontally by scrolling in "river view" area. So, when i scrolling on a Plurk page on that area, page will not only move "river view" horizontally, but also the whole page, which is vertically.

Is it possible to fix this problem ? or just the Plruk page code conflict with SmoothWheel ?

Thank you.

[386] By: n.n. on 2010-06-17 - 11:53:10
i love this addon, but there is one feature misssing: if i scroll in my inbox-folder (Thunderbird 3.0.4 @ WinXP SP3) the scrolling isn't smooth at all. The smoothwheel functionality seems to work only in emails, not in the inbox . Please correct tha and add this thing . thx !

[387] By: avih on 2010-06-17 - 16:21:24
Can you please provide a URL?

Yes, unfortunately SW can't (currently) scroll smoothly non-Html frames. That's why the emails scroll smoothly, but the list and folders frame don't. It might improve one day, but for now, don't hold your breath...

[388] By: n.n. on 2010-06-18 - 00:35:40
ok, thanks for the info, avih.
i already thougt that it is because of the html frame..
i'm looking forward to that feature, would be nice if you added it ;-) . thanks

[389] By: Patinya Petcharit on 2010-06-19 - 18:31:02
i use eee pc netbook 1005hap. it has the muti-touch touchpad. after i install this add-ons, i can't use the two-fingers-zoom with the web page anymore. please fit it

[390] By: avih on 2010-06-19 - 20:45:12
Patinya Petcharit, I don't have such netbook so I can't test it... could you just make sure you did NOT configure SmoothWheel to use CTRL for smaller/bigger steps (basic configuration tab, or just restore default settings)?

I'm guessing/hoping that the touchpad driver translates two-fingers-zoom into CTRL+mouse-wheel (Firefox default zoom control), but if you configured SmoothWheel to use it, then it will not work for zoom...

Please update if you solve it. Thanks.

[391] By: syteve hix on 2010-06-20 - 09:44:20
awesome it really works

[392] By: anon on 2010-06-27 - 23:24:30
just wanted to post and say that i love this addon. great work.

[393] By: Ellriza on 2010-06-30 - 01:10:51
This one was great! Thanks.. I love it..

[394] By: red on 2010-07-03 - 09:09:14

[395] By: Anisio de Souza Pacheco on 2010-07-03 - 16:12:56
Achei sensacional...

[396] By: Rush-X on 2010-07-04 - 15:11:29
It would be useful to with keyboard PgUp/PgDown

[397] By: WDDN on 2010-07-04 - 23:37:21
Smoothwheel does not work when the cursor hovers above the flash player in youtube. Any fix for that please?

[398] By: avih on 2010-07-05 - 00:53:00
Rush-X: that's on my TODO list.

WDDN: I hope by "not working" you mean it scrolls, but not smooth (rather than not scroll at all). If that's the case, then it's by design.

Since many Flash objects don't behave nicely with mouse scroll events (some block them, some use them but don't let the system know about it etc), Enabling SW over Flash results in very inconsistent behavior (between different Flash sites) and even to scroll completely failing, so I've decided to disable SmoothWheel over Flash objects for now. There are few more cases where SmoothWheel disables itself and lets Firefox handle the scroll events. That's why I recommend to also enable the smooth scrolling within Firefox itself, such that on cases where SW doesn't take over, it'll still be smoother than nothing.

[399] By: MathNerd on 2010-07-07 - 12:07:59
This is probably really stupid, but I can't find the settings!!!

[400] By: avih on 2010-07-07 - 14:58:58
MathNerd, if you're using Firefox, then it's just like the rest of the addons: Tools (menu) -> Add-ons. Then either double click on the SmoothWheel line, or just click it once and then click the 'Options' button that appears.

[401] By: Ray on 2010-07-10 - 16:07:13
I really like this. It's so smooth that I can read with ease.

[402] By: Mauro Mazzerioli on 2010-07-12 - 13:10:02
It's good but I always use the spacebar which is not included in the addon.

[403] By: NeedHelp on 2010-07-15 - 15:38:17
I don't know how to use this thing, will someone please put proper directions for people who are internet browser challenged? That would help a lot with 95% of these add ons!

[404] By: avih on 2010-07-15 - 15:51:10
@NeedHelp: Once installed, you should see it in action when scrolling the mouse wheel. Instead of the default jerky scroll you normally get with Firefox, you should get a much smoother scroll. That's it, it should just work once installed.

Further adapting it to your liking (scroll speed, etc) is done via the configuration dialog (tools -> add-ons -> select SmoothWheel, click the 'Preferences' button).

As for other addons, they're seriously out of my control. Please let me know if you see it working. Good luck.

[405] By: momon on 2010-07-18 - 05:22:55
it nice tool

[406] By: bsweet on 2010-07-20 - 06:43:15
When I installed smoothwheel it worked as predicted. What didn't work was printing from internet pages, it produced an 'unknown printing error' so I had to remove the addon.

[407] By: avih on 2010-07-20 - 08:44:04
@bsweet, strange, first time I hear of such issue. I'm able to both print directly (file -> print) or use print preview and then print.

Are you sure it's related to SmoothWheel? Could you describe the exact procedure you used (exact menu items, clicks, etc), the exact error you got, and make sure it's broken when SW is installed (or enabled) while it succeeds with SW disabled/uninstalled?

Also, if it works when SW is disabled in the addons manager, could you enable it and then just check "Disable SmoothWheel" inside SmoothWheel's own configuration dialog? This will keep it installed but prevent it from actually doing anything, so it might help me narrow the issue down.

Thanks in advance.

[408] By: SHIVRAJ on 2010-07-22 - 07:08:11

[409] By: David Brick on 2010-07-26 - 16:18:00

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are the bomb!

Suggestions for Future Enhancements:

1. Provide an easier way to get to Options.
2. Incorporate an adjustable inertia algorithm -- my thoughts are that it would make the Big Steps even larger the faster one spins the wheel. Or maybe your adaptive thingy already does this -- I just downloaded your extension and haven't had too much time to play with it.

In the meantime, this app is seriously well done, easy to use, with logical settings. Thank you for providing it!

[410] By: David Brick on 2010-07-26 - 16:41:27
Okay, had a chance to play with the Adaptive-Step. It's great as far as it goes. But my idea with the inertia algorithm is that if you spin the wheel fast enough, it will continue scrolling down the page until the user moves the wheel in the opposite direction. Then it would stop. Just an idea.

[411] By: David Brick on 2010-07-26 - 16:58:24
Sorry... I just found it doesn't work on PDF files displayed within the Firefox. That's to be expected, I guess, but unfortunate :-(

[412] By: avih on 2010-07-26 - 17:48:12
David Brick, thanks for your thoughts and glad you like it :)

Indeed, the adaptive step is what you were looking for (and found ;) ). The PDF is completely out of Firefox' (or SW) control.. not much to do about it..

Re: scroll forever till reversing the wheel direction.. hmm.. interesting, I might try to play with such algorithm.. but I think it'll result in somewhat unexpected behavior..

The thing is, won't it ever stop (before it reaches the bottom/top or some contra wheel action)? Or maybe just when the wheel is scrolled fast enough it will enter this "mode"? It needs some thought, but it does have an interesting potential. Possible it would enter this mode if holding a specific modifier (e.g. ALT)? and would leave the mode when the key is depressed?

[413] By: teosmat on 2010-07-28 - 01:13:44
Thanks for this wonderful addon!
keep it up!

[414] By: yasmine on 2010-07-28 - 06:33:38
i just downloaded it
how can i enable it on my firefox?

[415] By: avih on 2010-07-28 - 08:06:40
yasmine, Please see my reply at comment number 404 above.

[416] By: Abbadon on 2010-07-29 - 13:09:06

I have high GPU-Usage (50%) with SmoothWheel and Firefox 4 Beta 2 when Scrolling.

[417] By: avih on 2010-07-29 - 14:16:11
Abbadon, SW doesn't have direct access to the GPU, all it does is issue scroll commands to Firefox in a similar fashion to any other scroll (e.g. smooth-scroll without SmoothWheel, while dragging the scroll bar, etc).

My guess is that Firefox 4 uses resources differently than 3.6, specifically, it possibly uses some kind of hardware acceleration, which, in turn, puts the load on the GPU while scrolling. IIRC BTW, the Firefox hardware acceleration rendering is only on windows Vista/7.

You can try to drag the scroll bar continuously and see if it has similar effect (my guess is that it would), at which case, SmoothWheel can't do much about it.

As a practical suggestion, you can reduce the refresh rate of SW (advanced tab at the configuration panel of SW) and see how it affects the GPU usage. However, below 100 FPS or so you would probably start seeing noticeable degradation of the smoothness. YMMV.

Please update this page if you have any conclusions. Thanks.

[418] By: Abbadon on 2010-07-30 - 01:29:50
@avih: Thanks for your reply. I think your right. I reduced the Refresh-Rate to 85 Hz. It's better but not gone.

[419] By: Marine Sniper on 2010-07-30 - 08:28:45
I am only a novice user when it comes to the computer. I enjoy it very much, as it passes many idle hours for me. I do not have the computer tech or knowledge of "how and why" it functions. This I do know. And that is, how easily and smoothly pages scroll when a great program is applied. This is that program. Thank you.

[420] By: avih on 2010-07-30 - 11:36:16
Marine Sniper, thanks for the kind words :)

Abbadon: here's some info about the GPU usage in the latest beta of Firefox 4:

[421] By: Yushatak on 2010-08-03 - 14:15:43
It's jerky on Firefox 4 for me.

[422] By: Yushatak on 2010-08-03 - 14:17:23
Oh and I tried "as fast as possible" timing, and also 50hz, neither of which changed it much. I also tried changing the speed to "Fast", which made it quicker, but not less jerky.

Firefox 4b1, C2Q 9650 3ghz, 6gb RAM, Win7Pro-64, ATI 4870 2GB.

[423] By: Yushatak on 2010-08-03 - 14:19:12
Sorry for spamming, but I meant Firefox 4b2.

[424] By: avih on 2010-08-03 - 23:16:01
@Yushatak, your system seem hi-end enough to not have any issues with SW. I always test SW with the latest Firefox betas (tried b1, b2, b3pre) and it has worked fine for me (Win XP/32).

The most recent betas use GPU acceleration for rendering/scroll (see post 420 above), so it might be related somehow, and I hope it's a bug that will be fixed before the final Firefox 4 release.

Also, just to make sure, it works perfectly fine with Firefox 3.6, but it's jerky on 4b2, on the same system? Have you tried it on other similar systems?

But he more I think of it, the more it sounds to me as a Firefox issue that would hopefully get fixed. Please keep me updated if it changes.

[425] By: love firefox on 2010-08-07 - 10:13:10
great add on>>think its wonderful..keep up the great work

[426] By: evilmohaa on 2010-08-09 - 11:16:59
yah this program is very nice , But sometimes it stop from itself ?

[427] By: scott on 2010-08-10 - 21:52:01
when i have smoothwheel enabled, i can't use shift+wheel to move forward/back. instead, when i try shift+wheel, the shift key is ignored and the page simply scrolls. if i disable smoothwheel, everything behaves properly.

[428] By: avih on 2010-08-11 - 00:15:00
@scott, hopefully, when you hold SHIFT, it scrolls slower than normal, and when you hold ALT it scrolls faster. You can disable it from SmoothWheel's configuration panel at the 'Basic' tab. Select Shorter steps: [DISABLED] (instead of the default SHIFT).

[429] By: scott on 2010-08-11 - 02:45:36
thanks much, that worked.

[430] By: Harish on 2010-08-11 - 21:49:19
Looks cool and firm

[431] By: Denis on 2010-08-13 - 08:14:04
Works buggy on Ubuntu 10.04, FF 3.6.8: leaves artifacts on pages that is are overlapped with other windows :(. So had to remove.

[432] By: Denis on 2010-08-13 - 08:27:13
Still, got the same behavior using another addon, Seems like FF/GNOME issue.

[433] By: avih on 2010-08-13 - 10:23:56
@Denis, thanks for the followup. Indeed it seems like a FF/Gnome issue.

[434] By: Sitenreveuxyenrena on 2010-08-14 - 06:56:11
I love so much this plugin but with firefox beta 4, smoothwheel is very slow.

When I listening music using Itunes adding scrolling a firefox page with image or vidéos, my music play slower and I have a lot of imperfections in my sound.

[435] By: cheese on 2010-08-14 - 08:04:48
good job, very stylish

[436] By: avih on 2010-08-14 - 08:31:34
@Sitenreveuxyenrena, although it's the same or better with Firefox 4 for me (compared to 3.6), FFOX4 is still beta, and it also uses hardware acceleration for scroll, so it's a different technology underneath, supposedly better.

Is the sound also affected without smoothwheel (e.g. continuously drag the scroll-bar up/down on such pages)?

Try to reduce the refresh-rate of SW at the 'Advanced' configuration tab.

You can also try another music player.

[437] By: Blackkatt on 2010-08-15 - 06:53:36
Biggest problem I have is using smoothwheel add-on is when I have SABnzbd+ open in a tab. It cause this smoothwheel to lag A LOT every time the SABnzdb+ tab refreshes. An option to exclude pages/tabs would solve this. And keep the option of having the SABnzbd+ tab refresh option ON.

Other then that it pwnds ass! :D

[438] By: JRam on 2010-08-16 - 05:15:17
Works great for both scrolling up & down on this Smoothwheel forum. However, with my GMail account, doesn't work on Scroll-Down at all, but works intermittently on scrolling back upwards. I've tried it the Home Pages of my frequently visited sites - works very well ....thanks. Hope you can figure out why this not working properly in the GMail page. Works fine with my Hotmail account.

[439] By: WDDN on 2010-08-21 - 09:19:55
Thanks your software is gr8 I now can't live (or use FF) w/o it! Is it possible to scroll smoothly in the add-on manager of firefox 4 beta too? Thanks.

[440] By: Dimitri on 2010-08-24 - 08:31:17
C'est vraiment merveilleux, essayez le et vous serez émerveillé; on dirait carrément que quelqu'un tiens la page.

[441] By: Anne on 2010-08-25 - 02:42:52
would be an external button to enable or disable (to make screenshots generates sliding catch errors and cut) thanks

[442] By: avih on 2010-08-25 - 05:25:19
@Anne, Not sure if I'll add an external button, but you can do it right now with a keyboard shortcut: Open the configuration panel, at the 'Advanced' tab select: "Disable: CTRL+SHIFT+", and then pressing that combination (Control + Shift + selected-number) while browsing will enable/disable SmoothWheel even if the configuration panel is closed. You should also get a short notification at the status bar at the bottom of the Firefox window when you use this shortcut.

[443] By: Hugo on 2010-08-27 - 05:53:36
Por fín!!! esto debería venir por defecto en firefox. Gracias.

[444] By: JoshDerp on 2010-09-03 - 19:14:20
Huge spider in my bed!
Fix bug asap!

[445] By: alex on 2010-09-03 - 23:15:19
i hate this program

[446] By: JRam on 2010-09-06 - 07:36:29
A BIG THANK YOU !!!! My GMail account is now in smooth-scroll mode now (re: [438] By: JRam on 2010-08-16)- thank you for fixing that... first class! Many many thanks.

[447] By: HarryL on 2010-09-06 - 10:43:06
SmoothWheel is my best Add-on by far. I am very happy and thank you 1000 times.

I know somewhere a jerkier scrolling...
Maybe you could make something for that.
This is Acrobat PDF a real jerky scrolling.
Millions of users would be grateful for that.

[448] By: avih on 2010-09-06 - 13:05:25
@JRam, Actually, I didn't change a thing. It has always worked for me on gmail, and I'm glad it now also works for you.

@HarryL, thanks for the kind words. Adapting smoothwheel to other systems, such as PDFs might come one day. Don't hold your breath though...

[449] By: JRam on 2010-09-09 - 10:40:59
Yup,I know,Avi - spoke too GMail scrolling has gone back to being jerky again, a day later. I can only think there's some clash with one or more of the many 'Labs' features I have enabled in there. At least I know it worked alright for me ...for a while. My problem. Works great everywhere else. Thanks again.

[450] By: Ahmed on 2010-09-09 - 16:35:02
Thanx bro ... very useful

god blesses you and good luck

[451] By: avih on 2010-09-09 - 23:00:59
JRam, if you find out the cause, please share it here.

Ahmed, thanks :)

[452] By: InduFromIndia on 2010-09-11 - 23:14:39
hey this add-on is vry cool thnks :)

[453] By: huy on 2010-09-16 - 11:26:48
excellent work!smoother.thanks

[454] By: Duke on 2010-09-20 - 22:13:50
Please support Direct2D API under Vista/Windows7 with Firefox 4.

This would decrease the cpu usage!!!

[455] By: avih on 2010-09-21 - 04:14:34
@Duke: SW just instructs Firefox to scroll X pixels at a time. Whether Firefox chooses to use Direct2D API or not is completely out of SmoothWheel's control...

[456] By: case on 2010-09-23 - 14:15:08

have you changed the adaptive behavior recently? it seems adaptive step and duration now interfere with the initial step size.

what i mean is, the adaptive step/duration should start out at what the regular step/duration is set at and then get faster and longer. but it looks like it starts out really slow and short when adaptive behavior is used.

for instance, set the step size at 1/3 of a page and enable the adaptive, then press the arrow key one time, and you will see that it does not scroll 1/3 of the page but something much smaller.

so, i've disabled the adaptive, as it isn't useful in its current form. still a good add-on though, just not as good as it was before. i like the adaptive, but not like this. thanks for your work.

p.s. i guess what i mean is, you should put a lower limit on the adaptive behavior. cut it off at the regular step/duration period. getting faster is good; starting slower is not.

once again, thanks for this add-on. it's much better than not using it at all.

[457] By: avih on 2010-09-23 - 18:18:36
@case, No, I haven't changed the adaptive behavior recently, it has always been exactly as you described it. My intention was to make the step/duration the average value when adaptivity is used, e.g. if you set step to 1/5 page and use adaptive step, it would be 1/5 page on average, i.e. shorter than 1/5 when scrolling slow and longer than 1/5 when scrolling fast.

However, I'm also playing with making the step/duration the minimum value, as the "fix" you suggest. It works exactly the same, except to get the same behavior you'd just have to select shorter step/duration, and the step would accelerate when scrolling faster and duration would shorten when scrolling faster.

You would still be able to achieve exactly the same behavior as it now behaves (and vice versa), though it might indeed be a bit easier to understand.

Possibly in the next version.

[458] By: Splashman on 2010-10-08 - 06:54:27
I love your plugin!! Could u do the same but for windows xp, ubuntu and... i want it everywhere... xDD thank u, and great job

[459] By: Bendigo Stavross Wiltshire III on 2010-10-11 - 08:08:19
cheers for smoothwheel! :-)

You should make the 'Smoothwheel has been installed' page have enough content to allow scrolling, so the user can take it for a test drive.

[460] By: Rolex replica on 2010-10-17 - 01:44:49
Nice post . keep up the good work

[461] By: Terence on 2010-10-20 - 18:31:05
I find that whenever I scroll heavy pages with this extension, the CPU fan speeds up very much. This wouldn't be a problem if I were on a desktop, but as I'm on a laptop I can also feel the (charring) heat on my lap. This doesn't happen when I use similar extensions in chrome, and doesn't happen when I turn the extension off.

[462] By: avih on 2010-10-20 - 22:41:55
@Splashman: thanks :) but no concrete plans right now to adapt to other platforms than Mozilla.

@Terence: Generally speaking, SmoothWheel doesn't use more CPU than simply dragging the scroll-bar. The actual CPU usage depends on the GFX card, system resources, OS, and Firefox itself. Best I can offer is to try and reduce the max FPS (the advanced tab) to 50. Other than that, it's just what Firefox uses for actually scrolling the page...

[463] By: JDubs on 2010-10-22 - 14:38:52
When i have smooth scroll enabled Gmaps gets messed up, Help!

[464] By: avih on 2010-10-22 - 19:04:50
@JDubs, can you explain exactly what gets messed up?

When I'm scrolling the mouse wheel over the map at, it zooms in/out, either with SmoothWheel enabled or disabled. Does it behaves differently for you?

[465] By: badapple on 2010-10-30 - 07:08:49
Horizontal scrolling has not been working for a while in 6.5. I have tried disabling smooth wheel and changing 'about:config' 'mousewheel.horizontal.withnokey.action' with both the value 4 (pixels) and 0 (lines), with and with out 'sysnumlines' set and different values for the 'numlines' to no eval. It does not even work with the 'action' set to 2 (back/forward history) and 3 (zoom text), is this a bug in firefox on windows 7 or my mouse trackpad driver (Alps track pad)? Scrolling horizontally works in other programs!

[466] By: avih on 2010-10-30 - 13:24:40
@badapple, SmoothWheel itself actively ignores horizontal mouse wheel scroll, and lets Firefox (or Seamonkey, etc) handle it by itself. Effectively it means that SmoothWheel only acts on vertical scroll, while Firefox handles the horizontal scroll without interference from SW. If you find otherwise, then it's probably a bug either in Firefox or in SmoothWheel.

If horizontal scroll doesn't work for you at all, regardless if SW is enabled or disabled, then I'd guess it's a mouse driver issue, probably unrelated to Firefox and most definitely unrelated to SmoothWheel.

Also, because you changed the Firefox mouse wheel values in about:config, I suggest that you reset them (or try with a new profile) just to make sure it's not something you caused by yourself.

Let me know if you need more help of if you found a solution.

[467] By: badapple on 2010-10-31 - 00:08:01
Sorry about the typo I meant 3.6 not 6.5 in the first sentence. I have already tried resetting those about:config values with and with out SW active and I think that it is a Firefox bug, not a driver bug, because horizontal scrolling works in other applications.

P.S. the style sheet is messed up on this page and the comment text is white on a white background and I had to disable the pages style sheet to view since my earlier post.

[468] By: avih on 2010-10-31 - 02:29:54
@badapple: OK, so it's not a SmoothWheel issue. I would still suggest updating the touchpad drivers.

Re: CSS, yes, change their global colors occasionally, this time it messed up my page. I'm fix it soon. Thanks.

[469] By: orbidia on 2010-10-31 - 06:15:07
I really like this Addon.

The problem I'm having is that I don't like "Enable Soft Edge" setting. What happens is it takes too long to start it up when at the top or bottom of the page. Also, if the windows has only a slight scroll area, then everything move up and down very slowly when "Enable Soft Edge" is checked.

So I unchecked "Enable Soft Edge"

The problem now is that when I get to the top or bottom of a document, the window gets "stuck" there for a moment before it will go back up.

For example. I scroll down to the end of a document. I immediately try to scroll back up. Even if I scroll up very quickly, it waits about a second before it starts scrolling up. It should follow the mouse wheel perfectly but it feels like it get stuck. If I change directions in the middle of the scrolled documents then the window scrolling changes direction correctly following the mouse immediately. It only gets stuck when it has "Enable Soft Edge" UNCHECKED and one scrolls to the top or bottom of a document.

Please fix this behavior as its very annoying.

Also, "Enable Soft Edge" would be better if it had a strength value for it. I wouldn't mind a very weak "Soft Edge" with a very subtle effect. But with the setting enabled it is much too strong of an effect. Maybe a setting from 1-10 at least with the current amount being 7 would be a good range.

Thanks for the addon. Its nice to have such smooth scrolling and all the configuration options.

[470] By: avih on 2010-11-01 - 01:53:43
Yes, there's indeed a bug when Soft-Edge is disabled where it gets "stuck" at the top/bottom of the page. I'll fix it.

About allowing changing the "strength", maybe. I'll have to think about it, or maybe just allow to configure it via about:config.


[471] By: Kayla on 2010-11-04 - 21:18:44
Ha. This is amazing. I'm having fun just scrolling up and down.

Really nice. Thanks for developing it!

[472] By: corpsinhere on 2010-11-07 - 16:15:44
I would like to contribute but do not want to have to register a paypal account. - is there a way to donate directly with cc?

[473] By: avih on 2010-11-07 - 20:37:19
@corpsinhere, I _think_ you can use a CC with PayPal without registering with them. However, if you can't, no harm's done, it's the thought that counts ;) Thanks

[474] By: tpw on 2010-11-10 - 18:13:17
My wheel stops working on your "Voodoo" page. I have the green square. Also, my wheel is ALWAYS jerky...any ideas?

[475] By: tpw on 2010-11-10 - 18:15:32
Sorry - I use XP SP3...Intel 945 Mobile...

[476] By: avih on 2010-11-10 - 23:20:59
@tpw, Please explain "stop working". Do you mean it doesn't scroll on that page? or any other page while this one's open? etc. And what do you mean by "always jerky"? the scroll itself on the screen is jerky? on all pages?

Please provide some more info, preferably exact such that I can try to help you.

[477] By: djc on 2010-11-11 - 05:08:00
I updated to Firefox 4.0b7 today, and it feels like SmoothWheel stopped working. I have, which claims to be compatible with 4.0b7. Can you reproduce this?

[478] By: avih on 2010-11-11 - 08:22:58
@djc: works fine for me with latest beta. Can you try to uninstall SmoothWheel and then install it again please? Let me know if it worked.

[479] By: Nahor on 2010-11-11 - 14:59:54
I'd like to be able to have a "momentum scrolling" settings too, ala iOS/Android. A fast flick of the wheel would build scrolling momentum, for a long fast scroll of the page.
A short flick the other way, would stop it (or actually, do a slow short scroll the other way to compensate for the user's reaction time)

[480] By: avih on 2010-11-11 - 16:40:57
@Nahor: I might consider momentum scroll in the future.

[481] By: Lica on 2010-11-12 - 03:15:38
A Feature that i think was overhelming i try to explain below, sorry about my Bad english...

My suggestion is to have a addon to browse a page with a Hand,not using scroll wheel.. A way to change cursor to a hand and when i left click on page its change while i keep left mouse key pressed, giving me the possibilite to roll page to where i like instead of use mouse wheel to roll page. I think this feature is the same on browsing a PDF(acrobat reader), instead of mouse wheel, i can use a hand to browse the doc with more precision and freedom.
If this already exist for Firefox, please let me know.., if not.. , think about , i belive a lot of people will enjoy to browse a site like that ;)
thanks for provide a place to expose our toughts and congratulations for your good addon work for firefox :)


[482] By: avih on 2010-11-12 - 04:33:53
@Lica, there are few addons that do that. I personally don't like it very much, but some do. This is one: and I think All-In-One=Gestures also supports it, and few others too.

[483] By: amira on 2010-11-14 - 11:35:43
it a good tool

[484] By: Hamid NN on 2010-11-14 - 12:51:51
I thank about your software

[485] By: ?????? on 2010-11-14 - 15:04:16

[486] By: VNK on 2010-11-22 - 21:05:02
SmoothWheel works well will FF3.6, but it seems that there is some problem with FF4b7. The CPU usage goes high every time I scroll although I've set the refresh rate to 50Hz. This is strange since in FF3.6, CPU usage always low although the refresh rate is 75Hz. In FF4b7 without SmoothWheel, CPU usage is low when scrolling.
Here is the detailed info

[487] By: avih on 2010-11-26 - 06:04:15
@VNK, sorry for the delayed reply. Firefox 4 indeed uses a different rendering technique (arguably better, using your GFX card). I also noticed the higher CPU usage of SmoothWheel with Firefox 4, however, on my system it's not higher than dragging the scroll-bar.

Do you have low CPU usage when you drag the scroll-bar but high CPU usage when you scroll with SmoothWheel? If yes, then SW could hopefully be improved, but if it's the same CPU usage, then I probably can't do any better.

[488] By: chris on 2010-11-26 - 18:54:32
this is a great addon.. i really like it.. it smooths the scrolling an` it looks fantastic:D

[489] By: Josh Satriani on 2010-11-28 - 06:56:27
Now this is the thing that i'v waiting 4....Thanx...

[490] By: ironside on 2010-11-29 - 07:48:22
Using this addon for 5 days and it was running great. I'm on Mac FF 3.6.12 and then it just stopped coming up when i run firefox. What a pain as this addon was great help with scrolling. Please let me know how to fix this. i don't see an update for the addon so don't know if others have had this problem. Thanks

[491] By: avih on 2010-11-29 - 11:48:00
@ironside: You might have disabled it, either from the Add-ons window or from within SmoothWheel itself.

First open the Add-ons window (Tools -> Add-ons) and see if it's installed and enabled. If it is enabled, open the configuration dialog of SmoothWheel, and make sure that 'Disable SmoothWheel' is NOT checked (at the 'Other' section of the 'Basic' tab).

Let me know if that worked.

[492] By: Bassim on 2010-12-03 - 17:17:39
SmoothWheel is running like a breeze on my FireFox 3.6.8 on one machine and the same on another machine with FX 3.6.12

Thanks to the smart, generous creator.

[493] By: VNK on 2010-12-06 - 06:03:16
Hi avih, this is a reply for your comment
Sorry for my late reply. My RSS reader didn't catch your post, so I didn't know until I revisit your website. I did notice that FF4 use my graphic card for webpage rendering, and I tried to turn it off and used my CPU instead because my graphic card generates more heat than my undervolt CPU.
However, it seems that disabling hardware acceleration and turn on SmoothWheel makes CPU usage higher than using the scroll bar, so I turn on HW accel and enable SmoothWheel. I must admit that I feel a little upset, but I cannot help using SmoothWheel :-D

[494] By: avih on 2010-12-06 - 10:01:14
@VNK, Sorry, I'm unable to reproduce your observation.

I'd appreciate if you could share your approximate CPU usage (%) on these scenarios:

1. Hardware acceleration off, drag scrollbar.
2. Hardware acceleration off, use SmoothWheel.

3. Hardware acceleration on, drag scrollbar.
4. Hardware acceleration on, use SmoothWheel.


[495] By: VNK on 2010-12-06 - 19:55:58
Hi avih, all the numbers are total CPU usage; the refresh rate is set to 85Hz, all other settings are left default.

1. Hardware acceleration off, drag scrollbar: 15%
2. Hardware acceleration off, use SmoothWheel: 20%

3. Hardware acceleration on, drag scrollbar: 5%
4. Hardware acceleration on, use SmoothWheel: 5%

I think that this test is not very accurate because it's difficult to scroll the mouse wheel and drag the scroll bar at the same speed.

[496] By: avih on 2010-12-07 - 03:23:10
VNK, well, these numbers actually seem quite reasonable to me. SW can't do magic in regards to CPU usage. All it does is instruct Firefox to scroll N pixels at a time up to refresh-rate times/s, Which is what the scrollbar also does, more or less. The rest is up to Firefox itself, its efficiency and the technology it uses to shift the page by these N pixels...

I know Firefox 3.6 behaves differently than version 4, but that's really beyond my control...

[497] By: 4142 on 2010-12-08 - 16:56:09
just the tools that I looking for... smoother when you scroll your mouse..

thank you for the developer

[498] By: DFWatt on 2010-12-12 - 15:59:27
Superb add to FF. What about something for Word? Great job

[499] By: Cliff on 2010-12-18 - 20:38:55
wish it worked with keyboard bindings with vimperator/pentadactyl

[500] By: avih on 2010-12-19 - 02:06:44
Cliff, I should take that as a complement, right? :)

And more specifically, what would it take to make it work with those projects? specific key bindings? page up/down?

[501] By: Jonathan Dlouhy on 2010-12-22 - 16:15:30
Hi, great addon! I'm using it with Firefox 4 (Minefield, aptly named). One thing I would like to see is finer control over the acceleration.

[502] By: avih on 2010-12-22 - 18:42:40
Jonathan Dlouhy, glad you like it :)

About acceleration (which is currently controlled via the 'Adaptive-Step' setting at the 'Advanced' tab), do you think the range is not enough? or do you need finer control over it? e.g. imagine you had infinite control, what settings will you have chosen? something beyond 'Extreme'? or somewhere between 'normal' and 'medium', etc?

[503] By: Marleen on 2010-12-31 - 19:31:02
I just got this computer for Christmas.Thank you it looks great.Thanks for all the great things FIREFOX has added on.It looks so pretty now. The mousewheel has a slick feature. Do you have directions for this. DO YOU HAVE A DIAGRAM OF MY NEW FEATURES? I need a map.It looks great,awesome on this HD flat screen.Santa was good to me? why did your system keep throwing out my info for my personal email and also for donations.That said i had city state and zip wrong?Then I got sent to reCAPTCHA. I played that for 30 minutes.I had a good score too! :)Marleen

[504] By: Kristof E on 2011-01-02 - 14:10:56
Really good work. Thank you for developing and sharing!
I follow the suggestion for the feature to disable the smooth scrolling on specific sites. I know about the disable hotkey, but on some sites I need scrolling often and it's not comfortable to hold str+alt+ any key all the time.

[505] By: avih on 2011-01-02 - 16:24:49
Kristof E, you don't need to hold it. If you select "Disable: CTRL+SHIFT+ 0", then pressing CTRL+SHIFT+0 disables SmoothWheel, and pressing the same combination again will re-enable it. No need to hold it down, it's a toggle control.

The reason I didn't write "Disable/Enable: CTRL+SHIFT+ .." is only because it's a bit long for that config dialog.

[506] By: Anti Scrollbar on 2011-01-10 - 01:18:45
Please add HIDE SCROLLBAR options.

[507] By: Essam on 2011-01-13 - 05:40:33

[508] By: on 2011-01-15 - 06:36:32
Helllo! your website is good, Thank you posting Message

[509] By: luckylinck on 2011-01-17 - 17:52:07
love it

[510] By: orbidia on 2011-01-21 - 02:27:53
I wrote earlier about a problem when "Enable Soft Edge" is UNCHECKED and if one scrolls to the top or bottom and then tries to reverse direction, the scroll bar sticks for a second before it reverses direction. Please read my earlier post for a longer explanation...

Was that fixed yet? Because it still doesn't seem to work properly. It works fine when changing direction in the middle of the page, but not changing direction at the top/bottom edges (when Enable Soft Edges is UNCHECKED).


[511] By: kradoskid on 2011-01-31 - 17:40:32
thanks for all aim feeling greathfull

[512] By: avih on 2011-02-01 - 10:48:57
orbidia: Yes, the "sticky edge" twhen not using soft edge is a very small fix indeed, but when I started coding I started adding other stuff and eventually I left it aside.

I still owe you (and everyone else) the fix. Sorry for the delay.

[513] By: Mikey Boy on 2011-02-06 - 21:57:04
Awesome add on. Desperately needed this. Thanks alot.

[514] By: Russ in CO on 2011-02-08 - 22:36:48
thanks, that's all, take care!

[515] By: cikaru19 on 2011-02-09 - 21:36:13
no't bad

[516] By: Iris on 2011-02-10 - 14:20:43
Hi, I'm not sure if it's supposed to be like that, but when scrolling the fonts kind of become white or invisible or blurry, maybe I need to change something in the setting but I'm not sure?

[517] By: avih on 2011-02-10 - 16:16:36
Iris, see comment 272 above, and my response at comment 274

[518] By: charles on 2011-02-11 - 22:57:40
100% cool

[519] By: Iris on 2011-02-13 - 10:11:42
Alright, thanks for your reply. I thought it was due to maybe a video card, but you say it's the monitor. This is a laptop I just got, I will try to use the addon on my other computer and monitor - never tried it there yet, I'll let you know how it works there! thanks again!

[520] By: Wheel on 2011-02-14 - 08:53:01
Excellent if not crucial addon for Firefox,even more so on a laptop,obviously uses some CPU but it is well worth it.

[521] By: REZA AHMED on 2011-02-16 - 10:13:36

[522] By: Patrick on 2011-02-17 - 14:55:59
Sweet. Thanks!

[523] By: David on 2011-02-23 - 03:18:53
Simply an excellent extension ... it's quite complex to find something to improve ... maybe, just maybe one thing: in Thunderbird anyone can enjoy smoothwheel effects while reading a message in a tab, while previewing a message in the message preview pane ... but not on the message list pane. True, it's not a critical issue ... just an arist that could be polished. What do you think ? Anyway thank you for improving UI experience so much. Regards from Spain.

[524] By: 666 on 2011-02-24 - 09:01:59

[525] By: Psiho on 2011-03-08 - 11:18:55
I've tried it at work with FF 3.6.15 on old AMD Athlon processor. It eats almost all CPU power. Now I tried it at home on Intel E8500 dual core processor and FF 4.0.b12. It still uses to much CPU.

[526] By: avih on 2011-03-08 - 13:33:57
Psiho, it shouldn't use more CPU than when dragging the scroll bar (try it). You can also reduce the refresh-rate on the 'Advanced' tab of the configuration panel.

[527] By: Master Rivu on 2011-03-08 - 18:31:57
CPU consumption is a recurring problem, please look into it.

Another bug I have noticed is when I scroll around middle of any site and I press the 'home' button to shift to the top of the page it doesn't and instead tends to go to the bottom of the page as if its being scrolled down.

[528] By: avih on 2011-03-08 - 20:42:49
Master Rivu, re: CPU usage:

1. It's not a 'problem'. It's an unavoidable side effect.

2. Generally speaking, it shouldn't use more CPU than when dragging the scroll bar. My tests and others who tested confirm that. If you think otherwise, please back up your claims with some actual numbers, and then I can a address them more seriously.

3. You can further reduce it by lowering the refresh rate.

4. The amount of CPU usage depends on Firefox itself and how 'heavy' the page is. On a complex page Firefox WILL use more CPU for each render of the page. On systems where Firefox uses hardware rendering, it will use less CPU, etc.

5. You can't get something for nothing. The same way a video playback (or any animation) uses more CPU than a slide-show, so does continuous scroll use more CPU than 'clicks'-scroll. This, however, again, is not different than any other continuous scroll (such as dragging the scroll-bar, auto-scroll, Firefox own smooth scroll etc). This is unavoidable, and as long as the page keeps moving, the CPU is working.

Now it's your choice if you like the trade-off or not, and the good thing is that if you don't like it, you can remove it. Some like it, but you don't have to.

Re: pressing Home while scrolling. Good comment, however, it never happened to me, and unless I can reproduce it myself, I can't fix it. So please provide more details (OS, Firefox version, exact sequence to reprodece it, etc), and I'll look into it.


[529] By: irteacher on 2011-03-13 - 19:39:51
Go away!!! Every time I try to use my down arrow, I end up on a page sponsored by smooth wheel. Stop!

[530] By: avih on 2011-03-13 - 21:36:46
irteacher, sorry, it should only happen once (however, I have no sponsorships at all there or elsewhere - it's just displaying the release notes).

Anyway, it seems you're on a computer where the settings cannot be saved (such as with a school computer), so SmoothWheel fails to register that it had already shown that page, which is why it's showing it again next time.

No other advice for you right now other than to uninstall SmoothWheel. I hope to handle this issue in a future release.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

[531] By: mrclose on 2011-03-14 - 20:50:02
The scrolling problem has always kept me away from Firefox.

None of the browsers could match the smooth scroll that is incorporated within Opera .. until now! 8)

Because this add-on is working so well .. I can now make Firefox my default browser!

Thank You for such a fine piece of software!


[532] By: Barman on 2011-03-15 - 10:06:54
Thank you so verymuch for Smoothwheel. This is a wonderful
application. I recently made Firefox my browser znd have been
enjoying adding apps and extensions...yours is by far the most enjoyable. You may want to know (or maybe its just my browser)...when I went to "options for Smoothwheel" the display page for that info was so large that I was unable to click on "ok" or "apply". as it had run off the page. Later, I had A BRAINSTORM and clicked "enter" on my keyboard and that seemed to lock in my choices. Again, many
thanks for a useful and delightful to use app. Regards..

[533] By: avih on 2011-03-15 - 11:59:23
mrclose, Barman, thanks for the kind words :)

Barman, yes, it can indeed be an issue if the screen is relatively low res. As you discovered, you can click enter instead of ok and escape instead of cancel. However, I do hope to address this issue in future releases.

Thanks again.

[534] By: hi on 2011-03-16 - 15:25:12
this smooth wheel thing is cool

[535] By: Sheri on 2011-03-18 - 00:50:54
Just installed Smooth wheel...will give you feedback once I have used it for a week!

[536] By: Oliver on 2011-03-23 - 07:09:46
Thank you very much for the great work, first :)

Now, my suggestion : your extension needs an "export/import settings" function.

SmoothWheel is rich with detailed options : not only does it work finely with default settings, we're fortunate enough to be able to fine tune it even more !
However, after we've fine tuned it, we're condemned to try-and-experiment once again if we want to have it on another computer...

Good day to everyone,

[537] By: Anthony on 2011-03-23 - 07:42:39
Smooth wheel wont work, have done all the help suggestions. After downloading the update ff. hmmm

[538] By: Anthony on 2011-03-23 - 08:01:03
After downloading the update ff. Smooth Wheel wont work, downloaded "yet another smooth wheel" that wont work also.

[539] By: Dylann on 2011-03-24 - 10:11:55
Your addon is awesome ! Thx so much dude ! :D

[540] By: marius on 2011-03-25 - 12:04:34
hello, very good job, it works perfect:) thanks

[541] By: Fabrizio on 2011-03-26 - 15:50:58
I absolutely *love* Smooth Wheel. I just installed Firefox 4 under Windows 7; SW seemed to work as usual BUT... When clicking on a link, the new page takes ages to open, unless I move the mouse. It's like SW slows down link opening a lot (nearly freezing) in absence of mouse movements. Disabling SW brings link opening to normal.

[542] By: avih on 2011-03-26 - 19:20:20
Fabrizio. hmm.. interesting. On the face of it, it seem to me unrelated to SW, but I'll take your word for it and give it a look. Good report. thanks.

[543] By: avih on 2011-03-26 - 19:24:23
Fabrizio. can you please give me an exact scenario to reproduce it? I haven't noticed such issue and I'm not able to reproduce it.

Is that the sequence you mean?
1. mouse the mouse over any link (if it only happens on some links then please give me a page and a link it it to click).
2. Click without moving the mouse

result: it takes a long time for the link to be followed.

But, if disabling SW via the addons-manager (also if disabling via the SW config panel?), then it works as it should.

Is that a good description of your issue?

[544] By: Fabrizio on 2011-03-27 - 00:25:18
Yes, correct description. It happens on any link (not related to specific sites).
I disabled / enabled SW via the addons-manager, closing and reopening FF.
Then, as you suggested, I disabled and re-enabled SW via its config panel (not closing and reopening FF). Now links work again as they should!
I can't see a logic in this behaviour, but may be you can. Anyway, enabling and disabling via the addons manager does *not* give the same result than doing it via the SW config panel.
I'll keep you informed if the problem should happen again. Thank you for the great add on and support!

[545] By: avih on 2011-03-27 - 05:30:30
Thanks Fabrizio. I'd still appreciate some more information if you can please.

1. What's the difference in behavior between:
- SW enabled normally and working (that's the basic bug, yes?).
- SW enabled at the addons manager but disabled at the SW config dialog (basic tab, "disable smoothwheel").
- SW disabled at the adons manager.

Also, did I understand correctly that if you disable and then enable SW via the SW config panel (basic tab), then the problem is solved? If yes, when does it return afterwards?

Thanks again (I still can't reproduce it, so any detailed info you give might help me with some insights..)

[546] By: Fabrizio on 2011-03-27 - 06:58:34
I can't reproduce it any more either, so the problem seems gone.

However, here is the story:
- SW enabled and working = bug.
- SW disabled via addons manager (FF closed and reopened) = bug disappeared.
- SW enabled via addon manager (FF closed and reopened) = bug reappeared.
- SW disabled via SW config dialog ("disable SW"), without closing FF = bug disappeared.
- SW enabled via SW config dialog, without closing FF = bug did *not* reappear (bug gone).
- The bug does not appear any more even disabling and enabling SW via addons manager (closing and opening FF), so it seems gone for good.

Another finding that may, or may not, be related with this strange behaviour: when the bug disappeared for good, another bug apparently was indirectly solved. This was noticed only on one site (, an Italian newspaper). If I scrolled down the homepage and clicked on a link, when returning to homepage usually (but not always; no regular pattern observed) it would open at its top, not at the level of the link. Now it works as it should, bringing me back to the link level. Odd,isn't it? Of course I can't say this is related to SW in any way (I thought this was a bug in that site), but the coincidence is interesting.

[547] By: Fabrizio on 2011-03-27 - 07:02:08
The site is ; putting it between arrows made it disappear. No, not another bug :-)

[548] By: avih on 2011-03-27 - 08:29:26
First of all, thanks for the detailed info :)

However, this is strange... Maybe you have another mouse related addon? maybe an addon that does something with links?

SW actually doesn't monitor links and/or mouse clicks at all. It really only monitors and acts upon mouse wheel scroll (or KB).

Also, since I couldn't reproduce the issue, and also you're the first one which brings it up (hopefully the last too :P ), then I'd consider it an anomaly specific to your system for now.

If you do find out what caused it, please let me know. If others bump into the same issue, at least let it be on record.

Thanks again.

[549] By: Fabrizio on 2011-03-27 - 10:13:23
As far as I know, the addons I use have nothing to do with links and the mouse, but of course I can't tell it for sure or exclude some obscure conflict or interaction.
I'll let you know immediately if I can find a reason for these issues.
Thanks for now!

[550] By: Neil on 2011-03-30 - 17:16:19
Opened "Options" from Firefox's Add-Ons menu.

SmoothWheel window is too long for the display. The bottom is not accessible.

I can use "Move" to see what's on the bottom of the window, but it's not easy to work down there.


The scrolling continues a little after I stop spinning the mouse wheel. I was looking for a setting to stop that from happening, but I couldn't find one.

[551] By: Robert on 2011-03-31 - 09:50:33
I downloaded SmoothWheel last week and am enjoying using it. Thanks for developing it!

I do have one question that has me mystified: I use the Session Manager add-on, which saves my tabs from the previous session. Even though the "welcome to SmoothWheel" page doesn't show up in my list of saved tabs, every time I re-load my session, that welcome page pops up at the end of the row of tabs! It's been doing this every day for a week now. I've never had that happen with ANY webpage before.

Has anyone else reported this? Any idea why it's doing it or how to prevent it from doing it? It's a little maddening.

Thanks again!

[552] By: Brick on 2011-04-03 - 13:29:53
I have the same issues as [385] with Plurk. I use the wheel to scroll the timeline horizontally, but SmoothWheel conflicts with this and causes it to scroll vertically at the same time.

I see you asked them to provide a link but they did not, so here's one:

[553] By: avih on 2011-04-04 - 03:25:12
Known issue. I'll probably release a new version which uses less vertical screen real-estate for the sake of netbooks and such.

SmoothWheel stores the URL of the welcome page at about:config variable: extensions.smoothwheel.needs_visit
However, as soon as the welcome page is opened, it clears this value (assigns it with an empty string) such that it won't be opened next time you run the browser. Maybe Session-Manager saves the session when it starts? thus always saving the welcome URL at that about:config value? This seem to me more like an issue of Session-Manager, because if it saves a session it should do it when the window closes (since other changes might have happened since the session was started).

The horizontal scroll issue was properly fixed in an earlier version of SmoothWheel. Please install the latest version (0.45.6) and let me know if the issue still happens.

[554] By: Brick on 2011-04-04 - 03:37:52
I have the latest version.

[555] By: Brick on 2011-04-04 - 04:55:23
To clarify: I have a normal scroll wheel which scrolls only vertically, not a ball or tilting scroll wheel. This is not an issue of a horizontal scroll wheel.

When the cursor is on the Plurk timeline, the scroll wheel will scroll horizontally rather than vertically. SmoothWheel causes a conflict which causes the entire page to scroll vertically at the same time as the timeline is scrolling horizontally.

[556] By: Matthew on 2011-04-04 - 08:30:51
Sweet. I like it.

[557] By: avih on 2011-04-04 - 09:09:03
Brick, oh, sorry for not reading your post correctly. Anyway, yes, SW doesn't work as expected there. I'll have a look at it. Thanks.

For now, you can just disable SW when you're at that page (to do that quickly, use the advanced tab of SW config panel to setup a shortcut key to toggle SW on/off).

[558] By: Robert on 2011-04-04 - 09:56:15
avih -- thanks for the reply. I looked in about:config and found that the value for "needs_visit" is blank. Should I manually set it to "0"?


[559] By: avih on 2011-04-04 - 11:25:34
Robert, no, when it's blank, SW doesn't open the welcome tab. SW sets it to blank right after it opens the tab (and it should stay blank after restarting firefox).

Try to close Firefox (all windows if there's more than one), then start Firefox again, and BEFORE USING THE MOUSE WHEEL, check if needs_visit is non empty. If it's non-empty, it means that the change (to blank) is somehow not saved when you close firefox.

However, I also have Session-Manager installed and I don't have this issue.

Out of curiosity, if you change SmoothWheel's setting (e.g. change Step-Size) and then restart firefox, are the new settings kept? or do they reset to the default settings? What about other addon? Are their setting changes kept when you restart firefox?

Also worth trying: disable all addons except for SmoothWheel, and see if the problem persists.

[560] By: Kasha Dz on 2011-04-12 - 10:42:20
As a disabled person with hand tremors this program makes my like much easier. don't have to put up with jumping text when I read. As a writer it's even better to scroll through my work quickly.

[561] By: avih on 2011-04-12 - 14:57:00
Kasha Dz, glad it helps :)

[562] By: atom on 2011-04-14 - 03:12:59
read through a few posts here and it looks like the issue i'm reporting is known and there may be a fix in the works, so this is just a confirmation of a problem with some added detail in the hope it will be of use to the developer...

with soft edge disabled, when scrolling quickly to the top/bottom of a page, then quickly reversing direction, there is a delay before the page begins scrolling in the reverse direction. however, if i scroll to the end of a page, then wait a second or 2, there is no delay. it seems like there is a timer that is still counting even though the end of a page was reached and this is causing the page to "stick" until the timer expires.

does not happen with soft-edge enabled
does happen on every page, so far as i know
SW v0.45.6.20100202.1
FF v4
Win 7

also a little feature request...

if you set the step size in pixels (i do this to keep the "feel" consistent no matter the page length), the increments at the high end of the scale are too far apart - 100-200-500-1000

would be nice to be able to just enter a number, or at least fill in the gaps a bit, say in increments of 50-100 px. i used to override this limitation in prefs.js by entering a number manually, but i have to keep re-applying it.

[563] By: JG on 2011-04-15 - 11:06:36
Haven't donated yet, but just wanted to say this is one of my most beloved Extensions and I really appreciate it. Makes browsing so much better. Great Work! Thank You!

[564] By: avih on 2011-04-20 - 09:08:08
atom, I'll release a version which fixes the no-soft-edge issue. This release would also make it fit on low resolution netbooks.

As for the pixels steps, I prefer to have prefixed values as IMO most users find it easier to select from given (good) choices than to set it up independently.

How often do you change the settings anyway? I understand the inconvenience of losing your settings when you open the config panel, but how often does this happen?

Alternatively, maybe you can suggest another, possibly better, set of values? (I personally use 1/5 or 1/7 page as I think it's more appropriate for different window sizes)

[565] By: Pufcio on 2011-04-23 - 14:14:37
Hi avih! I am really grateful that you made such a great piece of code and I must admit that it's the most basic extension in every FF I do install. However, for some reason, when I switched/upgraded to FF4, your extension causes a huge lag. After some idle time (didn't count exactly but 30 seconds would be enough), when I want to scroll the page, FF seems to freeze for a second or two. If you constantly do scroll something, it doesn't happen - it does only after some idleness. It doesn't matter if I have soft edge enabled or not (actually when I disable it, it's even worse - almost five seconds till something happens). In previous FF (3.6.x) it worked flawlessly. Ask anything and I will provide the info you request, as I want to have this excellent extension working same as in FF 3.6.x :)

[566] By: avih on 2011-04-23 - 17:28:54
Pufcio, thanks for the kind words :)

However, it works for me with Firefox 4 the same as Firefox 3. I haven't noticed any special lags in Firefox 4. Can you please create a clean Firefox profile, install only SmoothWheel, and see if the problem remains?

[567] By: Sathish Kundathil on 2011-04-24 - 00:11:31
Good improvement.

[568] By: Pufcio on 2011-04-24 - 03:26:27
Thanks for suggestion avih :)
In clean profile everything seems to be ok - which is kinda weird, because right after I have copied my entire profile and ran it as a test one - and on the 1:1 copy it doesn't even have the lag which atom is talking about. So I decided to recreate profile - create its copy, delete profile (in FF profile manager - w/files deletion), create new one, first-run it, install SW, restart, exit, swap the backup directory for the fresh profile directory and re-run it as a "new-old" profile. The problem disappeared. The good thing is it's gone, the bad - I have absolutely no idea what could've caused the problem. Anyway, the solution is quite simple, so I advise anybody with the atom's "top/bottom reverse bug" to try that - maybe it'll help :)

[569] By: Pufcio on 2011-04-24 - 09:30:41
I decided to add an info about one more problem, which is not related to SW in any way, but to the scrolling itself. If somebody uses TabMixPlus w/multi-row option and Colorful Tabs at the same time, alt-tabbing to FF and trying to scroll will result in scroll lagged by a second or two. It's completely independent of the lag I've written about, but I thought it would be nice to inform you about the issue and solution - which is: use TMP or CT, not both.

[570] By: bujar on 2011-04-27 - 14:08:50
thank gays i love you very mach

[571] By: tom on 2011-04-30 - 11:08:52

[572] By: Kevin on 2011-04-30 - 11:31:10
I wanted to say, I had the same issue with clicking a link and the browser would just hang...until I moved my pointer off of the link. I disabled smoothwheel via the add on manager and it stopped doing that. I enabled it again and everything is still working fine, very weird, but if it comes back I'll let you know. *shrug*

[573] By: avih on 2011-04-30 - 11:43:32
Kevin, thanks for letting me know. Can you please post here the list of other addons you have installed?

[574] By: Jake Kuglieri on 2011-05-03 - 00:50:49
SMOOTH ZOOM! Would be sweet.

[575] By: Wally on 2011-05-05 - 10:23:24
Awesome Add-on, I love it!

[576] By: arnold on 2011-05-07 - 03:00:33
for anyone who's using smoothwheel and the cooliris plugin; when both enabled, smoothwheel will not work disabling cooliris, smoothwheel will work correctly.
i can live without cooliris ; but not without smootheel :)
just for preventing some headache.
avih ;thnx for an awesome extension!

[577] By: arnold on 2011-05-07 - 15:12:37
2 point of attention ; a personas ,in particulary an animated one could also give problems.
use of a normal personas (only picture) works correct.
tested on 32 bit win7 (previous post also)

[578] By: A~rod on 2011-05-07 - 15:38:16
this makes it much easier to find something when scrolling down. THANKS!

[579] By: foxy on 2011-05-10 - 12:51:49
well done guis!

but not available for Firefox 5.0a2 :-(
is it possible to extend it?

[580] By: avih on 2011-05-10 - 17:55:15
@foxy, it's updated now to Firefox 6.0alpha, so you should just click "Check for updates" on your addons tab and it should be enabled again.

Alternatively, you can download the version from this site. It's identical to the one on but has a version limit of 9.9 or something similar, so it should work for at least a year or two ;)

I tested it on Firefox 6.0alpha and Seamonkey 2.1 pre and SmoothWheel now works fine on both.

Thanks for the heads up.

[581] By: Dmitry Sh on 2011-05-15 - 22:51:28
Hi, please extend the option "Use with Keyboard" to (Up/Down/PgUp/PgDn). Thanks!

[582] By: nick61 on 2011-05-16 - 22:25:09
Decent add on. Thanks.

[583] By: Phoenix on 2011-05-21 - 21:20:00
First of all, let me say that this addon is great for scroll wheels. However, I often use my MacBook's trackpad, especially in remote locations (I have a mouse that I only use with it at home for convenience). Apple has already done a fantastic job of implementing smooth scrolling with its trackpad, including inertia. However, when you combine Apple's smooth scrolling with SmoothWheel's smooth scrolling, it is very difficult to scroll accurately. I don't know if it's possible, but it would be great if there were a way for the addon to detect if the scrolling was being done by a scroll wheel or by Apple's two-finger scrolling. Thanks!

[584] By: avih on 2011-05-22 - 04:44:44
Phoenix, I think Firefox itself cannot know if the scroll event came from a mouse or from the trackpad, because the OS "convers" trackpad events to mouse events for the applications.

What you can do, however, is to enable the quick toggle of SmoothWheel using KB. Have a look at the 'Advanced' tab to set up a key combination for that.

Let me know if it helps.

[585] By: umberto manfredi on 2011-05-22 - 23:57:27
it is not working on Mozilla Firefox 4.0.1
the old version is running fine, but continuously the system up date without asking
this is the right version

[586] By: frederic on 2011-05-23 - 02:37:12

Please, can you include all the features of this add-on :

DIVautoscroll 2.8
Updated : January 17, 2011
Firefox 3.0 - 3.6.*
DIV Autoscroll


Note: I have a problem with this form to scroll. Coincidence ? Bug (slowdown) with add-on Lazarus ? How strange !

I could uninstall it and install your addon. Thank you.

[587] By: avih on 2011-05-23 - 06:23:36
umberto manfredi, the latest version (0.45.6) works fine on Firefox 4.01 (and even on the current latest nightly - 6.0a1). Regardless, it's Firefox which checks for updates versions of addons, and you can turn it off if you don't like it.

frederic, I don't think I'll incorporate other addons into SmoothWheel. It seems like a bug of Firefox, so either wait till it's fixed or install that addon to fix it. If you have specific pages where SmoothWheel itself doesn't work properly, let me know about it.


[588] By: joye sunday on 2011-05-23 - 07:57:56
i think Firefox (0.45.6) work very Good.easy and faster in every allow user with easy accessibility to make the job done.

[589] By: jake on 2011-06-16 - 04:58:46
I tried with 2 computers, and smoothwheel lags on youtube main page, when cursor is in top of videos. If I put the cursor in the side, it works well. Any chance of fixing this?

[590] By: avih on 2011-06-16 - 06:22:38
@jake, not really. SmoothWheel disables itself over Videos and other embedded objects within the page, to allow them to make their own use of the mouse wheel (not all of them, but some do make such usage).

Maybe one day if I find a proper handling for it, I'll change it, but right now my experience tells me it's better overall this way for the sake of better compatibility.

[591] By: Flatbunny on 2011-06-23 - 02:09:01
Love this :)

[592] By: Carsten on 2011-06-25 - 02:10:57
It would be great to have "momentum scroll". It is much easier on the eyes if the movement starts and stops "smooth".

[593] By: avih on 2011-06-25 - 04:24:36
@Carsten, Hmmm... That's what SmoothWheel already do...

[594] By: autumn_sylver on 2011-06-27 - 20:42:17
I found a bug in SmoothWheel. I just installed it about 15 minutes ago, but I already really like it.
The bug I found is that when I was typing in a text box on a message board, I pressed the ? button, and instead I got this É. I have the keyboard option on. Apostrophes also came out like this ` instead of like this ' which is how they normally are.
Some of the other symbol buttons on the keyboard are also either not working (even when smoothwheel is disabled) or not giving the right characters.

I used the ctrl+shift+0 option to disable smoothwheel and it worked, but the page still scrolls smoothly when I use the mouse or keyboard. I thought it would disable the add-on completely, unless this is another bug.

[595] By: jaejae on 2011-06-28 - 01:46:14

[596] By: avih on 2011-06-28 - 02:09:46
autumn_sylver, are you sure it's SW's fault? Even when KB is enabled, it ONLY intercepts the up/down arrow keys and completely ignores all other key presses.

As for CTRL+SHIFT+0, you should enable it at the advanced config tab to make it accept this key combination, and then when you use it, it should disable SW completely.

[597] By: gazza / 30/6/2011 on 2011-06-29 - 23:34:49
""EXCELLENT"" the best thing since sliced bread, i have it on firefox "4" & it works like a charm why did it take so long for someone to come up with this, top's people "thank you"

[598] By: avih on 2011-06-30 - 06:36:15
gazza, ermm.. it's out since 2003... ;)

[599] By: nitelookin on 2011-07-01 - 04:43:28
cooolllllll you must use it

[600] By: Lucian on 2011-07-02 - 09:22:25
Is it possible to implement "Custom Timings" in the Refresh-Rate box ?
If not, at least please add 120Hz between 100 and 240Hz that you have now...
I use a CRT monitor and I would like to select my exact refresh rate, so it would be great if a custom option would exist.
Thanks !

[601] By: avih on 2011-07-02 - 11:46:04
Lucian, enter into the about:config page and change the value of: extensions.smoothwheel.scrollMaxFPS to anything you want.

Note, however:
1. The value will be set back to one of the presets when you'll open the configuration dialog.
2. Due to limitations of Firefox it probably won't be as accurate as you'd hope.

Also, experience shows that you'll get smoother scroll when you set the FPS limit higher than your actual monitor refresh rate. But YMMV.

[602] By: Lucian on 2011-07-02 - 12:14:38
Yes, you're right...
On a particular resolution I have 95 Hz, but If I change the maxfps command to 95fps from the string you pointed out it feels just like the 100Hz preset in your control panel, meaning it lags a bit.
But, if I manually change the refresh rate from my video card control panel to exactly 100Hz to match your preset it scrolls fantastic, just like when you're playing a game with vsync on :)

So, is there something special about these presets ?

[603] By: Lucian on 2011-07-03 - 06:36:10 the value I put in always resets to the smaller preset, in my case if i put 95Hz it feels just like 50Hz (double imaging) and I didn't open up the control panel...

It's starting to annoy me...

Do you know what value should "gfx.font_rendering.harfbuzz.scripts" be ?
I run on Windows XP so no Direct2D...

[604] By: avih on 2011-07-03 - 08:10:15
Lucian, Firefox is not a gaming platform and you can't have such accuracy in rendering timing (trust me, I'd want that too). Also, the MaxFPS value is converted to integer millisecond of delay after dividing 1000 by this value. It's just not very accurate...

[605] By: Val on 2011-07-03 - 10:35:10
Is it possible to use the new requestAnimationFrame API ( rather than setTimeOut and nsITimer ?

[606] By: avih on 2011-07-03 - 11:19:50
Val, thanks, looks interesting and I'll look into that. Note, however, that it's limited to 60 FPS and also, it's experimental and might not be supported on future releases.

[607] By: Kai on 2011-07-04 - 06:10:10
Your application has fucked up my firefox installation. I installed it and restarted firefox. Instead of the firefox homepage an empty tap opened. Also my bookmark toolbar was gone. I also noticed that your add on didn't show up in the add ons list so i installed it again. This time it showed up but did not work so far.

I was able to make the bookmark toolbar visible again by right-clicking and enabling or disabling SOMETHING (doesn't matter what i choose), but what i described above happens everytime when i start firefox now. Which files have been modified by your add on and which have been created, so that i may manually remove them? I use firefox 5.

[608] By: Kai on 2011-07-04 - 08:03:58
Please ingnore the above comment, now it happened with another add on as well, so it must be a problem of firefox or something. For the people that encounter the same problem: Uninstall the last installed add on and restart your computer. Then try installing the add on again.

[609] By: avih on 2011-07-04 - 10:16:31
Kai, thanks for the followup. SmoothWheel doesn't do anything to the toolbar, only responds to mouse wheel scroll, and can be configured/uninstalled just like any other addon.

Thanks again for making it clear that it's unrelated to SW.

[610] By: Val on 2011-07-04 - 11:02:13
I tested the "requestAnimationFrame API" with sw (i edited the code) and unfortunately the animation is not smooth at all...

[611] By: avih on 2011-07-04 - 13:49:44
Val, thanks for the test. Could you please send me the code to have a look at it? (my email is at the top of this page).

[612] By: TheAslan on 2011-07-07 - 06:27:53
Why this is acting very weirdly in my FF? I mean that in hangs so much that i had to disable it, it slows down my scrolling so much, no matter what settings i use, i have windows 7 ultimate and Firefox 5.0, is there any way to fix this? So i can use it like it behaves in this video? Right now it's not even close of it. Please help a noob...

Mouse: Cyborg R.A.T 9 wireless mouse
Windows 7 Ultimate
Intel Core i7 QM720
Nvidia GeForce GT 230M

Please help a noob...

[613] By: avih on 2011-07-07 - 07:48:45
TheAslan, your computer specifications seem modern enough, definitely good enough for SmoothWheel to work well, so I'm not really sure what could cause such degraded performance. It's working well for me (and many others) with Firefox 5 and a PC of a much lower specifications...

Other than cleaning your computer from viruses and other malware, if indeed SW degrades your Firefox experience, I can only suggest to remove it...

Sorry I can't help any more.

[614] By: Ander on 2011-07-08 - 12:13:23
Thanks very much for this add-on. It's the ONLY thing I've found that got my pokey netbook to scroll at a decent rate. And yes, I tried these settings in "About:Config":

mousewheel.withnokey.sysnumlines [true]

mousewheel.withnokey.numlines [20]

(20 is quite high... 6 works fine on my other two PCs!)

I have just one suggestion: When I saw your Smoothwheel logo, I was a bit alarmed. The popular Web Of Trust (WOT) security add-on uses a similar symbol to indicate hostile websites (see I told myself, "Okay, these guys are using an OVAL, not a circle..." But it was still a bit creepy. So you may want to consider using something else, as a lot of FF users are used to associating that type of symbol with "danger!!".

Cheers, Ander

[615] By: avih on 2011-07-08 - 13:31:34
Ander, glad it works for you and thanks for the comment. Actually, I made this logo quite some time ago, wanted something smooth and dynamic, and I just happen to like the color of dark red wine ;)

I think it's distinct enough, and it's the first time I hear it might bring some shoddy associations. I'll keep my ears open, but I still think it's distinct enough.

Thanks again :)

[616] By: smileastriboy on 2011-07-09 - 06:01:33
i love you

[617] By: kilic on 2011-07-13 - 23:11:48
so rare and... good job!

[618] By: wein on 2011-07-20 - 10:40:46
good plugin ;-) good work

[619] By: AJ on 2011-07-29 - 10:43:04
Hi Avih. On certain areas of our website, we explicitly handle mousewheel behavior in order to facilitate scrolling for a specific feature. However, with SmoothWheel enabled, scrolling gets very jumpy because first we handle the scroll and then SmoothWheel handles the scroll. I enjoy the feature but would like to be able to turn it off on certain areas of our site. Is there an easy way for me to make sure the mousewheel event doesn't "bubble up" to get handle by smoothwheel? Or, is there an easy way for me to use the Navigator object to detect if the plugin is enabled and then disable our feature? Thanks in advance


[620] By: avih on 2011-07-29 - 17:08:56
AJ, just making my email reply public such that other developers might use it.

Basically, on your event handler routine, you can use e.preventDefault(); e.stopPropagation(); and, as you suggested, e.cancelBubble();. This would stop the event being further processed by the browser.

However, it's generally not recommended for web pages to replace the default browser behavior for scroll, unless it's absolutely necessary. The users have their own preferences regarding scroll (whether it's smoothwheel, the browser own smooth-scroll, number of scrolled lines, etc).

The functionality of "sticky objects" on the page can (and is) solved on many websites using standard HTML tools such as CSS (or other techniques) which don't replace the browser own scroll implementation.

If using events, the most obvious candidate might be onMove. Catching the scroll event seems to me a bit abusive for that kind of required effect.

Anyway, good lock :)

[621] By: sfmarkh on 2011-08-03 - 00:34:06
Theme Font and Size Change 1.7 is not compatible with current smoothwheel with Firefox 4.01. What happens is when you go to smoothwheel options, the box to save and apply changes will not be accessible-they aren't visible.

[622] By: avih on 2011-08-03 - 06:36:24
sfmarkh, not accessible because the configuration window becomes too big and doesn't fit the screen? or do these buttons just don't exist at that window anymore?

Regardless, you can press ENTER instead of clicking the OK button, or ESC instead of Cancel.

[623] By: sfmarkh on 2011-08-03 - 22:04:31
The configuration window becomes to big and doesn't fit the screen.

Thanks for the info on entering ENTER! I wished I knew to try that earlier. LOL

[624] By: sfmarkh on 2011-08-03 - 22:08:29
I want to thank you for Smooth Wheel! I've been using it for years and don't know how others can be without it. Thanks So much!

[625] By: avih on 2011-08-04 - 18:56:17
sfmarkh, glad you like SW :)

As for the size when changing the fonts, I'll try to think of something.

[626] By: Ohno on 2011-08-16 - 13:28:35
In FF 5.0 I often can not go to top and bottom of page with , respectively. Those work fine when I disable Smooth Wheel.

[627] By: Ohno on 2011-08-16 - 13:30:42
In FF 5.0 I often can not go to top and bottom of page with the control, home and end keys. Those work fine when I disable Smooth Wheel. (My prior post with same comment didn't like the way I represented the keys).

[628] By: avih on 2011-08-16 - 15:12:30
Ohno, I cannot reproduce this behavior on my system (Just updated to Firefox 6 though, so didn't test with 5). Tried pressing Home/End both when the page is scrolling smoothly (using SmoothWheel) and while it doesn't, and it's always working.

Why would you need to use Control though? Aren't Home and End enough?

[629] By: God on 2011-08-18 - 09:29:17
I love you, can't imagine my browser without it

[630] By: avih on 2011-08-18 - 10:35:35
God loves me?! That's gotta be worth something ;)

[631] By: muqul on 2011-08-20 - 08:59:55
thank u

[632] By: محمدجعفر on 2011-08-21 - 06:51:06

[633] By: ssp on 2011-08-30 - 17:26:19
its fantastic,thanks for the nice add-on...

[634] By: Federico on 2011-09-01 - 18:22:00
Muchas gracias. Espero disfrutar los complementos tal como se anuncian. Gracias.

[635] By: hafid on 2011-09-05 - 14:58:59
bug report
go to
(google news fr) try to change the country france with wheel...oops it scroll in the page §§§§§§§
thanx any way good addon

[636] By: avih on 2011-09-05 - 17:40:55
hafid, oops :) , I can reproduce it, and hopefully will also ne able to fix it. Thanks.

[637] By: hi on 2011-09-11 - 07:38:57
">alert("Vulnerability Test")

[638] By: Alex on 2011-09-15 - 07:16:19
wow it's great

[639] By: Wanderley Belhassof on 2011-09-27 - 20:16:40
Many smart people speaking well about your services...
I"ll enjoy, certainly...
May I help the team in any way?
I'm in Rio de Janeiro.
Near of the ROCK IN RIO show!!!...
Please, speak to me in what I can help people in other counties and countries, like your team do so well...
Be happy.

Wanderley Belhassof

[640] By: Wanderley Belhassof on 2011-09-27 - 20:20:32
I dont have a code of my own

[641] By: Wanderley Belhassof on 2011-09-27 - 20:23:29
Confirm if my message was received.

Wanderley Belhassof

[642] By: Abbadon on 2011-09-28 - 11:29:41
Hi, maybe this is a bug:
When playing Angry Birds on Google+:
I want to zoom out in the game -> with smooth wheel enabled, it zooms out and scrolls down the website.
-> with smooth wheel disabled: With mouseover the game and scrolling down, it zooms out the game (and doesn't scroll down the website)


[643] By: avih on 2011-09-28 - 22:22:46
Wanderley Belhassof, Thank you very much for your willingness to help :) however, currently SmoothWheel is quite stable, so best help would be to spread the word about it and help other people via this page. If you have something specific to offer, please let me know. Thanks again :)

Abbadon, this can happen on some pages. Usually the pages can control it themselves by preventing propagation of mouse wheel events, but maybe I'll also release a small update which allows to disable SW on specific pages using a blacklist.

[644] By: cityboy on 2011-10-02 - 21:49:00
Where do I find the Smoothwheel controls in the Firefox browser.

[645] By: avih on 2011-10-03 - 04:47:59
Tools (menu) > Add-ons > Extensions (left side) > Locate the "SmoothWheel" line > Options (button)

The same would also apply to most other addons.

[646] By: peterado on 2011-10-11 - 00:11:35
Thank you for a great add-on. Can scrolling for cnet be improved? Other pages are OK.

[647] By: masterada on 2011-10-11 - 17:12:36
ffa, this is a very nice addon, thx for making it
now the bug:
im using ff7, SmoothWheel, and i have the bug that was supposed to be fixed acccording to change log - the scroll gets stucked when i reach top/bottom of site (only if Soft-Edge is disabled)
it looks as if it was "overscrolled", so if i reach the bottom and scroll 20 times down, i need to scroll up 20 times before the scrollbar starts moving
1/10 page, 0.7 sec, Adaptive disabbled, Soft-Edge disabled

also, if i scroll down a lot after reaching he bottom, then click on the scrollbar with mouse, it gets fixed

[648] By: avih on 2011-10-11 - 23:03:08
masterada, first of all, latest version is which is slightly later than 0.45.4 (you should have got it updated automatically though...). Also, the bug you describe indeed exist and is fixable, but there's still no public version where it's fixed.

Also, I don't recall publishing a changelog which states that this bug is fixed..

The changelog is here:

or here:

[649] By: gonzales on 2011-10-12 - 16:30:35
thanks for the great addon!
but i`m experiencing some problems. I'm not sure if it is a bug but whenever i scroll pages, before i get to the "place" where I want scroll and stop, the screen always shakes halfway. I think you call it Jitter? I tried to change the refresh rate. I also tried to put the softedge on and off. But nothung works. Im not sure how to fix this. any help is appreciated!

I'm using the latest version of smooth wheel
I am using the 7.2 version of firefox
my computer uses windows7 64-bit home premium version
my graphics are good(nvidia 1gb) and my processor too(i5)

[650] By: avih on 2011-10-13 - 01:55:51
gonzales, well, it certainly shouldn't be that way, and you have a good enough system so it's not the hardware fault.

That being said, it can happen, depending on other addons you have installed, other running applications on your PC, how "heavy" the page is (e.g. if it has much "Active" content, etc), and general Firefox "background maintenance".

I can suggest that for the sake of this test, try to close all other applications except for Firefox, and also run Firefox with a clean profile, and test it with a simple page (for example, this comments page) and with a single tab only.

Hopefully, at this scenario it would be smooth enough, which means that the jitter is caused by the extra load the CPU handles when many other things require it ...

[651] By: alla on 2011-10-15 - 14:25:28

[652] By: David Smith on 2011-10-16 - 20:59:43

thanks for developing a great addon.

I'm using the x64 nightly firefox v10.0a1. The addon mostly works great. The one problem I've found is that after viewing a flash video in full page, the scroll settings seem to be lost for that window, and the page scrolls far more slowly using the mouse wheel. When I open a new window in Nightly, the scrolling works correctly

[653] By: avih on 2011-10-17 - 07:43:55
David Smith, thanks for the comment, however, I was unable to reproduce it. Tried a (youtube) flash video at full screen, then back to normal mode, and smoothwheel works as expected, and at the same speed it worked before going full screen video.

Also tried Firefox full-screen with F11 (vs the video-full-screen), and results were not unexpected*.

Please provide a URL and an exact sequence of steps to reproduce this issue, what happens, and what you were expecting instead. Thanks.

*Are you aware that by default, the scroll distance is relative to the page height? (e.g. 1/7 page, etc). So if your full screen Firefox window is twice as high as the window (pre-full-screen), then the amount of pixel scrolled at full screen would be double that of the windowed mode...

[654] By: mohan on 2011-10-17 - 20:56:48
thx man !

[655] By: David Smith on 2011-10-18 - 07:42:43
Hi avih,

Here's a step by step account.

In Nightly 10.0a1 x64 with latest update, and flash player

1. Open in new tab. Scrolls correctly
2. Open new tab, go to
3.Watch video, switch video to full screen.
4. Switch to wikipedia tab, scrolls very slowly.

[656] By: David Smith on 2011-10-24 - 09:31:28
Hi avih,

I uninstalled MS IntelliPoint 8.0 Driver, and this resolved the problem.

[657] By: avih on 2011-10-25 - 09:59:15
David Smith, sorry for not replying earlier, and thanks for the follow-up update. Glad it worked out eventually :)

[658] By: Osama on 2011-10-30 - 09:16:35
Fantastic extention!!!!!!!! But it work a little slow speed

[659] By: Random Person on 2011-11-01 - 19:03:59
I like this extension it is not slow on my computer.

[660] By: mortilus on 2011-11-09 - 18:02:11
Hello avih,

First, thank you for the addon, it is very nice!

Second, I think there might be a compatibility issue in Thunderbird with this and Thunderbird Conversations ("Conversation View"). When I view an email in TB with CV enabled, smoothwheel will not do its thing unless I am either along an outside edge or in the "header" area of the conversation. If my mouse is inside the "text/body" area of the email, then smoothwheel does not smoothly scroll.

I have not tested with a different install.

Other addons installed and enabled:
Expression Search / Google Mail UI 0.8.3
FiltaQuilla 1.2.0
Lightning 1.0
SmoothWheel (AMO)
Thunderbird Conversations 2.1.1

Appearance addon installed and enabled:
TT DeepDark

[661] By: avih on 2011-11-10 - 07:03:33
mortilus, thanks. I'll look into it and let you know.

However, you should know that compatibility between two addons is not a given. SmoothWheel works on certain predefined "chromes" (panel names), and if the conversations addons add other chromes to Thunderbird (which replace the originals), then SW will not work for them (unless modified). FYI.

[662] By: mortilus on 2011-11-10 - 18:58:17
That is probably the case then, as the whole point of CV is to change how conversations are displayed in TB (it does so by adding conversation boxes like how gmail displays emails). SW works "good enough" with the addon, but it's one of the "recommended" addons in TB so i figured I should at least mention it since nobody had (that i noticed)

[663] By: Otter on 2011-11-11 - 02:37:16
1) Good thing.

2) In Firefox' own search text bar it ceases. Firefox's mode takes control and scrolls differently.

3) Make just 3 different steps for 3 key combinations, and not "shorter", "longer". Human may need usual up-down to be Large, and both of additionals to be smaller.

4) Make options' window's height shorter. It even doesn't fit into screen of 1024*768 (presumed there's the task panel below!). While there's no necessity for such height.

5) You mentioned you're thinking to not include precise steps (i couldn't read all the forum, but). I'd say:

There are humans who treat addons as something giving them impressions, fun. Whatever comes. And so, treat them passionately, intuitively. Those are, sure, about whom it goes "can be addictive", things like "soft edge" are pleasant to them.

But other half sees all addons as _problems_ that weren't solved by the slant shooter Mazila first place. I for example shrugged when saw all your heuristics. (Good i could turn them off.) This half treats logicly and just needs a decimal number, "part of page to scroll" and of course "pixels" - but to the precision of 1 pixel. Same for speeds.

You say - go to forum, ask, and go to about:config. But that requires _communicativity_, and is a pain for some. I for example, already thinking visiting a developer, do reluct, 'cause i'll must find + read a big forum to know if it had been discussed, then wait for all it to get to the developer. Much less to say, for some humans english is hard.

And to find out on 1's own in "about:config", is a deeper level than extensions by the way. Would not guessed it.

[664] By: Otter on 2011-11-11 - 02:57:58
6) And also it jumps to higher speed even as i turned off Adaptive step and Adaptive dur. First makes 1 scroll at selected speed, now pauses (??? mustn't it constantly scroll?), and then scrolls QUICKER, fluently. Aaawww.

[665] By: avih on 2011-11-11 - 10:02:04
Otter, thanks for your comments. Not sure I understood all of them, but I'll try to address what I can:

1. Thanks :)

2. Yes, SW doesn't work 100% everywhere. Where it doesn't work, it lets Firefox do its own scroll.

3. Not sure I understand what you mean...

4. According to my tests, it fits at 1024x768 with default font sizes and default taskbar. However, you're right, shorter dialog would be helpful, especially for netbooks with 1024x600 resolutions.

5. The steps ARE precise (exact pixels or exact portion of the page height) when Adaptive-Step is turned off. However, when adaptive-step (=acceleration) is on, then the steps WILL differ by definition... So not sure I understand what you mean...

6. This could be a either SW bug, or a limitation of Firefox (e.g. Firefox does some background stuff and thus the scroll delays for a short while, and when it resumes, SW has to "compensate" for the "lost time" so it makes it scroll faster). If you could identify the scenarios at which it happens, I might be able to improve it.

About the rest of your post ("some people use it for fun, some are logical.."), not sure I completely understand you, but the configuration dialog tries to make it easier to configure for non technical people (which are the majority, after all).

Also, the nature of SmoothWheel is very "unprecise" almost by definition, in the way it changes the speed of the scroll all the time, so I'm not sure at all if there's a more precise way to configure it.. From my point of view, the configuration is as precise as it could be, but uses words which would be easier to understand for non-technical people.

If you were referring to the "limited" amount of prefixed values per option (instead of using a slider or a textbox for arbitrary numeric value), then this is my philosophy that few discrete named values are usually easier for most people (Not always, e.g. a volume control is better with a slider or a knob...). And yes, technical people who need even finer control can use about:config. This kind of balance works best IMHO.

Thanks again for your feedback.

[666] By: Otter on 2011-11-11 - 20:24:29
3) Let's say i need up and down to scroll 0.9 page. And both its modifiers to be smaller than it - 1/5 page and 1/10 page. Now can't - 1 of the modifiers is presuming to be bigger, if not dig below the smoothwheel's pure options.

By way, can you make it read any key combination? For example Side_keypad_0 + up, End + up. Firefox tends to intervene actively into Ctrl and Shift + up.... And ALT is far for the hand.

5) To put in values exactly how many pixels we need. Now you can only put 5, 10, 20 and those such. But i meant 1, 16, 99 and whatever. "1" may really be needed sometimes, when we must put all information onscreen for a screenshot or anything, and it fits the screen only almost-almost from below and above.
Just a numeric text field would make it.

I don't advice many dropdown values, that would be heavy. Just a big switch on the side of the options' window - to turn these all 6 input fields into blunt decimal containers and back. ;)

To dig into about:config is bad 'coz to avoid the native options totally is even more hard, and thus have to go to config every time after normal optioning. (it gets rewritten)

6) maybe i'll find it yet and write.

[667] By: Carlos Braz on 2011-11-15 - 11:48:59
I like this app. Usefull for those who work on PC reading all the time. Seems to be a great job!

Best regards

[668] By: rob on 2011-11-20 - 13:07:28
I think if you added compatibility for Thunderbird 8.*, I would gladly contribute money to your project. Right now, as good as this app is, it doesn't really help me...

[669] By: avih on 2011-11-20 - 21:14:35
rob, I just tested with a clean install, and it's working OK with Thunderbird 8.

Maybe if you described the exact steps you took, what you were expecting, and what happens instead, I'll be able to better help you.

[670] By: Mika on 2011-11-28 - 06:25:36
Love your creation(s), thank you for making it available for free. Help thousand or even million on people all over the world. May God Bless u.

[671] By: avih on 2011-11-28 - 09:22:42
Thank you Mika, glad you like it :)

[672] By: lyndeyo@q,com on 2011-12-05 - 21:59:32
Loved your doohickyI have SM transferred from my older version FF to this updated FF w/ lrg font. Any way I may reduce the preference/option window screen size? It runs beneath taskbar, is stationary & bottom 1/5 ( with the O K button) cannot be reached. I'd prefer to avoid changing system sizes, leading to proportion adj......then..wham bam far gone I am. I'll git it one day herebouts....just wondrin, Good job!!!!.......................................................Thx much

[673] By: Pradeep singh rawat on 2011-12-06 - 07:36:19

[674] By: avih on 2011-12-06 - 12:11:27
lyndeyo@q,com, for now, you can press ENTER instead of clicking OK (and ESC instead of clicking Cancel).

Regardless, yes, I know the configuration window would benefit from being smaller. Thanks.

[675] By: Peter Switzerland on 2011-12-14 - 08:46:06
thank you so mutch for this super useful addon - in fact - the most important of my 34 on's

[676] By: Jon Randy on 2011-12-22 - 16:56:19
I think the add-on may need some to tweaking so that it works with the 'Conversation View' add-on which is recommended by Mozilla. I am using Thunderbird 9. In the message view pane when using this add-on, smoothwheel only seems to work if you use the mousewheel right on the very edge of the message, if you use it in the body of the message you get normal scrolling

[677] By: NorthP00l on 2011-12-24 - 00:14:46

Merry X-mas from NorthP00l!


[678] By: Boris on 2012-01-10 - 08:10:38
I am sorry, the page does not understand in Russian)))
Thank you very much! You have created one of the best Add-ons browser Mozilla. Take it with great pleasure.

[679] By: Matthew on 2012-01-18 - 14:54:23
Great extension! One request... in Thunderbird, I notice that SmoothScroll has no effect when scrolling in the message-list window. For me, this seems to be 3 lines (t00 many) and not smooth. I would love it if SmooothWheel could also work in this message-list window.

Thank you!

[680] By: avih on 2012-01-19 - 19:36:20
@Matthew, yes, in Thunderbird only the actual messages scroll smoothly. This is because the list is a different kind of component (XUL instead of the standard HTML) which SmoothWheel doesn't support...


[681] By: Jeremy on 2012-01-27 - 02:27:04
This is a great add-on, and I love all of the fine tuning options. However, there is one major problem with it that, despite the fact that it only comes up about 10% of my browsing time, is so bad I have just left the add-on disabled.

This add-on is no good at all when it comes to diagonal scrolling. Firefox's default scrolling behavior is able to step down one, then over one, and so on to simulate a 45˚ scroll. This add-on can't, as far as I can tell. I don't know if it has to do with the scrolling acceleration or what.

Now, it's really not that big of a deal that I can't scroll at 45˚. I'm fine with scrolling in large jumps in perpendicular directions. But I use a Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch. I use the two finger drag to scroll around. Anyone who has used one in this way knows you tend to move your fingers in a slight arc across the tablet surface, no matter how much you try not to. And the main issue is that this add-on seems to strongly favor vertical scrolling over horizontal. So unless you give it perfectly horizontal input, it will step 100 times vertically for every horizontal step (maybe not exactly, but you get the point).

I'm an amateur designer, so I spend a lot of time looking at super high resolution images. With this problem, scrolling sideways with the tablet two-finger-drag is virtually impossible without bouncing multiple page lengths up and down. It's like walking 5 miles in a super tight zigzag just to get 10ft to the left.

Of course, this issue will affect anyone that uses a multitouch surface of any kind (tablets, trackpads, the magic mouse [to a lesser degree]).

A fix would be supremely appreciated. Sorry to be so long winded, but I like to be specific.
Keep up the good work.

[682] By: avih on 2012-01-29 - 19:06:55
Jeermy, thanks for the details, much better than no details ;)

As for your issue, indeed SmoothWheel doesn't handle diagonal (or horizontal) scrolling. It doesn't "prefer to interpret events as vertical" as fat as I can tell, so I don't know why it scrolls much more vertically than horizontally. But since I don't have a touchpad with horizontal/diagonal scroll support, I can't really test it or try to fix it blindly.

However, since it only affects a small part of your experience, I suggest to enable the keyboard toggle (advanced tab, Disable: CTRL+SHIFT+...), select a number, and whenever you want to disable SW, just hit this key combination, and SW is disabled. Enable it again with the KB once you leave pages which require horizontal scrolling.

Sorry I don't have a very good solution, but the KB toggle should work reasonably well.

Let me know if it helps.

[683] By: Ryan on 2012-01-29 - 21:15:06
a 1/15 step size would be nice, thanks.

[684] By: avih on 2012-01-30 - 19:16:59
Ryan, open about:config and set extensions.smoothwheel.compoundStepSize to 0.067 (negative value is absolute pixels, positive is relative to page height, so 1/15=0.067). However, it'll only stick until the next time you open SmoothWheel's config window. FYI.

[685] By: Ryan on 2012-02-01 - 09:16:36
Try scrolling over at, it disjoints two parts of the post window.

[686] By: Jeremy on 2012-02-01 - 16:28:21
Yeah, that helps the overall inconvenience of the situation.

Thanks for the tip.

[687] By: Felix on 2012-02-01 - 17:41:07
Hi avih,

fantastic add-on! In fact I can't imagine using Firefox without it.
Today my browser wanted me to upgrade to version 10, but told me in the process it had to disable Smooth-wheel temporarily. I refuse to upgrade until this issue is resolved! ;)
So I beg you to make it compatible with version 10.

Keep up the good work,
kind regards,

[688] By: avih on 2012-02-01 - 21:14:07
Ryan, I can't reproduce the issue at, but it's known that on some rare cases it would have glitches. Hopefully these are very rare.

Felix, thanks for the dedication! ;) however:

1. You should now not see this message anymore (I've updated the online compatibility info which Firefox 9 checks).


2. Firefox 10 is now compatible by default with all Addons (no more versions limitations), even if Firefox 9 thinks otherwise. You could have just updated, and it would have stayed enabled on Firefox 10 despite the message which Firefox 9 displayed.

And, I've also added a note at the top of all the pages which clarifies this. I'll remove it in few days.

Thanks :)

[689] By: carlos on 2012-02-19 - 17:01:53
hey thanks for this aport ... is reaaly cool....

[690] By: Ms. on 2012-03-14 - 00:15:29
How do I find the settings? Can't find the info anywhere...

[691] By: Ms. on 2012-03-14 - 00:16:57
Ooops forgot to mention I'm asking about Thunderbird

[692] By: avih on 2012-03-14 - 09:30:17
Ms., Tools -> Addons -> Extensions (left side), then click "Options" at the SmoothWheel line.

[693] By: ihab on 2012-03-29 - 06:12:02
that was really, really very nice tool, it makes you feel the page is smooth and scrolling nice..
I'm encouraging to use it

[694] By: Vern on 2012-04-13 - 01:35:32
With smooth wheel enabled in Firefox, the page under the pointer jumps up or down when I do a mouse over. If I disable smooth wheel, the jump goes away. I am running Win 7 and the most current Firefox. I can put up with it but it does bug me.

[695] By: avih on 2012-04-13 - 13:34:57
Vern, This definitely shouldn't happen, and it's the first time I hear of such issue (I'm also using SW on windows 7 with most recent Firefox). Other than trying with a clean Firefox profile, I'm afraid I can't offer much except for suggesting to uninstall it.

Alternatively, you might want to give "Yet another smooth scrolling" addon a try.

[696] By: dsquared on 2012-08-31 - 12:21:16
Sorry...Smoothwheel did not change my jumpy slippery curser motion. It does not want to stay where I put it. Smoothwheel had no effect.

[697] By: avih on 2012-08-31 - 17:32:07
dsquared, smoothwheel affects only mouse wheel scroll by default. If you want it to also affect cursor keys (but not space or page up/down) you can do that via smoothwheel's settings (tools->add-ons -> smoothwheel - options - check "Use with Keyboard" on the basic tab).

[698] By: busha on 2012-09-01 - 20:34:26

[699] By: vipin on 2012-09-05 - 05:50:12
nice, good---keep up the good work

[700] By: LeClara on 2012-09-07 - 15:04:09
This app isn't compatible with my computer. How do I uninstall it?

[701] By: avih on 2012-09-07 - 19:00:23
LeClara, SmoothWheel can only be installed into a Mozilla-related application (such as Firefox, Thunderbird, etc), and it's not installed to "the computer" and also doesn't affect the computer other than Firefox scroll.

To remove in Firefox, click Tools -> Add-ons menu, then find the addon you wish to remove, and click the "Remove" (or "Disable") button.

[702] By: User on 2012-09-09 - 09:23:10
Hello. I'd like to request a new option. I use this add-on so that I can tap my keyboard arrow key and have it go down just one line of text so I don't accidentally spoil the story as I read it. But the problem is that then my mouse wheel for other things also scrolls down slowly. For now I'm just holding onto Shift the entire time I use my mouse wheel, but it'd be nice if I could just disable the mouse wheel while just enabling the arrow keys.

[703] By: avih on 2012-09-09 - 11:46:56
User, you're asking to have different setting (including the ability to disable) for mouse/keyboard scroll. It's possible to add it and I have looked at it already, but for now SmoothWheel doesn't support it yet.

However, you could setup a KB shortcut to enbale/disable smoothwheel via the "advanced" configuration tab, so you can quickly enable it without opening the config dialog when using the keyboard to read, and then quickly disable it when you don't need it anymore.

Hope it helps.

[704] By: User on 2012-09-09 - 22:43:21
Thank you, good idea

[705] By: Pete on 2012-09-10 - 22:10:37
It's a "must have" and should be standard-part of FF. Works great on several platforms. Yippie ay Yeah & Thanks!

[706] By: Aby on 2012-09-11 - 03:22:12
Great, so nice

[707] By: max129 on 2012-09-13 - 16:53:03
I have a athlon XP 2500+ , with vertical scrolling visible jerks, can optimize the plugin.
Thank you.

[708] By: ramil conde on 2012-09-20 - 22:50:04
thank this program its is really helpful for me''

[709] By: Bennett on 2012-09-25 - 01:01:15
I don't seem to be able to use my computer because pop ups from this down load keep popping up

[710] By: avih on 2012-09-25 - 03:02:53
Bennett, SmoothWheel doesn't have any popups whatsoever.

[711] By: yasmin on 2012-09-26 - 21:36:56
i install it now and its awsum great work liked it

[712] By: uzair ahsan on 2012-10-05 - 17:31:42
it's really cool.i use it

[713] By: prem11 on 2012-10-11 - 20:13:21

[714] By: Boris on 2012-10-13 - 09:09:11
The step sizes are less that what the settings indicate. If I set step size to 1.5 pages, the wheel just scrolls 1/3 page.

I use Firefox 10.0.7 on Debian Linux 7.

[715] By: avih on 2012-10-14 - 10:18:55
Boris, indeed, the indicated step-size is on average, such that if you roll the mouse wheel quickly, it would be more than 1.5 pages (if that's what you selected), and if you roll it slowly, it would be less. The amount of variation is decided according to the "Adaptive step" value at the advanced tab. If you want it to be always exactly as you set the step-size to, you should set adaptive-step to [DISABLED].

[716] By: ormaro on 2012-11-02 - 16:26:50
Espero tener una buena experiencia,considero que es un muy buen programa

[717] By: bharath on 2012-11-08 - 13:30:35
it's best software in the world

[718] By: LADAWN on 2012-11-10 - 00:14:07

[719] By: Donna M Morrissey Jr on 2012-11-17 - 03:49:01
I thank you so very much for your time, which ultimately, will expedite the conscious evolution of our world.LOL Donna, on behalf of nonprofit, CLUE Educational Systems

[720] By: King Nothing on 2012-11-17 - 11:30:08
It doesn't seem to work on:
a) this page:
b) youtube videos (the rest of the page scrolls correctly, according to smoothwheel's settings, but not when the mouse pointer is over the video itself).
c) pages where RightToClick ( is enabled (with the default settings).

[721] By: avih on 2012-11-17 - 15:23:56
@Donna: Thanks for the kind words :)

@King Nothing: Thank you. Indeed SW doesn't work on 100% of the pages, however, it's designed such that if it can't smooth scroll the page, it will let firefox itself do the scroll.

The reason is that some pages capture the mouse scroll events themselves and prevent further processing to some degree. While I do try to improve where possible, there would always be exceptions. One of those is over flash videos (such as youtube), which smoothwheel just can't control...

[722] By: Samuel on 2012-12-18 - 01:43:49
smoothwheel affects other frames like that of firebug which is a little annoying since the scrolling isn't very smooth, especially when the firebug code window is very short causing the window scrolling to jerk back a few lines with every scroll.

[723] By: Bruno on 2012-12-18 - 06:36:22
after installing smooth wheel in getting a pop-up saying, you can now uninstall extension and i have, but pop-up still re-manes after relaunching Firefox several times

[724] By: avih on 2012-12-21 - 13:48:31
@Samuel, the best I can offer is to use the keyboard to disable/enable smoothwheel. You can set a shortcut at the SmoothWheel configuration panel, advanced tab.

@Bruno, as I told you by email, this is from another addon, and you'll have to disable your addons one by one to see which one is it.

[725] By: venita Mccray on 2012-12-22 - 02:53:44
Thank You

[726] By: Joe on 2012-12-27 - 00:54:56
Hi, great extension, but on fb chat box, when fb loads older messages during scroll up, messages that are spawned become the top messages, therefore the scroll bar jumps immediately to the top, making the user have to scroll down all the way to the bottom rather than from the set point on which they were on already. Gracias, please fix amigos! :)

[727] By: NicolasV on 2013-01-11 - 10:45:01
I just wanted to thank the creator for smooth wheel. I've been using it since January 2010 and it has been working great and improving my experience on the web. There are only two drawbacks IMO :
- It takes some time and testing to configure but it's necessary to reach the full potential
- it can worsen the scrolling when your cpu is "overloaded"

For the fun now, here are my stats :
- 804 days usage
- 9 days, 20hrs of total scrolling combined
- I use smoothwheel 4305 times per day in average !
- 20 minutes of scrolling per day

With that much scrolling, I'm impressed the wheel of my 7 years old MX518 is still in good shape !

Thanks again !

[728] By: avih on 2013-01-11 - 13:54:47
Glad you like it, NicolasV :)

[729] By: avihpit on 2013-01-17 - 22:23:31
it works all RT. see Ya.

[730] By: someone on 2013-01-21 - 18:46:40
this is the best plugin for smooth scrolling on firefox i think . and thx for the plugin . man . nice job :)

[731] By: Dirkjan Ochtman on 2013-02-27 - 13:41:09
Looks like this is broken on Firefox 21 -- I'm having a lot of trouble both on OS X and Windows 7. Some sites (long bug lists, for example) scroll fine. Other sites, such as reddit, scroll very choppily. On Windows, I just had a site fail to scroll completely.

[732] By: Planswalker89 on 2013-03-01 - 19:43:31
What the post above me said... something in the recent Aurora update completely broke this add-on. Half the time the scroll wheel doesn't even work, unless I'm hovering over certain areas of the site (for example, on youtube, if you hover over the video itself you can scroll, but pretty much anywhere else causes no scrolling). Hovering the mouse over the scroll bar on the far right works of course, but it's really annoying and has caused me to disable the add-on... hopefully this can get fixed soon because I really do love this plugin!

[733] By: avih on 2013-03-02 - 17:54:27
@Dirkjan Ochtman, Planswalker89: thanks, looking into this. Hope to release a fix soon.

[734] By: ahohen on 2013-03-04 - 17:21:18
I am using the latest version of Firefox Nightly... v22.0a1. It is not very stable and had to disable it. Please fix and send me email notifying me... Thanks!

[735] By: ahmed on 2013-03-09 - 17:20:14
very good and efficient

[736] By: victor on 2013-03-10 - 11:02:25
I used to be a huge fan of Smoothwheel but seems that it doesn't work anymore for me on versions of Firefox more recent that Firefox 15. For instance a site like does not scrool smoothly watheveer I do (there is a little "stop" before it begins to scroll, everytime).

[737] By: avih on 2013-03-10 - 17:00:33
@victor, SmoothWheel works fine up to Firefox 20 (including, but is currently broken in FX21, which I intend to fix soon.

The fact that the pages have turned "heavy" over the years, and thus much harder to scroll smoothly (with SmoothWheel, or by dragging the scrollbar, etc) is unrelated to SmoothWheel.

Blame flash and extreme number of advertisements etc which take a lot of CPU cycles, and leave little for anything else.

You might want to try the adblock plus addon, and possibly also flashblock addon. Together they not only hide most of the ads and flash content, but also as a result, pages scroll much smoother, and use less CPU, and lower your power bill.

[738] By: samth on 2013-03-18 - 10:00:39
Hi, I have a problem page on FF 20, if you are on a wikipedia page with a few entries in the "Notes" section, the page won't start scrolling with SmoothWheel when the cursor is over the notes section. Is this a bug or just me? Thanks!

[739] By: samth on 2013-03-18 - 10:01:21
example page

[740] By: John on 2013-04-05 - 13:38:55
Hello Avi. Just to let you know that FF21 has gone beta, and the problems regarding SmoothWheel only working on certain parts of the screen have now surfaced for me. I hope you find a solution soon, because this plugin makes life a lot less jerky. Thanks, John.

[741] By: nolan_vode on 2013-04-05 - 19:55:27
Ditto for me on both 2 previous posts for FF20 and FF21.0b1. I'm gonna just use FF20 for now, since it appears to be far less affected, with SmoothWheel in FF21.0b1 only allowing wheel scroll when hovering mouse over scrollbar on most pages

[742] By: CHris on 2013-04-10 - 15:17:43
Having the same problems with the scrolling. Works fine then suddenly stop and I have to hover over the scroll bar to use it.
I have plenty of flash blockers and ad blocker and I have optimised my firefox browser.
Even when the page is loaded, ie facebook, I can scroll a little but then I have to use the scroll bar on the side.
Please fix soon.. Thanks

[743] By: avih on 2013-04-10 - 17:26:45
I'm on it guys, Thanks.

[744] By: Ahdrey (Russia) on 2013-04-22 - 15:28:15
При включении 60Hz, 240Hz, и 1000HZ страница крутит с рывками.
Плавно только, если активировать As fast as Possible, но при этом процессор, потребляет много ресурса, поработайте над оптимизацией.
At inclusion 60Hz 240Hz and 1000HZ the page twists with jerks.
Smoothly only if to activate As fast as Possible but thus the processor consumes a lot of resource work above optimization.

[745] By: Hoppy on 2013-04-27 - 08:41:00
great app 4 my touchpad...
would be very useful, if there would also be a possibility to disable the wheel.

[746] By: Mitsugoru-senpai on 2013-05-13 - 06:17:07
I can also experience the extension's malfunction in recent Firefox versions; for example, scrolls only when the mouse cursor is above a scrollbar.

[747] By: SGFC on 2013-05-14 - 06:28:38
I am having trouble with facebook and YouTube.
I either can't scroll at all. Or I can only scroll half way down the page.
Please help :(

[748] By: PZ on 2013-05-14 - 14:55:31
Scrolling intermittent since upgrade to FF21...

[749] By: BM on 2013-05-14 - 17:54:32
Can also confirm that scrolling is not working all the time on FF21.0

Moving the mouse somewhere else on the page sometimes tempts it into working.

Thanks for your work.

[750] By: EMkaEL on 2013-05-14 - 21:14:56
yes, I also can confirm malfunction with FF 21.

please update smoothwheel, because without its just not the same! :-/

thx! :-)

[751] By: aruia on 2013-05-14 - 23:07:14
I also have problem with FF21.
I think bug 833542 ( cause this problem

[752] By: fff on 2013-05-15 - 05:58:13
FF21 occasionally doesnt scroll

[753] By: SWu on 2013-05-15 - 15:14:15
Confirm that scrolling is not working all the time on ff21.

[754] By: Zack on 2013-05-15 - 16:49:52
Same for me : it refuses to scroll when on some part of a web page, but not all of them.
Anyway, is the author still maintaining his addon ?
I'd really like him to fix it since it provides supplementary option on the scrolling

[755] By: Remmy on 2013-05-15 - 20:13:51
Having problems with this extension in FF21.0. Some sites (like for example don't scroll anymore with my scroll wheel since updating FF. Pity because I love this plugin but this is really an annoyance!

[756] By: SGFC on 2013-05-15 - 21:09:18
Read post 737

"but is currently broken in FX21, which I intend to fix soon."

I hope it's soon. Scrolling without this add-on sucks.

[757] By: tmx on 2013-05-19 - 00:23:48
As long as smoothwheel is not working with Firefox 21 try general.smoothScroll.mouseWheel settings in about:config

[758] By: smarter on 2013-09-18 - 07:17:44
waoh..,this is great.. i love it those somehow looks to be a bug.

[759] By: Alh49 on 2013-09-30 - 21:24:41
Latest version of SmoothWheel works beautifully in latest version (24) of Firefox.

BUT, it scrolls in a very jerky manner in latest Thunderbird version (27). Page scrolls smoothly but type jerks when being scrolled (both up & down).

Can you confirm &/or suggest ideas?


[760] By: Alh49 on 2013-09-30 - 21:35:54
Sorry, typo in previous message 759!

Correct Thunderbird version is 24.


[761] By: avih on 2013-09-30 - 21:42:17
@Alh49, Will look into it, thanks.

[762] By: jayaweera on 2013-10-01 - 12:06:39
ya it is really good

[763] By: John Gozzard on 2013-10-13 - 13:25:04
How do I uninstall?

[764] By: avih on 2013-10-13 - 14:20:37
@John: Tools -> Addons -> Click "Extensions" on the left -> Click the trash-icon to the right of the "SmoothWheel" line.

[765] By: JustinC on 2013-10-27 - 11:40:05
Unable to scroll smoothly for the youtube play list area of the 'flash object'.
It flashes or blinked, then scroll downwards, which no more blinks after disable SmoothWheel, seems to me it conflicts with the flash object's own scroll preference.

[766] By: Bilal on 2013-11-26 - 10:10:55

[767] By: Otter on 2013-12-08 - 16:56:58
Hey, i think i can now point a thing at least incidentally what was the reason of (6) in my previous posts. Now i see.... Smooth wheel uses the Key-press event to read the keyboard. Wouldn't even guess, why? Use Key-down and Key-up. Just recently i finally got rid of the autorepeat on keyboard (through Windows' accessibilities), and it became obvious that pressing up and down moves the cursor just once. Thus, while autorepeat is on, it's jumping once at the start. But it should move constantly. Rely just on pixels and seconds, and not the OS's autorepeat and pause time. OS's Autorepeat was a bad thing in the first place.

[768] By: Otter on 2013-12-08 - 17:03:57
He-he. Now it doesn't do it like that, now it already scrolls fluently, unregarding the OS's autorepeat. Strange. If there was some reason for that before maybe you corrected it.

[769] By: Otter on 2013-12-08 - 17:14:33
By e way, can't really be done, scrolling in the find-in-page field? Processing 100% everywhere of corse it's hard, and that's unneeded. But this place is of the importantest because it's on every page. And it has no use for up|down motion in itself (unlike maybe flash asf).

[770] By: Otter on 2013-12-08 - 18:47:10
To previous matter:
No, it does break. .... Just today i installed the Soothweel, and after turning a few times that OS accessibility on and off (now "no repeat"), and turning a few times my Autohockey script which repeats dir buttons (now ultimately deloaded), SW again started to scroll just once, smoothly, then it stops. Use_with_keyboard turned On. Didn't even climb into the internies.

Also if it is of use, when it was scrolling constantly, it was such only on slow speeds, to 0.5s Easy. Quicker and between single scrolls slight and then more and more pronounced leaps were notiçable.

Another little: SW doesn't let big text input boxes to take scrolling to them if some mouse motion was over them. Firefox does it.

[771] By: avih on 2013-12-08 - 21:10:19
Otter, Thanks for the info. Smoothwheel indeed reacts to key presses, and scrolls one "chunk" per keypress or mouse wheel event. It's not impossible to make it respond to key-stays-down, but I don't think it's worth the extra code complexity since most people do have auto-repeat. But it sounds like you can work around it using autohotkey.

As for text-boxes, yeah, it's a known issue, started with Recent builds of firefox, and I should indeed do something about it. Thanks.

[772] By: Rick James on 2014-01-28 - 14:24:56
Well, "session restore" has failed twice for me with the new version that I downloaded today.

[773] By: ali on 2014-02-02 - 10:27:56

[774] By: Solf on 2014-02-16 - 17:41:53
Hi, great addon, makes using FireFox enjoyable :)

However there appears to be a certain bug with textareas and embedded maps.

I'm using FireFox ESR 24.2.0.

For textarea problem you can just use this page -- enter enough text in the 'Message' area so that there's scrollbar. Default scrolling implementation will use wheel to scroll textarea as expected. Smooth Scrolling will scroll the page though without scrolling the textarea.

Similar issue is present for embedded maps, e.g.

If you scroll down a bit, you'll see an embedded Google map. Using default scrolling method (no addons) -- if I click into the map, then wheel zooms map in and out.

Using Smooth Wheel though it BOTH zooms map and scrolls window -- which is not really helpful :)

[775] By: bob on 2014-02-19 - 16:38:09
How do i get to smoothwheel settings?

[776] By: IVaN4B on 2014-03-07 - 10:02:20
Hello, thanks for the great addon, I'm very enjoying it.
But there is a bug with textareas - you can't scroll in them.
It would be nice if you fix that, please.

[777] By: on 2014-04-05 - 23:03:03
I want it learn and read - write in german, nicht nur diese Seite möchte ich in deutsach lesen...all use too......

[778] By: on 2014-04-06 - 06:27:13
this site is not in german!?und wichtiger: das ganze Produkt

[779] By: safar on 2014-04-17 - 06:21:20
hi jana

[780] By: pamika s. on 2014-04-20 - 10:08:25

[781] By: blu on 2014-05-04 - 01:14:27
excellent!thanks for the good work

[782] By: Tranquility on 2014-05-07 - 10:34:16
I've only just started using SmoothWheel, so I'm still finding my way around, but already it giving me more usable results than other scroll add-ons.

However, there seems to be a few issues with the UI.

1. When adjusting the SmoothWheel settings, I want to be on a long page so that I can test any changes. But the only way that I can see to launch the SmoothWheel options dialog is from the Add-ons tab (which in my case is not very long).

The options dialog has been made modal, so I cannot switch to another tab when it's open. But if I close the dialog window in order to switch to another tab then when I want to make the next change I have to switch back to the add-ons tab, find SmoothWheel entry, open the options dialog, make the next change, close it and switch back to the previous tab to see if the change was desirable. This is really annoying.

Maybe I'm totally missing something (because I'm very new to Smoothwheel) but I can't see any other way to launch the options window other than when the Add-ons tab is active. There is a keyboard shortcut to disable Smoothwheel but not one to open it. There is no options to add a Status bar icon, and Smoothwheel does not add a Tools menu entry or a Tooblar button to the configuration palette.

Are you really meant to have to constantly have to switch back and forth between tabs when adjusting the SmoothWheel settings?

2. The Apply button does not gray out when it's been pressed (and settings have been applied). This means that you can't tell if your changes have been saved, and also you can't tell if there are currently unapplied changes that you need to save before closing the dialog (because the Apply button always looks the same regardless).

[783] By: avih on 2014-05-07 - 18:59:34
@Tranquility, thanks for the info.

1. The config dialog is modal because Firefox itself launches it that way. It wasn't always like this, but now it is. The dialog itself has no sense of modality.

As for a solution, you could open a new Firefox window, go to the addons page and launch the config from there. It's only modal for the window it was launched from, so you can examine your changes on the other window without closing the dialog.

2. True about the Apply button, no solution for now, but it's not really THAT bad ;)

[784] By: Sajad on 2014-06-13 - 16:42:03
fucking awesome!!!

[785] By: Sebastian on 2014-06-25 - 00:04:47
I like it.

[786] By: John on 2014-06-28 - 04:40:31
Hi there.

I'm using the latest SmoothWheel and latest Firefox Nightly. Since Nightly recently went to 33.0a1, whenever any page loads or reloads, the first downward scroll jumps 3 steps in one single movement. After this, up/down scrolling works smoothly as normal. I've tried changing the step size to confirm that it is definitely 3 steps at once. If I perform a single upward scroll before I scroll downwards, it appears to cancel the problem, confirming it is only the first movement that is affected. I have also tried disabling all other add-ons in case of a conflict. This problem does not occur in the latest Firefox Release or Beta.

[787] By: avih on 2014-06-28 - 05:19:34
@John, Thanks. I'll investigate it and issue a fix. I already have an improved SmoothWheel version which I'm currently testing before releasing it, so it might be a good chance to add yet another fix before it goes gold ;)


[788] By: IIsi50MHz on 2014-07-04 - 08:31:05
I find myself wishing for more multiples and divisors. With 100px step size and x10 adaptive-step, scrolling feels responsive on most pages--although, I raised the step size to 1000px for this page because it's so long. But with either step size, the smallest scroll increment is greater than 1 px, so slow scrolling feels chunky.

I'm trying to achieve per-pixel accuracy at low speed, a maximum speed that can keep up with the maximum speed of my scroll wheel (it coasts!), and zero animation delay. So, enough multiples and divisors of step size to achieve this would be great.

Incidentally, I tried Yet Another Smooth Scroll and Logitech SetPoint Smooth Scroll, but yours comes closer. YASS looks more configurable, but I couldn't figure out how to get /fast/ scrolling or /zero/ animation. Logitech's seems to have zero config.

[789] By: avih on 2014-07-04 - 22:15:29
IIsi50MHz, this probably an extreme goal which you're trying to achieve. The only thing I can suggest is to use SHIFT while scrolling to set an even smaller step (or a different modifier as can be configured at the config dialog).

However, I don't think it's worth modifying smoothwheel to fit your requirements because wanting to scroll 1000px on one hand, and per-pixel on the other is just too extreme.

If Scrolling with shift doesn't help, I can only suggest that you modify smoothwheel yourself or just uninstall it. There's a limit to how much smoothwheel can adapt to such extreme requirements.

[790] By: Mike on 2014-07-10 - 02:44:41
Thanks for this addon, it is great!

I am looking for a scroll addon that would scroll up to the next paragraph.
So that the top border of the paragraph is aligned with the top part of the scroll section.

Would it be possible to do this with smooth wheel?


[791] By: avih on 2014-07-10 - 03:06:37
@Mike, everything is possible, including your suggestion.

However, I think it exceeds the scope of what SmoothWheel is designed to do, and my philosophy is do few things, but do them well.

As such, the focus of SW was and is smooth scrolling, and I prefer to not extend it to other areas, such as your suggestion.

[792] By: Pintassilgo on 2014-07-23 - 22:54:36

Suggestion: the first reverse scroll should just slow or stop the reverse scrolling.

I do very slow scrolling and sometimes want to interrupt it with a slight backward movement, but it actually performs reverse scroll instead of just stopping.


[793] By: Roman Müller on 2014-07-25 - 18:56:22
Hi, I have some minor issue here. WHen I open new tab, first scrolling step looks like it would be default Firefox smooth scroll feature. After second it changes to scrolling type of this addon. It looks like it would take a second to load the addon... but it looks weird :/

[794] By: Roman Müller on 2014-07-25 - 19:39:05
Additional info: Im using Firefox 33. BUt I have same issue on another PC with completely different addons (except smoothwheel) and FF version 31.

[795] By: alan on 2014-08-10 - 21:00:19

[796] By: bigmittens on 2014-08-26 - 00:52:11
Running firefox nightly, the first scroll on a loaded webpage skips further down than it should.


[797] By: bigmittens on 2014-08-26 - 00:57:25
Woops, looks like that was already reported and addressed. My apologies, should have read above.

[798] By: Dennis Eads on 2014-08-30 - 15:48:51
wish it would work nice idel !

[799] By: John on 2014-09-25 - 18:34:56
Hello again.

Have you had any luck in replicating the "first scroll" fault in Nightly? This problem still only appears in the latest Nightly, not in the latest Release or Beta. Is there anything I could do to help you track down the fault?

[800] By: Jim on 2014-09-27 - 00:10:02
The problem with smooth-scrolling on my machine (HP Envy laptop) is that the text blurs during scrolling making it unusable and annoying.
I tried smoothwheel. Its better than native firefox smoth scroll. However, there is still some blurring during scroll.
Not good enough.
I deinstalled it.

[801] By: avih on 2014-10-05 - 15:12:40
@Jim, blurring is purely a result of slow response LCD. Try it on plasma or on modern LCD with fast response time (such as IPS panels etc), and there would be no blur. This blur on slow response LCD will happen with any smooth motion - be it scrolling or any other animation.

Indeed, if your LCD has a slow response time, SmoothWheel might not be fun to use.

[802] By: on 2014-10-09 - 17:33:58
espero tener un buen servidor.gracias

[803] By: Alchoran on 2014-10-16 - 21:26:43
I noticed this morning that something just didn't seem quite right with my scrolling, (and I've been using SmoothScroll for many years so it wasn't hard to notice). It is hard to describe, but it seemed as if it was scrolling much faster than it used to. I changed the step from 1/5 to 1/7 and it helped, but still wasn't quite right.

Then I noticed that one "click" on my scroll wheel, which used to be relatively quick, now had a much longer lag time. It now seems to do 1/2 of the scroll quickly, and then slows way down for the rest.

Sorry, that's the best way I can describe it.

I had a different problem so I've been watching and waiting for FF 33 to come out, and I see that sometime in the past 24 hours I was updated. I suspect this may be the culprit with SmoothWheel, especially after seeing John's comments above.

Great Add-On, and thanks for writing and maintaining it!

[804] By: Gary on 2014-10-29 - 13:36:59
SW does not work with e10s. Nightly will have e10s enabled by default in a week or two. Any chance of getting an e10 version of SW by then?

[805] By: Dima on 2014-10-31 - 11:53:12
нет плавности прокрутки в FF 33.что то они изменили в настройках прокрутки,пожалуйста обновите дополнение-всегда им пользуюсь

[806] By: Dynamic on 2014-10-31 - 12:21:21
Please update add-on for FF 33

[807] By: luis on 2014-11-08 - 10:05:59
ferifox es genial

[808] By: K-zon.. on 2014-11-19 - 04:39:09
Seems to be working and nefty within say its ways of things, but still say messing with the options so that in to say of ways is more of a way for where there is still say any but hey, then to say there was none was to basically say there was no way at all for the worth of say the "add-on/in"..

[809] By: Ed the Head on 2014-11-29 - 04:08:37
Fantastic, GREAT, Koodoes, Excellent work.
Thank You

[810] By: LL25 on 2015-01-01 - 17:51:50
Can you improve the scrolling smoothness on youtube's playlist box ?

As of now I use SW's "disable without restart" keyboard shortcut on these youtube pages but will you consider adding a blacklist ?

Step size 1/5 page
Speed 0.4 sec.
FF 34 , Win 7 x64

Can you "predict" when you're going to publish the version which fixes that old textboxes frame scrolling issue ?
BTW - Until that issue is fixed, for anyone who who wants it, you can install my small workaround :

Many thanks in advance.

[811] By: Elias on 2015-01-05 - 13:23:50
Great addon.

Unfortunately it scrolls the whole page instead of a textbox (if textbox has focus).

Can you please fix this?

[812] By: og67tyu on 2015-01-14 - 17:42:43

[813] By: migemet on 2015-01-22 - 10:32:33
Don't know why no-one else said this...did FF35 just release today?
Incompatible with FF35.
Automatically disabled in Add-Ons. Plan to fix?

[814] By: avih on 2015-01-22 - 11:27:12
@migemet, I just installed it from AMO, and it was not disabled. It's still compatible with Firefox 35.

[815] By: herb on 2015-02-03 - 17:39:35
Where is the Options/Settings??? No Instructions????

[816] By: LL25 on 2015-02-15 - 23:57:57
@avih (the dev) , Can you confirm the problem on youtube's playlist box (see my 810 comment)

@Elias see the bottom of my 810 comment for a workaround

[817] By: avih on 2015-02-16 - 14:37:08
@LL25, re comment 810 and youtube playlist box, I followed the youtube link at that comment and the playlist box scrolls OK for the most part as far as I can tell (using Firefox 35.0.1 on Windows 8.1).

It does apparently use custom mouse scroll handlers, but still works decently.

Also, thanks for the textbbox css workaround.

[818] By: jesus christ on 2015-03-09 - 05:31:35
would have saved me three nails and a cross

[819] By: ainun berlian on 2015-03-13 - 02:54:10

[820] By: JMS on 2015-04-29 - 21:40:57
how do I uninstall this? every time I scroll it brings me to this page.

[821] By: avih on 2015-04-30 - 10:05:34
@JMS, like you remove any other Firefox addon. You go to the Addons page and click "Remove" at the line of SmoothWheel.

As for constantly going to "that page", this can happen if SmoothWheel can't update its preferences, so this probably mean locked profile, like in a school Firefox installation.

SmoothWheel cannot work with a locked profile.

[822] By: bfrank on 2015-06-06 - 12:12:03
Good idea my man... haven't trid it yet but we'll see. Cheers

[823] By: ramish on 2015-06-10 - 07:38:37

[824] By: LL25 on 2015-07-01 - 00:31:51
@avih RE[@817,@810] - scrolling YT's playlist box


I just found out that I get the best smoothness on the YT's playlist box when I scroll while holding the ALT key and placing the cursor over the scroll bar.

Is this way the best way for you also (in yt's playlist box) ?

Step size 1/5 page (default)
Speed 0.4 sec (default)
Bigger Step - ALT (default)

Adatptive-Step x3 (default)
Adatptive-Duration x2.5 (default)
Bigger Step - 5 steps (default)
Smaller Step - 1/5 steps (default)

Firefox 38.0.5, Win7 x64

Thabks in advance.

[825] By: ed on 2015-07-11 - 23:57:54
Installed on Win7/FF great.

I like to slowly scroll large images of the earth and space. Is perfect when set to minimum values then pressing SHIFT.


[826] By: drf on 2015-07-24 - 18:24:57
Awesome extension, I've been using it daily for quite some time now.

I wish it had a feature to blacklist certain sites where the smooth scrolling interferes with functionality, like those that use javascript libraries to change cause events or effects upon scrolling to certain points of a page, like ScrollMagic, or that take control of the scrolling in more complex ways, like Jquery Scroll Path.

[827] By: Islam on 2015-07-29 - 06:38:57

I use it . it is working fine , but not in < textarea > !.

So, I can not use it !. But, not after using ctrl+shift.

It is working Fine . my donate is a a free Adv. in my site (Arabic site).
send your adv. text/image to with this page link from your email.

Thank you

[828] By: LL25 on 2015-07-29 - 22:32:51
@Islam [827],
To fix the textboxes problem install my "Fix for the textboxes" style.
You first need to have the stylish addon and then install:

[829] By: Ahmed on 2015-10-21 - 09:18:48
Its Awesome

[830] By: Grant Loyuse on 2015-11-25 - 11:57:33

[831] By: ade winda on 2016-01-15 - 02:30:12
Very interesting website . I thank you so have a new inspiration to work like this website

[832] By: g on 2016-02-13 - 22:52:49
Hi there

Firstly a big thank you for making such a wonderful add on.
I was just wandering if perhaps you could help me with a scrolling issue i have with firefox. I use a synaptics touchpad and i scroll either with two fingers or with the synaptics 1 finger scroll.

The issue i am facing is that even though i have deselected the firefox smooth scroll option it still scrolls smoothly. now you may ask why i dislike smooth scroll in firefox. the reason is that all the writing goes blurry in smooth scroll and gives me a headache. i have seen this on both my laptops.

On my previous laptop when i scrolled the screen did not move undless i had scrolled 3cm in which instance the screen moved 3cm lower and so on. so every 3 cm of scroll the screen jumped 3cm. This was very useful as it allowed my brain to very briefly take in information as it was not blurry (i could try and explain further if needed). the only difference is that i had an alps touchpad and not synaptics but my new laptop has synaptics. I think the reason is that synaptics scroll is basically a gesture and it acts not as a mousescroll but as if you are moving the scroll bar. (I think it actually makes a secret window that tells the current application to scroll. therefore in firefox even with smoothscroll disabled it stills scrolls smoothly just as if you would take the scroll bar and move it down consistently and slowly.

I have tried lots of different settings in about:config on a test profile but it has not helped. i have even gone into the registry and added the dword UseScrollCursor but it has not helped.

perhaps you have an idea of what i could do so that firefox screen only moves once scrolled a designated amount and keeps doing that.

i am happy to donate towards such a project or it could be just a simple script.

please do let me know

thank you

[833] By: Sammisnead68 on 2016-05-03 - 11:08:48
It works well for a while then it starts sticking and hardly working.

[834] By: Ralph on 2016-06-16 - 00:18:22
Awesome add-on.

Don't know why, but...
Incompatible with Firefox ESR 45.2.0 on my desktop?!
Automatically disabled in Add-Ons. Plan to fix?

On Firefox 47.0 on my Notebook, it's just work fine. Hope for the same result for the desktop.

[835] By: Hugh on 2016-06-23 - 23:49:02
Works more "smoothly" than the other smooth scrolling extension I was using. Very happy I changed.

[836] By: A person on 2016-07-21 - 19:10:19
Please add import and export settings option. Thanks very much for smoothwheel, it is brilliant, the import export setting will make it perfect.

[837] By: sanjit on 2016-07-26 - 14:32:18
Awesome add-on.

Don't know why, but...
Incompatible with Firefox ESR 45.2.0 on my desktop?!
Automatically disabled in Add-Ons. Plan to fix?

On Firefox 47.0 on my Notebook, it's just work fine. Hope for the same result for the desktop. Hi there

Firstly a big thank you for making such a wonderful add on.
I was just wandering if perhaps you could help me with a scrolling issue i have with firefox. I use a synaptics touchpad and i scroll either with two fingers or with the synaptics 1 finger scroll.

The issue i am facing is that even though i have deselected the firefox smooth scroll option it still scrolls smoothly. now you may ask why i dislike smooth scroll in firefox. the reason is that all the writing goes blurry in smooth scroll and gives me a headache. i have seen this on both my laptops.

On my previous laptop when i scrolled the screen did not move undless i had scrolled 3cm in which instance the screen moved 3cm lower and so on. so every 3 cm of scroll the screen jumped 3cm. This was very useful as it allowed my brain to very briefly take in information as it was not blurry (i could try and explain further if needed). the only difference is that i had an alps touchpad and not synaptics but my new laptop has synaptics. I think the reason is that synaptics scroll is basically a gesture and it acts not as a mousescroll but as if you are moving the scroll bar. (I think it actually makes a secret window that tells the current application to scroll. therefore in firefox even with smoothscroll disabled it stills scrolls smoothly just as if you would take the scroll bar and move it down consistently and slowly.

I have tried lots of different settings in about:config on a test profile but it has not helped. i have even gone into the registry and added the dword UseScrollCursor but it has not helped.

perhaps you have an idea of what i could do so that firefox screen only moves once scrolled a designated amount and keeps doing that.

i am happy to donate towards such a project or it could be just a simple script.

please do let me know

thank you

[838] By: Ralph on 2016-08-03 - 18:05:13
Smooth whell stopped working for me with Firefox 48.0. Even with a new profil function doesn't come back.

Hope that it comes back to life quick but doen't have any hope since the last update of smooth is from 2013. :(

Other tools I tested are not as smooth as smooth whell was.

Thanks for Smooth whell!

[839] By: Roberto on 2016-08-06 - 05:50:56
The addon stop to work in 48+ (e10s multiprocess).

[840] By: David Hedlund on 2016-10-10 - 11:02:42
SmoothWheel v0.45.8 (2013-05-19) insert new lines in HTML TEXTAREA so it is not possible to use Smoothwheel and edit wikis for example.

[841] By: sayan hussain on 2016-10-12 - 05:21:23
Fire fox is not allowing me to install your add on as it is not able to verify it, though I have set the default of xpinstall.signatures.required to false

[842] By: Paul on 2016-10-16 - 15:45:35
Upgraded to Sierra and scrolling got all messed up....I think mostly on Java-based apps, not programs like Office or any Apple progs. Tried every setting I could find. Disabled SmoothWheel in Firefox and all is right now.

[843] By: gabriel guevara on 2016-11-01 - 00:27:35
me anda muy mal you tube

[844] By: Kyaw Thu Tun on 2017-01-11 - 15:02:16
It's OK!

[845] By: Bill on 2017-01-11 - 18:50:44
I installed this in Thunderbird because the scrolling was way too fast. Unfortunately it didn't help.

[846] By: Paul on 2017-01-27 - 03:20:56
Smoothwheel no longer seems to function, though this might be a Firefox issue (since I've recently had a bad/slow Firefox response in general). I've only made regular updates to Win10 and FF have been made; I've added no new add-ons, nor made any changes to anything in FF or its add-ons.

I have Alt set for bigger steps (which I use often), and Shift is set for smaller steps. I checked the Smoothwheel settings, and they haven't changed from what I've originally set them to. But now, scrolling with Alt doesn't affect the scrolling speed at all. And using Shift with scroll now moves back one page or forward one page.


[847] By: mzdns on 2017-01-28 - 16:19:08
Doesnt work with firefox 51 ( actually because of e10s )
Because of multiprocess. I think it should need to be updated. I hope you will check this addon and recreate for new firefox.

[848] By: merkava on 2017-05-27 - 11:53:00
We're testing a new software on a message board and there seems to be a problem with smoothwheel.

When you type a long message into the message field, in the old board you can scroll the written message when mouse cursor in on top of the message. That doesn't work on the new board unless I disable smoothwheel. Mouse scroll just scrolls the whole page.

[849] By: merkava on 2017-05-27 - 11:54:40
Forgot the link to the message board, here it is

[850] By: avih on 2017-05-27 - 14:45:44
> ... in the old board you can scroll the written message when mouse cursor in on top of the message. That doesn't work on the new board ...

Indeed, SmoothWheel can have issues with some text boxes.

You could try an (old-ish but newer than the official release) version which doesn't have this bug, and also supports e10s, as an attachment here:

However, it's unsigned so it can only work with the current ESR release and only if you disabled forced addons signing.

Currently I don't have plans to update SmoothWheel further, nor to support web extensions.

[851] By: Oliver on 2017-06-14 - 19:32:22

My FF upgraded from 53 to 54 half a day ago, and since then, I've noticed this odd behaviour where the first scroll down on a newly loaded (or reloaded) page, and also the first keyboard arrow down, has excessively strong results, while every following scroll/arrow up/down has once again normal results.

Thing is, I can't always reproduce it, it happens like one third of the time.

I'm not even sure SmoothWheel is the cause, it might be a victim of a bug caused by something else.

But just in case, at least, I come to report it.
Thanks a LOT for the quality of life extension, BTW, have a great day!

[852] By: manuel on 2017-06-15 - 05:49:31
Hello, and first of all many many thanks for this excellent scrolling behaviour.
Its relaxing, an innovation from the fast and unpleasant for the eyes normal scrolling.

Now, im testing nightly build 56, and it disabled smoothwheel because its not multy process compatible.

my question is, will there be an updated version of this plugin?

many thanks

[853] By: avih on 2017-06-15 - 09:31:58
@manuel probably no. See comment 850.

[854] By: Jake on 2017-06-16 - 11:31:53
I have the same problem as Oliver (post 851)

I understand you dont want to update it, but can you at least sign the version you posted (post 850) so we can try it?

[855] By: avih on 2017-06-16 - 14:34:31
> can you at least sign the version you posted (post 850) so we can try it?

Probably not, for three reasons:

1. It's not production quality: it's incomplete (only a minor issue - statistics don't update in e10s), and it has debug messages to the console.

2. It's not web extension and I don't have plans to make it a web extension, so there's no point.

3. Signing requires an AMO account (which I did have, obviously), but AMO changed their login system to use Firefox Accounts, which I don't use or have or plan to have. So I can't login to AMO and sign it even if I wanted to.

[856] By: mike on 2017-12-24 - 18:51:39
smoothwheel -- so excellent... will be missed at every scroll.
(web extensions,ugh!)
but thanks for the many years of scrolling bliss.

[857] By: avih on 2017-12-24 - 19:32:49
@mike thanks for the kind words :)

I guess it ran its course, and after about 15 years most browsers have a reasonably decent smooth scroll, even if not as configurable as SmoothWheel was :)

[858] By: Mordecai Walfish on 2017-12-26 - 15:25:00
RIP smoothwheel, you were da best!

Firefox has good scrolling now by default.. certainly much better than Chrome's jittery scrolling.

[859] By: majbach on 2018-02-19 - 04:54:08
two laptops - both running firefox v.56
just did a refresh of one copy and went to install all add-ons and it wont let me install smoothwheel. even changed xpinstall.signature in about:config and still get message: "firefox prevented this site from asking...."
When I select "allow", I get "firefox has prevented this site from installing an unverified add-on"

[860] By: Myrddin R Emrys on 2019-01-20 - 00:22:20
I downloaded the newest version from the "previous versions" page and installed it from the file. I'm so glad this is still available since it works with SeaMonkey perfectly still.
This is one of my Must Install eXtensions whenever I install SeaMonkey. Why it isn't in the normal channels is beyond me.

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